You need ceramides in your skincare – he’s why and how!

Ceramides are one of the main factors in barrier strength and repair.

They are found naturally in the skin and can be easily supplemented with the correct choice of skincare products to restore a skin that has lost its barrier function resulting in dryness, flaking and rough texture.

We need approximately a ratio of three times the number of ceramides to other key lipids such as cholesterols.

Loss of water in the cellular structure is one of the main issues associated with a low number of lipids in the skin, and inflammation is also a result.

Inflamed and water/lipid unbalanced skin leads to a damaged barrier that results initially in dryness and dehydration eventually leading to reactiveness, sensitivity and accelerated ageing.

Replenish your lipid layer with Lipid Repair Concentrate – formulated to mimic the exact ratio of good fats in the skin structure, this is our core skin building product. As well as an instant hit of comfort to the skin, the ingredients will work together over time to balance the skin’s own synthesis of lipids for a long-term healthier, more vibrant and stronger skin, naturally.

Apply morning and night underneath or mixed with your moisturiser for skin that is already dry (we recommend Skin Comfort Cream as the perfect partner), or once a day only (morning or night whichever you prefer) as a long-term skin health maintenance routine.

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Remember, SPF should be applied over any daytime routine.

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