If I had to pick just one product to use what would it be? (Spoiler, it would be a lipid barrier repair product!)

Ok, you have to give me just a little leeway here!

I’m going to go ahead and assume that everybody knows you need a daily SPF and a gentle yet thorough cleanser. Otherwise these articles would all say SPF and be no fun at all!

So, APART from cleanser and daily SPF what would be the one product I would choose if I could only have one?

Easy – Lipid Repair Concentrate 🥰

I’ve answered this question before on a blog or a video a few years ago and the answer was the same. The thing is, fads may come and go, your skin may change with the seasons or age with the years but basic skin needs remain the same – barrier repair, nutrition and cell health support – and Lipid Repair Concentrate was created from the start to be the product to address all these needs.

Of course, we love peptides and retinol derivatives and all that good anti-ageing stuff. But the thing is, none of those ingredients will work effectively on skin cells that are inflamed or otherwise under pressure from an impaired barrier, lack of the necessary cell nourishing ingredients, overly dry, overly oily or dehydrated.

So as much as I love my anti-ageing serums and creams, I wouldn’t choose any of them as the only product I could have because they just won’t work at their best until the skin barrier is already repaired.

Just using Lipid Repair Concentrate once a day (twice if you are very dry or your skin has been neglected or over exfoliated in the past) under your day or night cream will gradually stabilise sensitised, dull or dry skin and will also help regulate oil production over time, so whether you have too much or too little oil production going on right now, this versatile product will help.

It is a light, quickly absorbed oil based serum which has been expertly formulated to mimic the composition of your natural balanced lipid production.

The following are some of the key ingredients and their benefits:

  • Ceramides, squalene – hydrate and moisturise
  • Vitamin E  – repairing & nourishing
  • Flax seed oil – soothes sensitive skin
  • Pomegranate Seed Oil – rejuvenates cellular process 
  • Multi-antioxidants – repair and protect

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Usage tips

  • Use it day or night under your morning SPF or at night layered or mixed with your night cream
  • One pump is enough for a full application – it is very concentrated
  • Suitable to use around the eye contours, face and neck
  • Mix it together with your Hydra Collagen Serum in the mornings for a fast routine that provides all the oil-soluble and water-soluble ingredients your skin needs. Follow with SPF

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