When you’re overlwhelmed – and you look it…..

So many of the concerns that we have about how our skin looks are connected to the amount of stress we are carrying around and dealing with on a daily basis. A classic facial is often no longer enough to create any lasting change on your complexion. When the issue is created by stress, it must be that we address the brain’s response to stress in a meaningful way at the same time to achieve lasting results.

Our crazy-fast, full lives are creating a situation that we haven’t had to deal with before in terms of how full our minds are of keeping up with a packed schedule as well as new things to do and deal with popping up all the time. Add to this a general lack of quality/quantity of good sleep and we are showing it all on our faces.

Being too busy, not sleeping or eating well enough, relying on coffee/sugar to boost us during the day, an overload of screen time, post-pandemic trauma, not to mention the absolute state of the world in general is taking up all our body’s natural stress-response resources just to get by and leaving nothing available to nourish and build our skin. When the body is in a constant state of stress all available resources go to the main organs of brain, lungs and heart as a fight/flight response and everything else gets left behind. This natural function is intended to help us out of a short-term stressful or dangerous situation. We were never designed biologically to exist in this state long-term.

So, our skin suffers too.

  • Dull, grey looking
  • Dry and dehydrated
  • Patchy colour and texture
  • Hollow undereyes/cheeks
  • Puffy or dark eye circles
  • Accelerated ageing

I have created the Stress Melter Facial to address both the signs of stress on the face and the effects on the emotional centre of the brain to not just correct how your skin looks in the short term, but to have a long-lasting effect on the stress response of the mind too, to help you both look and feel relaxed.

This brand new facial combines a skin treatment using natural, organic botanicals to gently replenish skin cells, specialist lymphatic drainage to de-puff and restore radiance, with a gentle-touch mind calming facial reflexology protocol that I recently brought back from my travels. A combination of Neuro Facial Reflexology, Indian Marma point therapy and energetic healing touch, this lovely technique is applied on the face and scalp in a sequence of light to medium pressure that balances and restores the emotional centre of the brain to help restore emotional calm.

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