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The Firm Skin Essentials

It has always been, and still is, my preference to completely personalise every clients homecare and clinical treatment recommendations.

However, as we live in such a digital age, many now want to avail of our home skincare products by online purchase as you may live too far from us to come in for a personal recommendation.

For that reason I have created core groups of products suited to various skin types and common concerns which you will find on my blog. The focus of this article is the preparation for firm skin.

This is where the epidermis is not as strongly adhered to the dermis as it used to be and is characterised by less firm-feeling skin, perhaps some fine lines showing on the cheeks and skin that doesn’t seem as bouncy and plump as it once was.

The aim is to boost collagen peptides in your skin to add back volume and adhesion, redensifying the skin to look and feel firmer.

Homecare essentials:

Vitamin A is essential to add in now if you are not already using it. Find it in Age Slowly Serum.

Use after cleansing with Skin Comfort Cleanser at night 2-3 times per week and follow with your usual skincare. (Lipid Repair Concentrate can be used after Age Slowly Serum for a great duo, boosting skin cell renewal and barrier repair).

Twice per week use C&E Advanced Skin Booster in place of your night serums to revitalise, brighten and plump skin. Don’t forget, always use an SPF30 as the last step in your day routine.

Clinical treatments:

For skin just beginning to lose elasticity I recommend having our SmartMeso dermal peptide firming treatment once every 3 months to keep in front of the ageing process (think PREJUVENATION). For skin that is further along in visible ageing, sagging or wrinkle depth consider our Pyramid Facelift suite of treatments.

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The Glowy Skin Essentials

It has always been, and still is, my preference to completely personalise every clients homecare and clinical treatment recommendations.

However, as we live in such a digital age, many now want to avail of our home skincare products by online purchase as you may live too far from us to come in for a personal recommendation.

For that reason I have created core groups of products suited to various skin types and common concerns which you will find on my blog. The focus of this article is Glowy Skin! We are very used to the trend of the ‘Glow Up’ at the moment and my take on this is bright, glowy, polished looking skin.

The following product suggestions are suitable for all skin types (with the exception of rosacea).

To achieve glowy skin fast I recommend using our C&E Advanced Skin Booster once or twice a week. Apply at night after cleansing with Skin Comfort Cleanser and follow with moisturiser.

From the Skin Essentials by Mariga range Hydrating Cream (normal to oily skin) or Skin Comfort Cream (normal to dry) will complement it perfectly. You will wake up with soft, glowy skin 🥰

As always, SPF30 must be used as the last step in every skincare routine to protect the health and beauty of your skin.

As a pre-event fast skin booster I recommend having a session of LipofirmMed a day or two before any event. Your skin will be radiant, lifted and tightened, perfect for selfies!

(Surface results will last a couple of weeks on average from one session, and collagen production will be boosted for a longer-acting anti-ageing result in the deep layers of the skin.

For long-lasting surface visible lifting and tightening you can avail of a course of treatments taken weekly for 6 weeks).

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Peri-menopausal skin issues and solutions


  • Lines becoming deeper and more visible,
  • skin becoming thinner, drier, uneven colour/texture.

Elements that will work in your favour:

  • Good diet,
  • high water intake,
  • low sugar intake,
  • good exercise regime,
  • good basic skincare ingredients,
  • minimising stress,
  • minimal sun exposure,
  • daily SPF.


  • Poor sleep,
  • history of sun exposure,
  • peri-menopausal oestrogen decline.


Skin that is 40+ will typically start to show consequences of cumulative sun exposure and declining oestrogen. This is a time that every woman experiences what seems like a sudden acceleration of ageing to the skin but is in fact the coinciding of historical sun exposure factors starting to show and natural hormonal changes. 

Accumulated sun damage takes the form of uneven skin colour, sun spots & deepening lines especially around the eyes and neck. For the fairer-skinned there can be an increase in visible red veins to the face neck and chest.Early sun exposure and/or burning, even from childhood will show up now.

At the same time declining oestrogen and collagen levels show as lines around the mouth, laxity in the skin of the eyelids and jawline and possible thinning skin. Declining collagen levels also can cause pores to enlarge. Not much fun for something that is a natural process!!

Solutions (skincare):

Skin Essentials by Mariga Advanced C and E vitamin booster with ferulic acid

This is the time to up your skincare game in terms of more active and target skincare. Vitamin A (retinol) is a necessary addition if you are not using it already as a pre-ageing tool, as it will help to slow down the formation of lines, improve texture and keep cells functioning normally.

Find this in our Overnight Repair Cream, (normal, combination and oily skin) or Age Slowly Serum (used in combination with Skin Comfort Cream for more dry skin).

I would also suggest adding an oestrogen replacement factor in your skincare. When oestrogen is not as plentiful in the body this is one of the major factors for skin cell repair and reproduction to slow down.

Essentially certain plant derivatives mimic the shape of oestrogen on the skin cell receptors and keep vital processes boosted. (Add one vial of Youth Boost to your jar of Overnight Repair Cream).

Finally to further boost collagen production and quality and to gently exfoliate it would be good to use C&E Advanced Skin Booster twice a week. This will also help keep a strong skin barrier.

Solutions (treatments):

It is necessary to note that any good home skincare routine is intended to slow the signs of ageing, not reverse them. While visible improvements can be seen in terms of skin brightening, plumping from hydration and even some softening of lines from Vitamins A & C, true reversal of wrinkle depth and reversing skin laxity can only be achieved via advanced clinical treatments that work deeper than topical skincare can.

Treatments such as the Divine Pro platform which allows us to customise blended high-tech solutions of radiofrequency, microneedling and deep muscle activation therapy are the ones to look to when age reversal is your priority. Earlier intervention, from the very first signs of ageing, can be addresses with our Exceed microneedling suite of treatments.

Suggested routine for skin that is 40+ normal, combination, oily:

Morning: Rinse skin with water & microfiber cloth. Apply 1 pump Hydra Collagen Serum followed by SPF30 Day Cream

Evening: Cleanse with Skin Comfort Cleanser. Apply Overnight Repair Cream (mixed with Youth Boost). 

Twice a week either at night or in the morning as you prefer apply 1/3 dropper of Advanced Skin Booster to clean skin. Follow with your normal routine.

Once a week as an optional bonus you could mix a pump of Skin Comfort Oil into your night cream as a nourishing mask.

Suggested routine for skin that is 40+ dry:

Morning: Rinse skin with water & microfiber cloth. Apply 1 pump Hydra Collagen Serum mixed with 1/2 pump Lipid Repair Concentrate, followed by SPF30 Day Cream

Evening: Cleanse with Skin Comfort Cleanser. Apply 1 pump Age Slowly Serum followed by 1 pump Lipid Repair Concentrate. If skin is very dry add Skin Comfort Cream on top.

Twice a week either at night or in the morning as you prefer apply 1/3 dropper of Advanced Skin Booster to clean skin. Follow with your normal routine.

Once a week as an optional bonus you could mix a pump of Skin Comfort Oil into your night cream as a nourishing mask.

Focus on Ferulic Acid

What is ferulic acid?

Ferulic acid is a powerful anti-oxidant, meaning that it protects your skin cells from free radical damage. It is usually plant-derived and is found in many plants including oats, bran, apple seeds and rice.

Benefits to your skin:

  • Slows visible signs of ageing including wrinkles and dark spots.
  • Enhances the effectiveness other anti-oxidants in your skincare.
  • Contributes to overall skin integrity for stronger, firmer skin.

Where to find it:

Ferulic acid is usually found in serums, especially those also containing Vitamin C as it works well with it to boost the efficacy and prolong the life of Vitamin C.

The Skin Essentials C & E+ Advanced Skin Booster contains ferulic acid along with vitamins C & E for a trio of anti-oxidant power.

Use twice a week on clean skin under either you regular day or night products for skin smoothing, brightening and repair.

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Davina’s 30? Selling Sunset has us shook…

Does anyone else watch Selling Sunset on Netflix here?

I have to say I was floored when I discovered Amanza is 43 and Davina (who seems way older) is only 30!

We know its Hollywood but sometimes its fun for us to have a look at what we would recommend for them (pretending they come waltzing through the door one day 🤩).

First off, Amanza who is 43 has beautiful glowing sallow skin. So clear and dewy. But it’s Hollywood, we know there’s a tonne of make-up and perfect lighting on these girls, but bare with us.

Amanza definitely takes care of her skin. She probably drinks plenty of water, has a great home skincare routine and gets facial treatments regularly. She looks quite natural so we might be a bit naïve here and say she’s gone down the non-invasive root!? (although her forehead is looking a bit too perfect here…)

If someone like Amanza came into the Skin Essentials clinic, we would be recommending these homecare products:

Skin Essentials advanced skin treatments we’d recommend for Amanza:

  • Exceed Mironeedling – Recommended for age 25 to 45yrs to have a course of 4 over a 6 month period:
    • For skin that is showing the first signs of ageing or as an occasional collagen boost on younger skin as a pre-ageing prevention treatment. 
    • Also suitable for anyone who wants to deeply revitalise their skin whether to get started on a new skin programme, to give a reboot after winter or to maintain results of a deeper corrective programme.
    • A great choice when open pores are your main concern.
  • Mesotherapy Dermal Infusion Hyaluronic Acid – Recommended for age 30 to 45yrs. We would recommend Amanza to get a boost of this treatment every 6 months after having a course of Exceed microneedling.
    • This treatment delivers incredible hydration – not just at the surface like a facial – but deep into the epidermis where it works to produce beautiful smooth, dewy revitalised skin from the inside out.
    • Available in single treatments for those who just need a bit of a pep-up on tired, dehydrated or dull skin, or as an intensive series to restore the youthful glow to dry skin with fine lines.

Now onto Davina. She’s a beautiful woman, flawless skin and clearly has good genes, but there’s something about her that makes her look that much older then she really is!?

Of course a lot of it comes down to personality and mannerisms that can sometimes make a person seem a bit older, but there are definitely ways to care for your skin to maintain that youthful look, especially at the tender age of 30.

We would advise this home skincare routine below:

Skin Essentials advanced skin treatments we’d recommend for Davina:

  • LipoFirmMed Skin Tightening – Recommended for age 30 to 60yrs to have a course of 6 over a 6 month period:
    • This course of treatment is performed all over the face, eye contours and neck for visible results such as tighter jawline and eye area contours, neck lines are beautifully smoothed, and an over all lifted and brightened appearance to the skin.
    • We would want to specifically tighten Davinas jawline to give more of a youthful look.
    • This is a non-invasive skin tightening and lifting treatment which contributes to a firmer and more youthful-looking face, results can be seen from the first treatment.

We would also recommend Davina to have a monthly luxury facial, if anything it would help her relax as it would melt away the tensions from the work day.

Here’s the full description of our 45 min Bespoke facial treatment: Drift off in relaxation while we deeply cleanse, massage and treat your skin with a specially chosen blend of deluxe ingredients including masks/enzyme therapy and a beautifully relaxing hot stone shoulder massage.

There you have it, if you’re a 30 year old who looks like you’re 45, or a 45 year old who looks like you’re 30, it all comes down to skincare and the correct treatments for your skin to attain the youthful results you want.

Booking a treatment or consultation with us is simple, just click HERE and scroll through the appointments and times available online.

For a full treatment list at what we do here at Skin Essentials, see HERE.

And finally, to shop expert skincare online see HERE.

Happy binging Selling Sunset 😊

Can one facial really make a difference?

Can ONE facial really make a difference to your skin?

Ooh I wish I had a penny for every time someone wanted to book a facial ‘to get rid of wrinkles’ or to ‘reverse pigmentation’. Irresponsible marketing and filters really have a lot to answer for when it comes to setting expectations!

BUT – it is in fact possible to see a big difference in some skin types from a single facial. Read on to find out how…

In this post I’m talking strictly about facials, as in hands-on treatments involving things like cleansing, exfoliation, masks, maybe a little light enzyme peel or machine-aided product penetration, not the advanced treatments such as microneedling, radiofrequency or pyramid facelifts. So, now that we are on the same page, can you see a difference with one facial?

Often, yes. If it is your first facial in a long time (or ever), or if your skin has gone into a dull, dehydrated or congested state,  we will certainly be able to see a dramatic, visible difference from the first facial. This is because facials are especially good for hydration, temporary plumping, deep cleansing, pore extractions and a general sense of well being. So if that sounds like something you would benefit from, absolutely, a facial will give you the results you want. All of our facials are customised to your specific skin needs each time and prices start at €75.

Sometimes, no. If wrinkles, lax skin, acne, rosacea or pigmentation is your primary concern, then unfortunately no, a single facial will not give you the results you are looking for. Your skin WILL look better afterwards (and you will feel very relaxed) but that is because all skin conditions appear better when skin is well hydrated but there will be no effect on the underlying condition. In theses cases we would work on a programme to correct your primary concern, starting with corrective homecare then progressing to corrective treatments.

Do I recommend facials? Definitely! For skin requiring no correction, or once correction is achieved, having a facial at least every three months or so will deal with any seasonal skin changes and keep things balanced, keeping you looking younger and fresher for longer. What’s not to love?

Check out our limited edition facial we launched to combat post lockdown skin. It involves delicious Eucalyptus and Honey ingredients. This beautifully aromatic and relaxing treatment utilises the botanical power of eucalyptus enzyme to increase cellular renewal for a natural exfoliation, leaving skin soft and smooth.

Followed by a deeply hydrating and nourishing honey mask to boost the natural protective barrier of your skin for increased moisture retention and deep softness.

Book this facial online HERE.

Quick tips to help with maskne

We have a new word in our skincare dictionary – maskne! As you can probably tell, it refers to breakouts caused by the wearing of face masks. As makes are something that we have to use, and may be with us for quite some time, we need to have some new ways of treating our skin to help reduce the side effects of breakouts, chapped or sore skin.

There are two ways in which the wearing of face masks affect the skin underneath – the friction of cloth against skin and the buildup of bacteria from our mouth/breath being trapped against the skin.

The first, friction, is properly known as acne mechanica and is something that we are used to treating. It can show the following symptoms:

  • soreness
  • redness
  • flaky/chapped areas
  • impacted congestion such as blackheads, whiteheads, dry bumps which may be sore
  • rash-type appearance
  • rarely shows infected-type spots (pustules)

The aim in helping control this type of maskne is to keep the skin layers strong so that your skin is in the best possible condition to repair itself quickly and protect against barrier disruption. We focus on skin strengthening serums, anti-inflammatory ingredients and repair at night.

Here are some simple changes to your routine that will help:

  • Cleanse as soon as you get home instead of waiting for bedtime, apply a barrier repair product such as Lipid Repair Concentrate to rebuild skin defences.
  • Choose good quality cloth masks. I like cotton best, line with silk or linen for extra protection, particularly if you have to wear masks all day. Do NOT use fabric conditioner in the wash, you don’t want that against your skin all day.
  • Make sure that you have anti-inflammatory ingredients and vitamin A in your skincare products to repair and strengthen skin daily.
  • Don’t wear foundation/makeup if possible where the mask sits. The less your skin has to deal with the better.
  • Do not exfoliate too often, you need to build up your skin, not break it down.
  • If you are getting chafing where the top of the mask rests on your cheeks/under your eyes, try applying a light layer of vaseline to the area.

Good products to include:

  • Lipid Repair Concentrate is your best friend here. Add one drop of it into your morning serum for barrier protection through the day. Follow with sunscreen as normal.
  • If redness is becoming an issue, use Anti-Redness Concentrate as your morning serum.
  • Age Slowly Serum at night mixed with Lipid Repair Concentrate will rebuild skin layers and help heal damage done during the day.

In the second instance where bacteria is building up on the inside of the mask/transferring to the skin we would need to do a more personalised consultation as it will vary from person to person depending on skin type, diet, medications etc. but in general you will see infected spots (pustules) possibly a fungal aspect ( may appear as a ‘wet’ flakiness and/or individual pores/folicles visibly affected like a dotted appearance).

This is treated differently as we need to add in an anti-bacterial element to the routine, perhaps an anti-fungal and salicylic acid or a probiotic lotion to protect and restore the skin’s own microbiome.It is possible to experience both types of maskne at once. Some tips:

  • Use mouthwash regularly thought the day to reduce bacteria.
  • Change masks regularly throughout the day.
  • Don’t squeeze or pick! Get professional help from a skin therapist.
  • Use ice (wrapped in kitchen paper) to bring down inflammation in sore, infected spots.

Products to consider:

  • Ask about our cucumber probiotic toner to hydrate and balance skin’s microbiome.
  • You may need a separate specialist cleansing product for affected areas, salicylic acid or fruit enzymes can help. We will recommend one for you based on a personalised consultation.
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