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Divine Pro – The non-surgical facelift

The Celebrity Skin favourite specialists at Skin Essentials in Wexford

  • Dramatic lifting results on wrinkles and sagging skin

  • Eye contours tightened, reduce crows feet

  • Jawline contoured

  • Cheeks and mouth area re-volumised

  • Amazing results on acne scarring – even old scars

  • Neck lifted and tightened

  • Double chin tightened

  • Pores Reduced

  • Visible, lasting results without surgery or injectables

A brief overview of each treatment and its benefits

TriPollar Radiofrequency

As a stand-alone modality, a course of radiofrequency facials will give lasting results on tightening, softening and smoothing skin that has lost elasticity. Particularly recommended for those most concerned with neck/jawline areas.

As a single treatment this is fab to have before an event or night out for that tightened, radiant look.

A combination of 2 radiofrequency technologies plus microneedling, this treatment is the one for resurfacing the whole skin. Recommended where texture is an issue whether that is from uneven or rough skin, enlarged pores, lines or old flat/red scarring. Also great to tighten jawline.

Taken in a series this will give you long-lasting smooth, even, more toned skin with reduced lines, scars and pore size. A single treatment is a great re-boot for most skin types looking for a deep revitalisation.

Similar to TriFractional in that it combines 2 radiofrequency technologies plus microneedling. The difference here is that we are targeting deeper in the skin for a plumped, ‘filler’ like effect. See cheeks plumped up to a much more youthful volume, hollow undereyes filled out, forehead and eye lines reduced and nose-to-mouth lines softened.

Best in a series, choose this one when loss of volume, or hollowness, is the primary concern. This treatment is also the only non-invasive method to help minimise pitted acne scarring,

Pyramid Facelift

Combines radiofrequency, trifractional resurfacing and voluderm in one intensive treatment to get the benefits of all three. Choose this one when you are concerned with multiple signs of ageing such as lines, loss of volume and sagging and want to address them all in a fast, effective manner. Our most popular anti-ageing treatment.

With all of our Divine Pro treatments, we conduct a consultation first so we can offer you a bespoke treatment perfect for your skin. Consultation is €25, redeemable against your treatment.


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The Celebrity Favourite – Pyramid Facelift

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