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New Treatment – Japanese Facelift

By |06/03/2021|

New treatment – Japanese Facelift A deeply relaxing, anti-stress, anti-ageing facial treatment. You may already know that before I began to specialise in scientific, high-tech skin treatments that my background was in natural, holistic therapies. I studied aromatherapy, reflexology, hot stone massage, face lifting massage and Indian head massage many years ago and have always included aspects of these energy healing based therapies in my facials. [...]

We’ve Had A Facelift (non-surgical of course)!

By |03/03/2021|

We wanted to share with you our brand new website that just launched last week! We are beyond excited to see our vision of the site come true. This new site and our new look has been a long time coming and what better time than now, when our online business is more important and more needed than ever before. As always, you can book an appointment online, shop online [...]

Mariga’s Home Skincare Guide – FREE Download

By |01/03/2021|Tags: |

Do you get overwhelmed by the choice of skincare products available online and in-store these days? Not sure if you should be using a serum, or what order you should apply your products? Does your sunscreen come first or last? Should you be using vitamin c? Or vitamin A? Our home skincare guide will help you to understand each of our products, who they are best for and when to [...]

Bedtime Yoga To Unwind And Relax

By |01/03/2021|

Yoga for Skin Essentials clients Irene from Yoga Vestra who, handily for me, is also my sister, has created a special yoga routine especially for us to share with our Skin Essentials clients. I asked her to create a routine that would help promote relaxation and better sleep, two things that also impact directly on your skin. Bedtime yoga is a gentle, slow yoga practice to help you disconnect from [...]

How to cleanse dry skin without parching it even more – Irish Examiner

By |27/02/2021|Tags: , |

Cleanse dry skin like a professional with these expert tips. Rachel Marie Walsh reports Dry skin is often at its tightest after cleansing. This skin type is often a sign of a depleted moisture-retention (hydrolipidic) barrier and the wrong products or habits can make it feel drier. I asked skincare expert Mariga Sheedy — who usually deals with dry skin problems every day at her clinics in Wexford Town and [...]

SPF30 Advanced Day Cream – Not Just a Sunscreen, Not Just For Summer.

By |25/02/2021|Tags: , |

SPF30 Advanced Day Cream - not just a sunscreen, not just for summer. A daily SPF cream is an absolute must in every skin care routine. Protection from everyday exposure to UV rays  (A+B) will help to keep your skin protected, healthy and youthful. At Skin Essentials by Mariga we love a simple-to-use morning skincare routine that gets you out the door quickly! Key to that is our multi-action SPF30 [...]

Self Care Rituals

By |12/02/2021|

Night time ritual for #selfloveday: I’m not a great sleeper historically and over the years I’ve tried lots of things to help me sleep. One of the most important things I’ve learned is to establish a routine that I stick to before getting in to bed and I definitely notice the difference if I don’t do it. I thought for #selfloveday I would share my wind-down routine in case it [...]

Don’t Want To Wear Foundation?

By |11/02/2021|

Don’t want to wear foundation? One of the most common things I hear in new client consultations is that you don’t want to have to wear foundation. While lots of us like makeup, it is definitely preferable to wear it when you feel like it because you want to and you enjoy it, not because you feel like you can’t go out without foundation on. Wearing masks of course makes [...]

Youth Boost – a MUST for skin 45+

By |09/02/2021|

Youth Boost - a must for skin 45+ In todays blog I want to take a closer look at Youth Boost and explore how this fantastic addition to your skincare routine will help you to maintain younger-looking skin. For a full overview of menopausal skin issues and suggested solutions see our recent blog - Specialist Care For Menopausal Skin Many of the skin issues we experience in peri-menopause and beyond, [...]

Cleansing your skin- getting the basics right.

By |01/02/2021|

Can you guess what our very best selling product is? There's a big clue in the title! Skin Comfort Cleanser tops our best seller list year after year - you love it and so do we! 30ml pearlised acrylic pump bottle of skin comfort cleanser with the text 'thoroughly cleanse without stripping or drying' It's easy to get focused on the latest must-have product or ingredient, or to talk about [...]

Daily Habits For Healthy Skin

By |26/01/2021|

Daily habits for healthy skin. Before a skin can be beautiful, soft and radiant, it always has to be healthy. Even the very best skincare can only work on improving the skin cells that have already been created in the lower layers of your skin structure, and migrated through a maturing process up to the surface where we can see them, and work on them. (There are some treatments such [...]

Eye Area Focus

By |22/01/2021|

Targeted care for preventing and reducing lines around the eyes One of the first areas to show fine lines and wrinkles is the delicate eye contour area. To help build up the strength and resilience of this area there are a couple of products that should be in your skincare routine. The first is Hydra Collagen Serum. As we age the collagen content of our skin decreases in elasticity and [...]

New treatment for 2021

By |23/12/2020|

Look and feel younger, more relaxed and more energised with our brand new treatment launching 2021. We will bring you full details closer to the time but this is something brand new to us and Skin Essentials by Mariga will be the first skin clinic in Wexford and one of only a handful in the country offering this type of hands-on advanced facial technique. All natural, deeply relaxing and incredibly [...]

Diathermy for visible capillaries or red veins – so quick and easy

By |23/12/2020| Diathermy is an old-school solution for the red veins that can appear over time on our face, particularly on the cheeks and nose. Many people think that expensive laser is the only cosmetic option out there for red vein treatment but that is certainly not the case. Short Wave Diathermy has been used safely and successfully by beauty therapists and by the medical profession for decades. Visible red veins [...]

Can one facial really make a difference?

By |22/12/2020|

Can ONE facial really make a difference to your skin? Ooh I wish I had a penny for every time someone wanted to book a facial 'to get rid of wrinkles' or to 'reverse pigmentation'. Irresponsible marketing and filters really have a lot to answer for when it comes to setting expectations! BUT - it is in fact possible to see a big difference in some skin types from a [...]

C&E Booster – One Step To Exfoliate and Nourish

By |18/12/2020|

Gently exfoliate, brighten and soften your skin in one easy step with our lovely C&E Advanced Skin Booster. This skincare hero has many benefits for your skin: Antioxidant Boost for skin protection and repairSmooths textureInstantly brightensBoosts collagen productionPromotes natural exfoliationReduces formation of dark spotsEncourages natural exfoliation for an instant result I'm always asked about exfoliation products and methods for home use and generally I am not a fan of using [...]

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