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New treatment for 2021

Look and feel younger, more relaxed and more energised with our brand new treatment launching 2021.

We will bring you full details closer to the time but this is something brand new to us and Skin Essentials by Mariga will be the first skin clinic in Wexford and one of only a handful in the country offering this type of hands-on advanced facial technique. All natural, deeply relaxing and incredibly and visibly rejuvenating on the face, we are very excited about this one!

Blending traditional healing and massage techniques from all over the world, this new facial will stimulate beyond the skin to deeply relax and energise the cells of your whole body while also giving you a wide-awake appearance.

Take a sneak peek at some results we’ve been getting already:

Excited? Watch you inbox for launch details very soon. There are lots of exciting things coming to Skin Essentials by Mariga in 2021 and we can’t wait to share them with you 🥰

Mariga x

Diathermy for visible capillaries or red veins – so quick and easy

Diathermy is an old-school solution for the red veins that can appear over time on our face, particularly on the cheeks and nose. Many people think that expensive laser is the only cosmetic option out there for red vein treatment but that is certainly not the case. Short Wave Diathermy has been used safely and successfully by beauty therapists and by the medical profession for decades.

Visible red veins have many causes including outdoor exposure, skin damage, rosacea, some medications and a certain genetic disposition. They are harmless and the only reason we treat them is because most people are not fans of how they look!

If you find that you are fed up of looking red, don’t want to rely on concealer every day or if you just didn’t know that they could be treated very easily then this is the video for you!

Skin Essentials by Mariga is the only skin clinic in the South East offering this service. Short Wave Diathermy is suitable for men and women, of all ages. There are some contraindications, but very few (the main ones are diabetes or blood disorders or being on blood thinning medication). We do a full consultation before any treatment to assess suitability and create a treatment plan just for you. Prices from €50

See more details or book a consultation online here


Can one facial really make a difference?

Can ONE facial really make a difference to your skin?

Ooh I wish I had a penny for every time someone wanted to book a facial ‘to get rid of wrinkles’ or to ‘reverse pigmentation’. Irresponsible marketing and filters really have a lot to answer for when it comes to setting expectations!

BUT – it is in fact possible to see a big difference in some skin types from a single facial. Read on to find out how…

In this post I’m talking strictly about facials, as in hands-on treatments involving things like cleansing, exfoliation, masks, maybe a little light enzyme peel or machine-aided product penetration, not the advanced treatments such as microneedling, radiofrequency or pyramid facelifts. So, now that we are on the same page, can you see a difference with one facial?

Often, yes. If it is your first facial in a long time (or ever), or if your skin has gone into a dull, dehydrated or congested state,  we will certainly be able to see a dramatic, visible difference from the first facial. This is because facials are especially good for hydration, temporary plumping, deep cleansing, pore extractions and a general sense of well being. So if that sounds like something you would benefit from, absolutely, a facial will give you the results you want. All of our facials are deeply relaxing and ingredients are customised to your specific skin needs each time.

Sometimes, no. If wrinkles, lax skin, acne, rosacea or pigmentation is your primary concern, then unfortunately no, a single facial will not give you the results you are looking for. Your skin WILL look better afterwards (and you will feel very relaxed) but that is because all skin conditions appear better when skin is well hydrated but there will be no effect on the underlying condition. In theses cases we would work on a programme to correct your primary concern, starting with corrective homecare then progressing to corrective treatments.

Do I recommend facials? Definitely!

For skin requiring no correction, or once correction is achieved, having a facial at least every three months or so will deal with any seasonal skin changes and keep things balanced, keeping you looking younger and fresher for longer.

What’s not to love?

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C&E Booster – One Step To Exfoliate and Nourish

Amber glass bottle with pipette. Skin Essentials by Mariga serum C and E vitamin skin booster.

Gently exfoliate, brighten and soften your skin in one easy step with our lovely C&E Advanced Skin Booster.

This skincare hero has many benefits for your skin:

  • Antioxidant Boost for skin protection and repair
  • Smooths texture
  • Instantly brightens
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Promotes natural exfoliation
  • Reduces formation of dark spots
  • Encourages natural exfoliation for an instant result

I’m always asked about exfoliation products and methods for home use and generally I am not a fan of using mechanical exfoliation (such as scrubs or microdermabrasion type approach) or AHA acids such as glycolic in a home setting. But I know you still love the instant hit of soft, fresh skin you get when you DO exfoliate.

So here is the solution – C&E advanced Skin Booster. The low pH of the vitamin C component encourages natural exfoliation while the rest of the ingredients nourish, soften and repair the skin while promoting good collagen fibre growth in the longer term for skin elasticity and firming.

Simply shake the bottle, apply a 1/2 dropper full to clean skin once or twice a week under your usual skin cream or oil. Leave on overnight and wake up to glowy, radiant, soft skin. It’s a facial in a bottle!

Suitable for all skin types except active rosacea or hyper sensitive.

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Done-For-You Skincare Bundles

So many choices!

It can be hard to navigate a full skincare range to decide which products are right for your skin’s needs, especially when you want the convenience of shopping online.

We have heard your feedback and are introducing our new Done-For-you Bundles, a range of pre-grouped products that address some of the most common skin types and concerns. Simply identify your skin category from the list below and see the bundle of homeware products we recommend for you to achieve healthy, radiant skin.

Each kit will include a step-by-step instruction sheet on how to use your kit (they’re really simple, we know you don’t want a 10-step routine!).

For more customised skincare recommendations such as those for compromised skin including adult acne, rosacea or premature ageing due to illness or other factors we still prefer to chat with you to identify your unique skin needs but for everyone else its Done-For-You!

Universal Bundle – Level 1 > €224

Choose this simple routine when you have normal to dry skin, and you would like to maintain a healthy, youthful complexion as long as possible.

This routine contains everything your skin needs to maintain a healthy barrier, plump skin cells and a smooth texture. Suitable from early twenties and up to when fine lines start to show and you feel ready for the first anti-ageing steps.


  • Night products: Skin Comfort Cleanser (€27), Lipid Repair Concentrate (€70)
  • Morning Products: All-in-one Advanced Day Cream with SPF30 (€47)
  • Weekly Treatment: Vitamin C&E Advanced Skin Booster (€80)

(If your skin is routinely dry, or if it gets dry in winter, add Skin Comfort Cream (€52) over Lipid Repair Concentrate at night).

(If your skin is oily replace Lipid Repair Concentrate with Hydrating Cream (€32) at night).

Early Ageing Bundle – Level 2 > €294

Level up to this routine once fine lines start to show, especially around the eyes.

Choose your skin type bundle from Level 1 (Normal- Dry or Oily) and add Hydra Collagen Serum (€70) in to your morning routine before SPF Day Cream. Depending on your own particular skin factors including sun exposure, diet, lifestyle and medical this can be from late twenties to early thirties.


  • Night products: Skin Comfort Cleanser (€27), Lipid Repair Concentrate (€70)
  • Morning Products: Hydra Collagen Serum (€70), All-in-one Advanced Day Cream with SPF30 (€47)
  • Twice Weekly Treatment: Vitamin C&E Advanced Skin Booster (€80)

Anti-ageing Bundle – Level 3 > €364

Choose this bundle when your main target is reducing the signs of ageing.

Adding our Age Slowly Vitamin (€70) A Serum at night under your Lipid Repair Concentrate (€70) will slow down the processes that deepen fine lines into wrinkles, reduce the appearance and formation of pigmentation and boost cellular energy for a more youthful glow.

For dry skin use every second night, normal and oily can build up to nightly usage.


  • Night products: Skin Comfort Cleanser (€27), Age Slowly Serum (€70), Lipid Repair Concentrate (€70).
  • Morning Products: Hydra Collagen Serum (€70), All-in-one Advanced Day Cream with SPF30 (€47).
  • Twice Weekly Treatment: Vitamin C&E Advanced Skin Booster (€80).

Specialist Bundle 1 – Peri/Menopausal Skin > €429

As collagen and oestrogen levels begin a more rapid decline in our bodies, the skin can seem to show a sudden, accelerated ageing.

Combat this with our specialist menopause bundle including the Overnight Repair Cream (€95) to intensively boost cellular reproduction and repair damage with high-dose anti-oxidants, vitamin A, collagen peptides and many other active ingredients. Pair with Youth Boost (€40) to replace some factors that oestrogen decline leaves empty in the skin structure.

Use from the earliest signs of hormonal change, even before you think you need to! Often, the oestrogen decline is happening long before we get any symptoms so prevention is key here to reduce the effects on the skin. I recommend starting on this routine from mid-forties on.


  • Night products: Skin Comfort Cleanser (€27), Overnight Repair Cream (€95) with added Youth Boost (€40), Lipid Repair Concentrate (€70).
  • Morning Products: Hydra Collagen Serum (€70), All-in-one Advanced Day Cream with SPF30 (€47).
  • Twice Weekly Treatment: Vitamin C&E Advanced Skin Booster (€80).

Specialist Bundle 2 – Dry, compromised skin from chemotherapy or other medical/lifestyle factors > €166

At different stages in our life some medical or other factors may mean that we need a more intensive yet gentle nourishing routine. This can be from the drying effects of chemotherapy, during breast-feeding, drying effects of many long-term medications. Our Skin Comfort range of products is designed to intensively moisturise and nourish without being stimulating. Use day and night or as often as desired. Can be used on a short term basis to restore skin comfort, or as your everyday routine long-term.


  • Morning Products: Skin Comfort Oil (€40) mixed with Skin Comfort Cream (€52). Follow with All-in-one Advanced Day Cream with SPF30 (€47) if going outdoors.
  • Evening products: Skin comfort Cleanser (€27), Skin Comfort Oil (€40), Skin Comfort Cream (€52).

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Interview with Norma Sheahan

This week I had the pleasure of an interview with actress/comedian Norma Sheahan for her weekly podcast.

Podcasts are all the rage now aren’t they? This year has seen a huge rise in the genre as artists, entertainers and others look for new ways to reach audiences old and new. I hadn’t gotten in on them until I was asked to guest on one, then I had to get on board quickly!

I must admit, I was nervous about this one because, even though I was delighted to be asked, funny isn’t my strong point and I didn’t want to let her down or have her end up with something unusable.

I needn’t have worried though, Normas gentle humour and natural warmth put me very much at my ease and it was just like having the chats with a friend. We talked all about skincare, natural vs injectables, microneedling, japanese facelifts and Norma’s experience with our famous Pyramid Facelift – and how confidence is the real key to beauty.

Have a listen at any of the links below or wherever you usually listen to podcasts.

Mariga x

Play on Apple Podcasts

Play on Spotify

Norma’s Website with links

Treat yourself to a summer holiday – for your skin!

Banish winter skin with our summer holiday facial!

Created especially for our Customer Appreciation Day and available with Anna at a very special offer price while stocks last.

Forget the weather and snuggle into your heated facial bed while we soothe, smooth and restore your skin with tropical fruit extracts which will transport your senses to an exotic destination.

First your face is gently cleansed, exfoliated and prepped with delicious extracts of pomegranate, coconut and papaya enzymes.

It is then deeply nourished, hydrated and calmed using aromatic extracts of Hawaiian kukui fruit, macadamia nut oil, orchid flowers and chamomile in a blissful massage to leave you relaxed, refreshed and radiant.


Anna x