CryoPen blemish removal

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Skin blemishes such as sun spots, skin tags and warts on the face, hands and body are very common and we often find them embarrassing when they are in a visible place. You can now have them treated and removed here at Skin Essentials with our CryoPen skin perfector system. Most blemishes require only a single treatment lasting just seconds (unless very large).

CryoPen is an incredibly accurate application of nitrous oxide applied to the blemish with pin-point precision under high pressure, which destroys the tissue of the lesion only, leaving surrounding healthy tissue unaffected. The lesion then fades away over the course of the next 4-12 weeks

cryopen skin perfector

What we can treat

The large sun spot was treated in two sections, taken 3 weeks apart. Great result achieved with a single cryotherapy treatment on seb keratosis.

You will experience a stinging sensation from the cold gas which may last for a few minutes to a few hours after treatment – that’s it!

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Note: Smaller brown spots and skin tags need just one treatment, warts and large lesions may need follow up treatment.

Short Wave Diathermy for red veins and tiny lesions

At Skin Essentials we can also quickly and easily treat thread veins on the face using short wave diathermy, a tiny energy current delivered along an extremely fine metal probe. This method can also be used for treating multiple tiny skin tags, blood spots or milia.

Facial Thread Veins – These have many causes such as exposure, ageing and smoking. Very often seen in a celtic skin type. Red veins respond very well to this treatment with single or few broken capillaries taking only one session to treat.

Multiple veins will be treated over several sessions for your comfort.

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Small round, keratin-filled bumps which are found just under the skin of the face, usually around the cheekbones. These can be easily treated in one or two sessions.

Skin Tags

Skin Tags

Very common on the neck, trunk and underarm areas, these can appear flesh coloured, red or brown. They vary in size from a tiny blemish to the size of a pea in most cases. Small tags are removed in a single session, larger ones may take a second treatment.


Most blemishes are treated instantaneously and results can be seen straight away, especially in the case of red veins and blood spots. Milia and skin tags take a few days to disappear after treatment.

Skin can be red and sensitive after treatment for a few hours to a couple of days.

If more than one session will be needed, a treatment plan will be advised at your initial consultation including treatment time, spacing and cost. The consultation process takes 15 minutes and is necessary to assess the suitability of each client for the treatment.

Treatment price: For first time clients their consultation and treatment is performed in the same appointment. For returning clients, there is an option to book a diathermy treatment without the consultation. See our book link HERE.

Pricing starts from:

  • €95 for 15 min treatment time.
  • €130 for a 30 minute treatment time.

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