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Frankincense Peeling & Nourishing Treatment NEW

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Frankincense peeling and nourishing treatment for mature skin.  NEW AND EXCLUSIVE TO SKIN ESSENTIALS BY MARIGA Natural peeling, deep nourishment, and revitalising effect. One of the lovely treatment options as part of our new holistic treatments suite is the frankincense skin softening and revitalising boost. Suitable for more mature skin that needs a boost of ‘oomph’ to brighten and bring life back to a dull, tired complexion, this softening, smoothing [...]

Facial Reflexology Anti-Stress Treatment

By |04/09/2021|

What is the Facial Reflexology Anti-Stress Treatment? Stress is the result of any long-term emotion. It can start in any of the body systems depending on the type of emotion but is always eventually associated with the stomach and spleen element. (You know that worry/stress always affects your digestion whether it’s ‘knots in your stomach, a stomach ulcer or loss of appetite for example). Emotions affect the glands and this [...]

Spa Bundles with Gua Sha Stone

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I love to do a weekly extra treatment for my skin - I call it my Spa Sunday! Spa Sunday Bundle: Includes This changes from time to time, or from season to season but at the moment the combo I’m loving is: Step 1: Apply half a dropper of C&E Advanced Skin Booster to cleanser skin, allow to absorb for 2-3 minutes. Step 2: Next, apply 1 pump of Lipid [...]

Oncology Skincare and holistic treatments

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Oncology skincare: Did you know? Our new Japanese Facelift and Oriental Facial are both suitable to have for those who have been through chemo or radiation. Japanese Facelift is a natural, holistic way to lift and sculpt the facial features. Many of our clients who have been through cancer treatment have been looking for a treatment that gives visible results, yet is suitable for skin that has been medically compromised. [...]

Brown Spot Removal – September Specials

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One sun spot removal RRP *€75, Just €50 this September! Three sun spots RRP *€155, Just €110 this September! *depending on size. Brown spots, sun spots, liver spots, age spots - these are all names for the same pigmentation patches that show up on our skin as we age. Before (above) and two weeks after (below) cryotherapy treatment. Sun spots up to this size can be treated in a [...]

Holistic Facial with Mariga NEW

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The latest addition to our treatment menu is the Holistic Facial, exclusively available with Mariga. During this treatment I combine elements from many natural, complementary therapies and techniques. This unique facial is both a skin treatment and a wellness boost for every system in your body. Read below for all the details on this extremely relaxing and restorative treat.   As every part of us - body, mind and emotions- [...]

Refresh Tired Eyes with Japanese Facelift – before and after pics

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Mission: Refresh tired eyes Between online work and study (and maybe Netflix) like many I’ve been spending more time online than ever before over this last year. I could definitely see the effects of this on the skin and deeper structure around my eyes which were looking tired, hollow and getting lined. For a quick solution I had two Japanese Facelift treatments over 2 weeks and the results are fab. [...]

Holistic Facials And Reflexology

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NEW Holistic Facials and Facial Reflexology Now Available We are very excited to add some new treatments to our holistic facials menu. There are now five different treatments to choose from and each has its own specific benefits, from skin correction to relaxation and full body wellness, below is a guide to all the holistic facials on offer from Skin Essentials by Mariga. What will you choose? Japanese Facelift: Anti-wrinkle, [...]

A Skin Diary 2: Before & After skincare pics

By |11/08/2021|

Hi everyone, This is a follow up blog to my first Skin Diary entry and my vlog recorded last Saturday, 7th Aug. My skin was on fire that day! It was dry, tight and 'prickly' almost. I could feel my moisture levels decline in my skin since running out of all of my skincare last Wednesday (4th Aug). It took just 3 days of missing those key ingredient's in my [...]

Even Skin Therapists Aren’t Perfect! A Skin Diary.

By |07/08/2021|

You would think that perfect skin is a given for someone who works in a skincare clinic. But, life happens, we get busy, we wear masks daily, and we are all just human. In this first instalment Anna from Skin Essentials by Mariga tells her story of falling off the skincare wagon. Join her on her journey to getting her skin back to its best. This is a great lesson [...]

Sun Damage Reversed With Fractional Radiofrequency

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The above pics of Judy Murray’s non-surgical skin transformation have gone viral as people ask is this really possible without going under the knife or resorting to injectables. The answer from us is definitely yes! This is achievable for the majority of clients using fractional radiofrequency (the same technology as used on Judy Murray is available from our client favourite Pyramid Facelift). The timeline outlined in the photos is just [...]

New appointment times for you

By |30/07/2021|

Last minute appointment times available, take a look... Book an appointment with Jane: Available for advanced treatments, consultations and all facials. Sat 31st July - 10am Wed 4th Aug - 1pm Thurs 5th Aug - 10.30am & 5pm Sat 7th Aug - 12.30pm Book an appointment with Anna: Available for Luxury (45 min) and Deluxe (1 hr) customised facials. (Exclusive update: A new treatment with Anna will be open to book [...]


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Repair the daily damage done by the higher levels of UV exposure during summer with our F.A.C.E. Skin Boosting Bundle! While the long days and sunny weather give us a lovely mood-boost, it comes with the downside of higher UV exposure levels which takes its toll on our skin, causing higher levels of free radical stress (age accelerating!) in our skin cells.  Help repair this damage every night with the [...]

Glow Up Package reminder, last chance to book!

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REMINDER: This is the LAST week (and 2 days) to avail of our fantastic Glow Up package for 20’s through to 40’s skin! This is the perfect duo of treatments and products to combat early signs of ageing, softening fine lines and wrinkles, all the while giving your skin a gorgeous healthy Glow boosted with antioxidants, collagen production and more. Give your skin the ultimate Glow with The Glow [...]

Holistic treatments, what does this entail?

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Holistic treatments and facial therapy is new to us here at Skin Essentials. Am I a witch doctor? No, I am definitely not. (I heard this for the first time from someone this week in conjunction with the word 'Holistic'). As you know, he do high tech treatments here at Skin Essentials, i.e. Pyramid Facelift, microneedling etc. Since we've reopened in May, we have been combining treatment courses for some [...]

Best Home Products To Use Before & After Pyramid Facelift

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For the month of July, we have a very special bundle with our Top 3 anti-ageing skincare products we recommend to prolong your Pyramid Facelift results. If you don’t have these key products in your skincare arsenal, you may be missing out! This limited edition edit is particularly aimed at those of you who have had the Pyramid Facelift, or are preparing their skin for their first Pyramid Facelift treatment. [...]

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