April is National Stress Awareness month and because we see many symptoms of stress in our clients, we wanted to share with you how neuro reflexology can help manage these symptoms that stress can cause in the mind and body.

Having a neuro facial reflexology deep de-stressing treatment:

  • Slows down a racing brain,
  • Mimics the effects of a deep meditation practice,
  • Allows stress hormones to balance
  • Leaves you feeling lighter, more positive and more your old self.
  • Your skin will be radiant too!

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So often I find that overwhelm, stress, or just being far too busy with all the commitments we take on can be the root of fatigue, low mood and irritability. To counter this I have created the anti-stress facial reflexology protocol.

Stress is the result of any long-term emotional unbalance.

It can start in any of the body systems depending on the type of emotion but is always eventually associated with the stomach and spleen element. (You know that worry/stress always affects your digestion whether it’s ‘knots in your stomach, a stomach ulcer or loss of appetite for example).

Emotions affect the glands and this in turn unbalances the hormonal system and also affects the muscles. Left untreated, stress can lead to burnout, sleep disruption and all manner of illnesses. The most effective way to deal with stress is to treat it before it gets to this stage. Many complementary therapies, yoga or meditation work as a preventative, calming the body chemistry before hormonal disruption becomes a problem.

Our Facial Reflexology anti-stress treatment is designed to calm and balance the hormonal and immune systems, helping your mind and body to release stress.

Beginning with a complete treatment of all the body systems through stimulation of micro-systems on the face, then further focusing on calming the immune, hormonal and digestive systems, this treatment is very relaxing and boosts the whole body and mind.

As a preventative treatment we recommend incorporating anti-stress facial reflexology into your self-care routine once a month.

To address chronic or long-term stress that has already begun to show effects on your health or well-being we can create an intensive treatment course for you to work alongside any medical or other treatments you are using.

Having a neuro facial reflexology deep de-stressing treatment slows down a racing brain, mimicking the effects of a deep meditation practice, allowing stress hormones to balance and leave you feeling lighter, more positive and more your old self. Your skin will be radiant too!

Mariga x


Neuro Facial Reflexology For Deep De-stressing

*Course of 4 treatments NOW €430. SAVE €50!

Mariga’s speciality, emotional balancing neuro facial reflexology is a beautiful, gentle treatment to help calm & reset an overworked, stressed or chaotic mind. Worked on micro systems on the face and feet this hands-on specialist treatment will leave you feeling peaceful and calm.

*Take this course once a week for four weeks for lasting results.

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