This August I am focusing on natural yet powerful anti-ageing treatments featuring expert microneedling and japanese facelift, and have two great special packages available for those who are concerned with skin ageing, particularly laxity, loss of volume, texture and lines.

Featuring my two favourite anti-ageing skin treatments, choose the one that meets you where you are in your skin journey and put the brakes on visible ageing.

  1. For skin already showing signs of ageing such as loss of firmness, laxity of jawline, eye lines, loss of volume in the cheeks/mouth area:

The 360 degree Youth Restore Package addresses all skin concerns – internal and external for a complete skin overhaul.

For the surface, microneedling will address fine lines, pores, texture while stimulating collagen production in the deeper layers for longer-term collagen boosting.

Japanese Facelift works on the muscles, connective tissue, blood and lymph flow to restore firmness, radiance and address deeper lines and loss of sharpness to the jawline and cheekbones especially.

Taken close together, this series of 2 microneedling treatments and 6 Japanese Facelift sessions will be a boost of youth and radiance for any skin showing visible of ageing. I recommend having a treatment weekly if possible.

Purchase this package during the August promotion period for €995 (saving €185). Buy it here.










2.  Not quite there yet? For skin that is just at the early stages of visible ageing such as fine lines around the eyes, loss of evenness of colour/texture, often dull or sluggish, a good option is to boost your regular skincare routine with microneedling to dramatically slow the progress of lines, enlarging pores and dullness. Usually €200 each, buy a package of 2 microneedling sessions during the promotion period for €340 (save €60) and take them within 6 weeks of each other to really supercharge your collagen production and age-proof your skin. Buy this package here.

Both packages are available to book throughout the month of August or until I am fully booked with these treatment packages. As you know, I am working on my own for the moment and there is a limit to the numbers I can take right now, so once I have a number that I think I can reasonable handle of these packages I will close the promotion. It is important to me that anyone who buys a package will be able to get their treatments scheduled in a timely manner and I don’t want to have a situation where I can’t get your treatments in in the best time for results. So if this offer is for you I do recommend booking early!

Not sure which suits your needs best? Email me on and I will be happy to help.

Mariga x