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Peri-menopausal skin issues and solutions


  • Lines becoming deeper and more visible,
  • skin becoming thinner, drier, uneven colour/texture.

Elements that will work in your favour:

  • Good diet,
  • high water intake,
  • low sugar intake,
  • good exercise regime,
  • good basic skincare ingredients,
  • minimising stress,
  • minimal sun exposure,
  • daily SPF.


  • Poor sleep,
  • history of sun exposure,
  • peri-menopausal oestrogen decline.


Skin that is 40+ will typically start to show consequences of cumulative sun exposure and declining oestrogen. This is a time that every woman experiences what seems like a sudden acceleration of ageing to the skin but is in fact the coinciding of historical sun exposure factors starting to show and natural hormonal changes. 

Accumulated sun damage takes the form of uneven skin colour, sun spots & deepening lines especially around the eyes and neck. For the fairer-skinned there can be an increase in visible red veins to the face neck and chest.Early sun exposure and/or burning, even from childhood will show up now.

At the same time declining oestrogen and collagen levels show as lines around the mouth, laxity in the skin of the eyelids and jawline and possible thinning skin. Declining collagen levels also can cause pores to enlarge. Not much fun for something that is a natural process!!

Solutions (skincare):

Skin Essentials by Mariga Advanced C and E vitamin booster with ferulic acid

This is the time to up your skincare game in terms of more active and target skincare. Vitamin A (retinol) is a necessary addition if you are not using it already as a pre-ageing tool, as it will help to slow down the formation of lines, improve texture and keep cells functioning normally.

Find this in our Overnight Repair Cream, (normal, combination and oily skin) or Age Slowly Serum (used in combination with Skin Comfort Cream for more dry skin).

I would also suggest adding an oestrogen replacement factor in your skincare. When oestrogen is not as plentiful in the body this is one of the major factors for skin cell repair and reproduction to slow down.

Essentially certain plant derivatives mimic the shape of oestrogen on the skin cell receptors and keep vital processes boosted. (Add one vial of Youth Boost to your jar of Overnight Repair Cream).

Finally to further boost collagen production and quality and to gently exfoliate it would be good to use C&E Advanced Skin Booster twice a week. This will also help keep a strong skin barrier.

Solutions (treatments):

It is necessary to note that any good home skincare routine is intended to slow the signs of ageing, not reverse them. While visible improvements can be seen in terms of skin brightening, plumping from hydration and even some softening of lines from Vitamins A & C, true reversal of wrinkle depth and reversing skin laxity can only be achieved via advanced clinical treatments that work deeper than topical skincare can.

Treatments such as the Divine Pro platform which allows us to customise blended high-tech solutions of radiofrequency, microneedling and deep muscle activation therapy are the ones to look to when age reversal is your priority. Earlier intervention, from the very first signs of ageing, can be addresses with our Exceed microneedling suite of treatments.

Suggested routine for skin that is 40+ normal, combination, oily:

Morning: Rinse skin with water & microfiber cloth. Apply 1 pump Hydra Collagen Serum followed by SPF30 Day Cream

Evening: Cleanse with Skin Comfort Cleanser. Apply Overnight Repair Cream (mixed with Youth Boost). 

Twice a week either at night or in the morning as you prefer apply 1/3 dropper of Advanced Skin Booster to clean skin. Follow with your normal routine.

Once a week as an optional bonus you could mix a pump of Skin Comfort Oil into your night cream as a nourishing mask.

Suggested routine for skin that is 40+ dry:

Morning: Rinse skin with water & microfiber cloth. Apply 1 pump Hydra Collagen Serum mixed with 1/2 pump Lipid Repair Concentrate, followed by SPF30 Day Cream

Evening: Cleanse with Skin Comfort Cleanser. Apply 1 pump Age Slowly Serum followed by 1 pump Lipid Repair Concentrate. If skin is very dry add Skin Comfort Cream on top.

Twice a week either at night or in the morning as you prefer apply 1/3 dropper of Advanced Skin Booster to clean skin. Follow with your normal routine.

Once a week as an optional bonus you could mix a pump of Skin Comfort Oil into your night cream as a nourishing mask.

Targeting redness-prone skin

Are you redness-prone? From occasional flushing to rosy cheeks through to rosacea many of us suffer with some type of redness issues with our skin. Whatever the severity of your symptoms we all have one thing in common – everyone wants to correct it!

Why is my skin red? There are many contributing factors to redness in the skin:

Barrier Disruption from over cleansing/exfoliating/inappropriate products: this is extremely common, there seems to be a trend for scrubbing and stripping the skin which is the very worst thing you can do in terms of your long-term skin health and appearance. Your skin has a natural protective barrier that needs to be in place for the skin to function properly. Compromising this barrier allows irritants to penetrate the skin, among other effects, leading to inflammation and redness. Simply easing back on your routine and replacing with gentle, skin-supportive products with anti-inflammatory and skin building ingredients will help enormously in this case.

Shaving: shaving will almost inevitably lead to some skin irritation and inflammation over time. Using anti-inflammatory ingredients in your skin products will hep counteract this.

Rosacea: this is an inflammatory disorder of the skin that can vary in severity from a little redness on the nose, cheeks or chin through to constant raised red patches and disfigurement of the nose. It is very important to begin an anti-inflammatory skincare routine as early as possible to slow the progress. It is possible to dramatically reduce the impact of rosacea with early and correct intervention. See here for more details if rosacea is your main concern.

Food intolerances: there are common culprits in your diet that cause blood vessels to react in those prone to redness, especially alcohol, spicy foods and caffeine. Keep a food diary to pinpoint your particular triggers so that you can eliminate them.

Sun damage: UV exposure worsens every skin issue so be diligent in using your SPF30 daily and reapply every 2 hours during outdoor exposure.

Stress: just like sun exposure, stress has a detrimental effect on any skin issues you might be prone to. I don’t have the cure unfortunately but be aware of it and try to mitigate it.

Weather: apart from sun, cold and wind will also play a part in redness by stripping the skin barrier. If you must be out in it, make sure that you are replenishing your skin barrier after by using products high in anti-inflammatory and barrier repair ingredients.

Visible red veins/capillaries: a side effect of weather exposure, flushing etc. can be visible little red capillaries on your face that don’t fade when the flushing subsides. These can be easily treated with diathermy.

Most redness-prone skins will have a combination of the above triggers. The good news is that with a little care, many redness issues can be controlled. Taking the above advice and daily use of gently corrective homecare will give you great results over time. The top 3 skincare products to use at home for anyone concerned with redness are:

Anti-Redness Concentrate: Use daily under your SPF30, this serum is packed with soothing, calming, anti-inflammatory ingredients as well as essential skin nutrients and anti-oxidants to calm, strengthen, repair and protect your skin cells. 

Skin Comfort Cream: Use at night alone or over a facial oil to deeply moisturise while offering anti-redness benefits of specially selected natural botanical extracts.

SPF30: Every skin, every day, SPF is your number one skincare product! Our Advanced Day Cream has SPF30, UVA+UVB protection, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to make it a full skincare products as well as sunscreen.

Is rosacea your particular concern? Then add Lipid Repair Concentrate at night to repair the barrier and protect the inner skin structures from outside irritation.

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Using your microfibre cleansing cloth

If you haven’t tried cleansing with a microfibre cleansing cloth, you don’t know what you’ve been missing!

It gives the quickest makeup removal and leaves your skin feeling so clean and fresh.

The microfibres gently but thoroughly cleanse your skin and pores much more effectively than cotton wool or regular facecloths.

While you can use a microfibre facecloth with any cleanser, we particularly recommend an oil based cleanser such as our best-selling Skin Comfort Cleanser.

Step-by-step cleansing routine with microfibre cleansing cloth:

  1. Apply one pump of Skin Comfort Cleanser (or cleanser of your choice) to your hands and gently apply to the face, eyes and neck. If you are wearing heavy eye makeup you can concentrate on this first and gently rub the cleanser well in to dissolve mascara.
  2. Then run your hands under warm water and massage in the cleanser with wet hands, again concentrating on any areas of heavy makeup if worn. Rewet hands and repeat.
  3. Take the microfibre cloth and run under warm water. Wring out excess and wipe away cleanser from face eyes and neck. Rinse, wring out and repeat.
  4. Follow with your skincare while skin is still warm and damp from cleansing for extra product absorption.

How do you like to cleanse?

Buy microfibre facecloths here

P.s. No it is not the same microfibre cloth as you use to clean your kitchen 😂

Thinking long term with your skincare

In today’s #throwbackthursday we talk about your mindset of skincare.

As Mariga says, ‘Short term solutions may lead to long term problems’.

If you have any skincare issues you might be tempted by the likes of a skin peel or microdermabrasion, thinking these treatments are just what you need!?


Yes, these treatments immediately leave your skin feeling amazing, but long term if it’s not the right modality for you, you may actually be causing more damage to your skin.

Advice to take away: Always be guided by your skincare professional and always think ‘long term’ with your skincare. 


Have a skin issue? Book in for a consultation with one of our skincare experts to get you off to the right start for long term results:

Skincare treatments, skin essentials by Mariga, Wexford

Why use Vitamin C & E together?

As we mentioned before, our bodies can’t naturally make Vitamin C

And so we must get this Essential Vitamin from our skincare and from daily supplements.

Vit C tends to burn out of our system fairly fast, so it is a high intensity Vitamin. 

Nature has a lovely solution to that – Introducing Vitamin E.

Vit E is a really good partner to Vit C. It revs it up in our system and gets the Vitamin C going again in our skin.

When you are using Vit C products for your skin, do look that it has Vit E too. They will both help to activate in your system and will help get the most out of eachother.


Vitamin C & E together from Skin Essentials by Mariga on Vimeo.

What are the benefits to the skin when using Vit C & E?

There are so many benefits to using these Essential Vitamins in your skincare!

  • Antioxidant Boost for skin protection and repair
  • Smooths texture
  • Instantly brightens
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Promotes natural exfoliation
  • Reduces formation of dark spots

Find our Limited Edition C & E+ Advanced Skin Booster online and feel the benefits of these top skincare Essential Vitamins.

C & E+ Advanced Skin Booster, antioxidant skincare, skincare boost, Vitamin c, skin essentials by mariga, wexford


Is Vitamin C a daily requirement?

Did you know, your body doesn’t make or store Vitamin C?

This makes Vit C an essential Vitamin, i.e. you have to get it in your diet and same goes for skincare.

We absolutely recommend using Vit C in your skincare daily in a milder form, and weekly in a stronger form.

Vitamin C, skincare, antioxidant skincare, skin essentials by mariga, wexford

What are the benefits to the skin when using Vit C? There are so many benefits from using Vit C!

  • Antioxidant Boost for skin protection and repair
  • Smooths texture
  • Instantly brightens
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Promotes natural exfoliation
  • Reduces formation of dark spots

If you’re looking for a Vitamin C boost in your skincare, we have just the thing…

Our brand new C & E+ Advanced Skin Booster is the limited edition antioxidant filled skin hero at Skin Essentials. Find online and in store:Buy sun repair special offer, skin essentials by mariga



NEW For November 😍

So much newness at Skin Essentials right happening this November!

This month we have a brand new facial AND a brand new homecare product for you.

dermal peptide infusion, smartmeso, treatment, anti-ageing, skin essentials by mariga, novemberwexford1. Treat yourself to our latest advanced skin treatment – the Dermal Peptide Infusion.


Combining nano-needling for collagen stimulation, dermal infusion of multiple peptides to trigger and up level natural cell strength and collagen formation, and LED red light therapy to accelerate the results even further, this powerful facial is the one for you when you need more than a classic facial can give. 

Targeting fine lines, dehydration, rough texture and tired-looking skin, expect instant radiance and plumping and longer-term collagen production.

Skin essentials by mariga, skincare, wexford, read client reviews


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