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Advanced Microneedling – A Great Choice

By |29/07/2023|Tags: , , , |

Three things combine to make any advanced skin treatment the best you can get - education, experience and equipment choice. At Skin Essentials By Mariga I apply this to all my treatments and leave no stone unturned in bringing you the best possible skincare. A great example is our microneedling services. Microneedling continues to be one of the most effective, safe and universally suitable treatments available for those who want [...]

The 360º Youth Restore Package – August 2023 Special

By |28/07/2023|

This August I am focusing on natural yet powerful anti-ageing treatments featuring expert microneedling and japanese facelift, and have two great special packages available for those who are concerned with skin ageing, particularly laxity, loss of volume, texture and lines. Featuring my two favourite anti-ageing skin treatments, choose the one that meets you where you are in your skin journey and put the brakes on visible ageing. For skin already [...]

New Japanese Facelift Results Photos

By |07/07/2023|

The most popular beauty treatment by far in our clinic these days is the Japanese Facelift and with results like these you can see why! This client has just completed her initial course of 6 weekly treatments and is thrilled with her results and very kindly offered to let me use some of her before & after photos for others to see what is achievable with a natural facelift technique. [...]

SOS Stress-Melter Facial

By |27/06/2023|Tags: , , |

When you're overlwhelmed - and you look it..... So many of the concerns that we have about how our skin looks are connected to the amount of stress we are carrying around and dealing with on a daily basis. A classic facial is often no longer enough to create any lasting change on your complexion. When the issue is created by stress, it must be that we address the brain's [...]

Summer Skin Prep – Exfoliation Treatments

By |09/05/2023|Tags: , |

Say hello to the PERFECT summer skin prep with our Limited Edition Peel & Glow and our Customised Enzyme/Acid Peel treatments. These are great treatments to have to brighten up dull skin, deep pore cleansing and to give your skin a deep hydration and antioxidant boost. Choose your treatment and click the links below to book online. […]

April is National Stress Awareness Month

By |18/04/2023|Tags: , , , |

April is National Stress Awareness month and because we see many symptoms of stress in our clients, we wanted to share with you how neuro reflexology can help manage these symptoms that stress can cause in the mind and body. Having a neuro facial reflexology deep de-stressing treatment: Slows down a racing brain, Mimics the effects of a deep meditation practice, Allows stress hormones to balance [...]

Ceramides – Your Skin’s Best Friend

By |08/04/2023|Tags: , , |

You need ceramides in your skincare - he's why and how! Ceramides are one of the main factors in barrier strength and repair. They are found naturally in the skin and can be easily supplemented with the correct choice of skincare products to restore a skin that has lost its barrier function resulting in dryness, flaking and rough texture. We need approximately a ratio of three times the number of [...]

If I Could Only Pick ONE Product?

By |31/03/2023|Tags: , , |

If I had to pick just one product to use what would it be? (Spoiler, it would be a lipid barrier repair product!) Ok, you have to give me just a little leeway here! I’m going to go ahead and assume that everybody knows you need a daily SPF and a gentle yet thorough cleanser. Otherwise these articles would all say SPF and be no fun at all! So, APART [...]

Looking for some self-care or me-time?

By |23/03/2023|Tags: , , |

Reflexology is one of the most relaxing and restorative experiences you can treat yourself to when you are looking for some self-care or me-time. To make sure that you are getting the very best one for your needs and preference take a look at the different types on offer with Mariga below: Over the years I have learned many different types of foot reflexology. Each is very valid as a [...]

Trifractional Radiofrequency Skin Resurfacing Special

By |02/03/2023|Tags: , |

Texture issues? Think Trifractional Radiofrequency. When your main skin concern is: Smooth bumpy texture Tighten pores Reduce fine lines Refine thickened skin The very best technology to resurface and smooth it out is trifractional radiofrequency. Combining nano-needling and radiofrequency energy concentrated at the superficial layers of the epidermis, this powerful treatment will give you a super-exfoliation and skin smoothing effect with results visible from the first treatment. For post-winter uneven [...]

Skin Treatments With Neuro Facial Reflexology?

By |20/01/2023|

In today's post I am going to focus on hormonal and emotional health rather than skincare. Usually my posts to do with wellness, holistic treatments and training are to be found over on my other website at but as I so often find that skin issues such as uneven colour, premature ageing or hormonal breakouts have their cause - and therefore their solution - in emotional or hormonal issues [...]

New Year Treatment Spotlight

By |05/01/2023|Tags: |

Happy New Year from all of us at Skin Essentials by Mariga. Our New Year treatment spotlight is focusing on wellness and skin rejuvenation. Have a look below and book a treatment online: *NEW YEAR* 2023 Skin Review Special Book your complimentary Skin Review this January with Jane HERE. Open to both current and new customers, Jane will assess your skin and go through your wants and needs for you [...]

Treatment Specials for 2023

By |24/12/2022|Tags: , , |

Treatment *Specials for 2023, Buy Now, Book *later *Special pricing ends 5th Jan 2023 *See each New Year Special below for expiration time We have amazing treatment specials for you to kick off 2023 in the right direction for total skin and wellness rejuvenation: 2x Exceed Microneedling & 6x Japanese Facelift Purchase pre-2023 price NOW €880, RRP €1120. Purchase package HERE. A year's worth of age prevention treatments. Best for 30’s & 40’s. 4x Exceed [...]

Highlights of 2022 at Skin Essentials

By |24/12/2022|Tags: , , |

As this year comes to a close, here is a round-up of the exciting busy year that we've had at Skin Essentials! Introducing our top highlights of 2022: This has been a year of wellness, self-care and emotional well-being for both ourselves and our clients. After the tumultuous 2 years of dealing with Covid through lockdowns and the fear of the unknown, many people needed to take a breath and [...]

Are You Craving Relaxation?

By |16/12/2022|Tags: , , |

Are you craving relaxation?  When you think of having a facial/massage/spa treatment is relaxation the word that calls to you?  When our body/mind craves relaxation what we really need is help with emotional balancing. When we are overwhelmed, tired, stressed, what is happening in the body is that the chemical and hormonal messages from the brain and glands are overstimulated causing blockages or interruptions in the normal flow of energy. [...]

RF (Radiofrequency) Microneedling

By |06/12/2022|

Voluderm Fractional Radiofrequency ( also known as RF Microneedling) is having a big moment in the press again right now, maybe you've heard about it and are wondering what it's all about? We have been offering this fabulous skin tightening and rejuvenation for four years now (exclusive in Wexford Town) and it has consistently been our top-requested treatment in that time. Rf Microneedling is a combination of two classic anti-ageing [...]


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