The holistic facial is my signature treatment, combining my 30+ years of skincare and wellness experience with my deep passion for helping you look and feel amazing. This treatment is both a skincare and wellness ritual, with bespoke elements chosen and blended to address the specific concerns you have in your skin and your emotional wellbeing. With organic mineral skincare ingredients to correct the surface presentation of your skin, and facial reflexology to boost the body systems to help create a radiant glow that you can feel and see, it addresses all of the factors that contribute to the appearance and feel of your skin. This is an intuitive skincare treatment that brings together the purest ingredients for your skin with the energy balancing of a holistic wellness treatment. Each facial is completely unique and will combine elements learned and perfected over years of skincare, healing and wellness training and practice. This signature self-care experience is the perfect blend of my two worlds of skincare and holistic healing and I feel like it is the one that best expresses my lifetime of striving to create a very special, unique facial experience.

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