Skincare Gift Ideas For The Loved Ones In Your Life

Are you treating someone you love to a skincare gift for Christmas? Maybe you are not sure what to choose? You will find below a guide to suggested products that we find particular types of people always love, we hope this makes it super easy for you! Alternatively, you can choose from one of our pre-collated gift collections.  

Perfect for beginners – for someone who is just getting into skincare or wants to up-level from chemist / mass market products we suggest:

Skin Comfort Cleanser and Microfibre Cloth €32. Cleansing is the first step in any great skincare routine and this duo of products can be a game-changer for skin. Suitable for all skin types.

SPF30 Advanced Day Cream €47. This is an all-in-one daily moisturiser that also gives sun protection, mineral, vitamin and anti-oxidants. Use alone or over any chosen serum. Sits well under makeup. Suitable for all skin types.

Perfect for the skincare obsessed – do you have a friend that loves to try the latest and greatest in skincare ingredients and products? They will love these picks:

C&E Advanced Skin Booster €80. Add this powerful serum into any skin routine once or twice a week to boost anti-ageing, skin brightening, skin smoothing and repair. Everyone is obsessed with the amazing texture of this two-phase product. Try it at night and wake up to airbrushed looking skin. Suitable for all skin types except rosacea or sensitised.

Age Slowly Serum €70. Contains all the buzz-worthy ingredients any self-respecting skincare obsessive wants on their skin! Vitamin A (retinol) derivatives, hyaluronic acid, collagen peptides and multiple anti-oxidants make this a supercharged night time serum to use under your regular night cream. Suitable for all skin types.

Perfect for the minimalist – these multi-function products will make great gifts for those short on time or patience who want a super quick solution to skincare.
  • Overnight Repair Cream €95. Combining elements of our collagen serum, age slowly serum and hydrating cream with added anti-oxidants and plant butters, this lightweight cream is a perfect one stop shop for night care. Suitable for most skins, the very dry might want to layer a few drops Skin Comfort Oil over it (if they have time :D)

SPF30 Advanced Day Cream €47. This all-in-one daily moisturiser that also gives sun protection, mineral, vitamin and anti-oxidants. Use alone or over any chosen serum. Sits well under makeup. Suitable for all skin types.

Perfect for the outdoorsy type. Gifting for someone who loves the outdoors? The products below will delight the golfer/walker/equestrian in your life with extra nourishment and protection to restore the natural barrier that weather can strip away.
  • Lipid Repair Concentrate €70. Use day and night to nourish skin cells, repair damage to the skin barrier and soften and smooth weather-roughened skin. Suitable for all skin types.
  • SPF30 Advanced Day Cream €47. Use this all-in-one daily moisturiser that also gives sun protection, mineral, vitamin and anti-oxidants either alone or over any chosen serum. Sits well under makeup. Suitable for all skin types.

Perfect for the man in your life

  • Anti-Redness Concentrate €70. This daily serum nourishes skin cell membranes to strengthen and reduce redness associated with flushing, shaving, rosacea or exposure. Use in the morning under SPF. Great used directly after saving as a soothing balm with benefits! Suitable for all skin types.

SPF30 Advanced Day Cream €47. Use this all-in-one daily moisturiser that also gives sun protection, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants, alone or over your usual serum. This sits well under makeup and is suitable for all skin types.

All products and done-for-you gift sets are available from our webshop for delivery or click-and collect. Or from our Wexford Town clinic.

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Special Care For Menopausal Skin

As your body transitions into peri-menopause then full menopause you will experience changes in your skin. These can range from a seemingly sudden acceleration of lines, enlarged pores, sagging and even breakouts. This is due to a combination of oestrogen loss, collagen decline and years of accumulated sun exposure / bad lifestyle habits.

Common concerns: lines becoming deeper and more visible, dull skin and loss of firmness, breakouts, enlarged pores.

Factors that will work in your favour: good diet, good exercise regime, good basic skincare ingredients.

Against: poor sleep, any history of sun exposure, oestrogen decline, collagen decline, medical issues.


The above represents a pretty typical picture of skin that is 45+ and starting to show consequences of earlier sun exposure and declining oestrogen and collagen. This is a time that everyone experiences what seems like a sudden acceleration of ageing to the skin but is in fact the coinciding of historical sun exposure factors starting to show and natural hormonal changes. 

Best anti-ageing products Age Slowly Serum from Skin Essentials wexford
Age Slowly Serum

Accumulated sun damage takes the form of uneven skin colour & deepening lines especially around the eyes and neck.

At the same time declining oestrogen and collagen levels show as lines around the mouth, laxity in the skin of the eyelids and jawline and possible thinning skin. Declining collagen levels also can cause pores to enlarge. Not much fun for something that is a natural process!!

Solutions (skincare):

This is the time to up your skincare game in terms of more active and target skincare, Vitamin A (retinol) is a necessary addition as it will help to slow down the formation of lines, improve texture and keep cells functioning normally. Find this in our Overnight Repair Cream, (normal, combination and oily skin) or Age Slowly Serum (used in combination with Skin Comfort Cream for more dry skin).

I would also suggest adding an oestrogen replacement factor in your skincare. When oestrogen is not as plentiful in the body this is one of the major factors for skin cell repair and reproduction to slow down. Essentially certain plant derivatives mimic the shape of oestrogen on the skin cell receptors and keep vital processes boosted. (Add one vial of Youth Boost to Overnight Repair Cream).

Finally to further boost collagen production and quality and to gently exfoliate it would be good to use C&E Advanced Skin Booster twice a week. This will also help keep a strong skin barrier.

Solutions (treatments):

It is necessary to note that any good home skincare routine is intended to slow the signs of ageing, not reverse them. While visible improvements can be seen in terms of skin brightening, plumping from hydration and even some softening of lines from Vitamins A & C, true reversal of wrinkle depth and reversing skin laxity can only be achieved via advanced clinical treatments that work deeper than topical skincare can. Consider radiofrequency for skin tightening (LipofirmMed), fractional microneedling for re-volumising (Voluderm) or trifractional skin resurfacing for texture issues such as enlarging pores, rough surface and fine lines. All these protocols can be combined together (Pyramid Facelift) or taken individually depending on your needs.

See these treatment details on our Divine Pro page.

Suggested Home Routine:

Morning: rinse skin with water & microfiber cloth. Apply Hydra Collagen Serum followed by SPF30 Day Cream

Evening: Cleanse with Skin Comfort Cleanser. Apply Overnight Repair Cream (mixed with Youth Boost). 

Twice a week either at night or in the morning as you prefer apply 1/3 dropper of C&E Advanced Skin Booster to clean skin. Follow with your normal routine.

Once a week as an optional bonus you could mix a pump of Skin Comfort Oil into your night cream as a nourishing mask.

Do you have any questions? Call us at our Wexford Town skin clinic 086 3823608 / 053 9145981 or email

Pyramid Facelift – Answering your FAQ’s

The Pyramid Facelift is our most-requested anti-ageing treatment.

Picture of cover model and divine pro pyramid facelift machine

In this article I will cover some of the most frequently asked questions about this treatment. As with all our advanced treatments, we only proceed after personal consultation to ensure that we are choosing the best treatment course for your skin but here are some general guidelines and information for the Pyramid Facelift. 

Note: The Pyramid Facelift is the strongest, deepest and most advanced of our suite of anti-ageing treatments, as well as the most expensive. You may not need to go that strong, there are other options which can be looked at once we have seen your skin and understood your needs. For example some people may need skin tightening only, or volumising only, or resurfacing only. In some cases where many small adjustments are needed the Pyramid Facelift may still be an option but a single treatment can suffice. 

Number of treatments required will depend on the individual but the average number is 4, 6 for skin that has been aggressively aged by excess sun exposure or similar.

We work with you pre-treatment to outline plans that will help achieve the outcomes you are looking for and I will go through examples below including timelines, associated downtime, cost and expected outcome. It is necessary to note that while results vary depending on many factors including health of the skin cells, diet and some medical/health influences, we do a very thorough consultation prior to any advanced services that will help us to predict what your personal expectations may be before we begin a treatment series.

Finally, in all cases of advanced skin treatments outcomes will be dramatically enhanced by prepping the skin beforehand with active ingredients to maximise the capacity of the skin cell and structure to absorb/react/utilise and of course to continue on a programme of daily targeted homecare to maximise cellular health and activity long term. Of course if you already have some advanced skincare products at home that you think may be doing the same job we are happy to assess them for you.

General anti-ageing:

The Pyramid Facelift is the one to look at here. It is the deepest, strongest and most advanced of all the non-invasive options. The example below is based on a skin requiring a lot of lifting, antt-wrinkle, tightening and retexturing.

Combining radiofrequency to tighten and thicken skin by stimulating the fibroblasts in the dermal layer, fractional radiofrequency pulsing to tighten and resurface the upper epidermal layers and fractional microneedling to volumise the dermal matrix, improve bi-layer adhesion and lift.

Results to expect:

Noticeable smoothness and brightness, jawline tightened, lines reduced, brow area lifted, eyelids smoother, cheeks plumper and lifted, neck tighter and smoother, hollowness under the eyes reduced, lip lines reduced, mouth area tightened.

In general, it is to be expected that neck, brow, eyes, and cheeks respond the most visible and quickest. As we discussed the peri oral area, due to the nature of the underlying structure, or lack thereof, will not in general respond as dramatically as other areas with more structural support. Loss of oestrogen plays a big part here and is something that we have less control over than the loss of collagen associated with most skin ageing.

Timeline: Course of six, spaced 3-6 weeks apart (determined on consultation).

Downtime: Expect redness, heat and general skin inflammation for 1-7 days after treatment. Most people can wear makeup to cover after 1-2 days. Some dryness/flaking 7-10 days after first on to two treatments.

Cost: €395 per treatment, package rates available on courses. One hour per treatment.

Longevity: results last 2-5 years, can be maintained with a single treatment every 6-9 months to maintain results longer-term.

Contraindications: diabetes, haemophilia, autoimmune diseases (will be pre-screened before appointment), blood disorders, blood thinning / steroidal meds.

We’re Open For Click & Collect

Click and collect on skincare products from Skin Essentials by Mariga wexford image of our face and body lotions available for online shopping and delivery around Ireland collagen peptide collagen glow lotion pump bottle

Well, here we are in a new 6 week lockdown 😢

It was really strange coming into work this morning and not setting up treatments. To be honest it felt a little bit sad this time round. I really hope that this will be effective and we will reopen on December 1st as planned with a healthier and happier society.

But, I’m happy at least that I have work to come to. The online shop is busy, thank you so much for all your support, and I have parcels to get out every day. I’m also available to you by phone for advice and orders. I also plan to get back to online consultations next week.

One positive this time is that we can offer click and collect in our Wexford clinic. Simply pre-order your skincare products online or over the phone. We will have them sanitised, packed and ready to collect at a pre-arranged time.

Just email us at or call 086 3823608 to arrange collection. Remember that we still can’t offer walk-in service, it is pre-arranged collections only at this time!

We are going to be here our normal days, Tuesday to Saturday, but only between 10 am and 2pm daily. If those times don’t suit of course there is a post option, either direct to you or to your recipient if you are buying a gift (did you see the new Christmas shop on our website yet??) Check it out here.

I look forward to seeing you soon, take good care of yourselves and do let me know if I can help you at all and remember that our online booking is open for December here.

Mariga x

Level 5 – what changes for Skin Essentials clients?

Here we go again! The new lockdown guidelines mean that we won’t be able to provide treatments until the restrictions are once again returned to level 3 or below, so what does this mean for you?


  • Appointments currently in the book will NOT now go ahead for the duration of this new lockdown. If you are already booked in during this period we will be in touch to reschedule. Please bear with us, it may take a day or two to get to everyone. If you have already confirmed your appointment with a credit card you WILL NOT be charged a cancellation fee of course!
  • Appointments currently booked in for December will remain unaffected.


  • We will be running our webshop as usual and shipping out your skincare products and Christmas gifts by courier. 
  • We will have a click and collect service running where you can call us to order products for collection, or order through our webshop for collection. All collections in person can ONLY be done by appointment, no walk-in’s are permitted. Simply place your order online then text/call/email us to arrange a collection time.
  • You can also call us on 086-3823608 to place an order over the phone or email


As always I will be available by phone and email to answer any questions you have or to advise you on product purchases. Just reach out, I will be trying to cover all normal working hours although as I will likely be working from home as much as possible to comply with guidelines do bear with me as things may be a bit slower than normal.

Please stay safe, take care and I hope to see you again for a lovely treatment very soon.

Mariga x

Celluma Light Therapy For Skin Rejuvenation and Acne Control

Bring the clinic home with Celluma light therapy devices.

Woman lying under celluma light panel using red and blue lights for anti wrinkle and acne

Low level light therapy is one of the most consistently proven methodologies of skin treatment. At Skin Essentials we have been using it for over ten years as both a stand alone treatment for age proofing the skin and as a remarkable acne treatment, along with combining it with our advanced microneedling and radio frequency therapies to boost results to the max.

Our light therapy device of choice is the world-leading Celluma, and we are proud to have been the first in Europe to offer this fantastic device for clinical treatment. And now, we are the first in Ireland to bring you Celluma at home!

There is a real advantage to having a home Celluma as the more often you can use it the better the results you will achieve, and many of you struggle to get into us the three times a week necessary for maximum benefit. Not to mention the savings over time of having your own device!

As of now we are currently mid-lockdown so what better time to launch an at home device for managing your skin needs!

Your device can be tailored to your exact needs but the most popular one is the Celluma Face which has programmes for anti-wrinkle/rejuvenation, acne clearing and wound management (a useful addition for bumps, bruises and scrapes and also gives great results post-surgery on healing and scars (with your doctors approval of course!).

As well as the benefits on long-term skin health and beauty from incorporating the Celluma into your homecare routine, you can use it after your clinical treatments to boost results,  saving you the time and added cost of having it done in-clinic. 

Course of 12 LED light therapy sessions and appropriate homecare from Skin Essentials by Mariga skin clinic, Wexford. Anti-ageing specialists.

Course of 12 LED light therapy sessions and appropriate homecare

Before and after pic of jawline hormonal acne helped by using celluma light therapy for 8 weeks

Celluma used two times a week for 8 weeks.

I use this at home all the time, it’s a lovely way to relax and have your skin treatment at the same time. It’s simple to use, just plug it in and lie down for 30 minutes. For a full course and to get a great start to light treatments we recommend using it 3 times a week for anti-ageing for the first few weeks then use it once or twice a week going forward for maintenance. For acne, we recommend continuing on the 2-3 times per week after the initial month of intensive use.

Interested in having this fantastic skin treatment device at home? Simply call us on 086 3823608 for more details or email and we will chat through which device is best for your needs and get you a quote for your ideal panel.


Drop Shipping direct to your recipient

Did you know that we can drop ship our products directly to a recipient for you when you want to gift Skin Essentials products to a friend or loved one?

Image showing skin essentials by mariga products with white satin finish box and green ribbons ready for direct drop shipping anywhere in Ireland

We have always had this service available but I think it’s worth highlighting right now to make you aware that we can get gifts directly to your recipient  for their birthday, Christmas or any occasion (or none at all, just because is as good a reason as any 😁).

Apart from the convenience of buying online or over the phone for direct shipping, it is more important than ever now that we should limit our trips outside and this is a way we can help you to do that. Also, cutting out one step in the gifting chain means less handling of parcels for you, your recipient and the delivery service, and that can only be a good thing.

When you order products for direct drop shipping you can simply let us know in the special instructions part of the online order form that it is for a gift and we will make sure that it goes with no invoice/receipt, or let us know over the phone if you prefer to order that way. We can also include a note for you, just let us know what you would like it to say! Our standard packaging includes each product being individually wrapped in our signature green paper but if you would like it to be packaged in a festive gift box  for an extra special touch, you can choose that option from the webshop.

We do pre-sanitise all our products before packing but we recommend either letting your parcels sit for a few days before opening, or using disposable gloves to open and dispose of outer packaging. If you would like to re-sanitise products before use here is how I recommend you do it.

To order just visit or call us on 086 3823608