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New Eye Treatment


For many the delicate eye area is the first to show signs of ageing such as fine lines or fatigue.

Our new Eye Area Treatment has been created to specifically address the particular eye area concerns of first fine lines, uneven texture and fatigue for both men and women.

This is an amazing one to choose when you are happy with the level of ageing (or lack of it!) on the rest of your face…

…and you just want to specifically target the eye area with a more advanced treatment without having to invest in a full face treatment when you may not need it all over.

Combining lymph drainage techniques to relieve puffiness, microneedling to stimulate collagen and reduce the first signs of fine lines and skin laxity, and a seaweed-based mask to supply essential minerals to the skin cells while reducing signs of fatigue such as heaviness under the eyes.

Each treatment takes just 35 minutes and can be used as a stand-alone to banish temporary under-eye issues that arise as a consequence of late nights, or a series of 3 will work a little deeper if you need more revision.

Book our *Specialist Eye Area Focus Treatment incl. Microneedling* online: Cost €90 for a single session, or save €30 on a course of 3 for just €240. Call us on 053 9145981 for more info.

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Skincare – science or art?

As skin treatments become more and more scientific, I think it is a good time to look at the question of whether skin treatment is more science or art.

I believe that it is a blend of the two.

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The science of skin chemistry and technological advances have come so far in recent years that it can be easy to believe that simply having a set course of treatment or using a particular product will get the same result every time.

Certainly, marketing is slanted to encourage that belief.

But really, this is an impossibility. Yes, for example, microneedling is a tool that is used to build collagen thereby reducing wrinkles and smoothing skin.

But is it the same treatment regardless of who performs it? Definitely not!

How can this be?

If the device manufacturers protocol says ‘use at ‘x’ depth for a duration of ‘y’ minutes, should the outcome not be predictable and uniform? Well, the ‘how’ of using any tool can only ever be a guideline and is usually included to satisfy insurance requirements.

The practicality of using this tool is that every skin you see will be to some degree thinner or thicker than the last. On any one face the skin is thinner and thicker over different areas.

This is where education (NOT brand training) and experience come in. Any seasoned and up to date skin therapist knows the many, many nuances that different types of skin can show.

Add to this the differences in our skin at different times of the year, different times of the month, genetic predisposition, individual sun damage etc. etc. etc. and you can begin to appreciate the professional judgement element that each therapist must use in every individual case.

To add another layer of difference, in our example of microneedling, having the professional treatment is only half the story. There is no point in stimulating fibroblasts to make new collagen fibres if you are not also providing the building blocks.

Targeted collagen-building home skincare is essential to the outcome. Without it, it is like pressing the accelerator of your car with no petrol in the tank, you are getting nowhere!

(Ever have microneedling that just didn’t work? This can be why).

Art or science? Definitely both!

This reasoning of course does not just apply to any example of microneedling, the same can be said for peels, radiofrequency treatments, and our most popular anti-wrinkle treatment – The Pyramid Facelift – will never be the exact same series of setting for any two clients, we choose the intensity of various aspects for the second treatment on the results of the first!

My recommendation – always look for the most experienced therapist possible for whatever treatment you want, be it skincare or any other discipline. Choose someone who specialises in the area you are interested in.

Feel free to ask about qualifications, specialisations, advanced training and insurance. Ask about independent training in skin science and related topics.

Any therapist with this level of interest in investing in their education will be a great option. You will not offend anyone – I promise you we love to talk about all our expertise!

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Celebrity Fans of the Pyramid Facelift

Have you experienced the amazing results of the Pyramid Facelift and other Divine Pro advanced facial treatments yet?

Get on board with the best skincare advancement the industry has seen in decades and discover the best skin of your life, just like the celebrity A-list.

Denise Van Outen is one of Shane Coopers regular clients for the Pyramid Facelift. She’s a huge fan of this treatment.


photo collage of actress, model and lifestyle influencer Vivienne Connolly having her pyramid facelift treatment with Mariga at Skin Essentials Wexford

Actor, model and lifestyle guru Vivienne Connolly chooses Skin Essentials by Mariga for there skincare, here having the famous Pyramid Facelift

Is Meghan Markle’s ageless skin down to #pyramidfacelift treatments?

Cheek plumping and smoothing is a fab effect of both the Voluderm and Pyramid Facelift treatments as seen here Michelle Keegan celebrity speculation. Exclusive in Ireland to Skin Essentials by Mariga

Cheek plumping and smoothing is a fab effect of both the Voluderm and Pyramid Facelift treatments

Michelle Keegan, pyramid facelift, skin essentials by mariga, wexford

Michelle Keegan appeared in Reveal magazine as a possible Pyramid Facelift client.

Norma Sheahan, Skin Essentials by Mariga, Wexford, Pyramid Facelift

Irish actor Norma Sheahan is a regular to Skin Essentials and swears by the Pyramid Facelift. These are her results after just 2 treatments.

To find out more about our Divine Pro treatments and the Pyramid Facelift at Skin Essentials, call us on 053 9145981 or book your FREE consultation online.

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Red vein removal – FAQ’s

One of my favourite treatments to do is red vein removal on the face and neck.

Many people don’t realise first of all that it can be done at all and secondly how quick and easy it is.

I have put together the top red vein removal FAQ’s I get asked below. I hope you find it helpful.


What is it called – how do I find it on your menu?

Red vein removal, broken capillary treatment, short wave diathermy, electrodessication, cauterisation of broken veins. All the same thing 🙂 On our treatment list you will see it listed as short wave diathermy or red vein treatment.

Is it just for face?

I do work only on the visible veins on face and neck, sometimes upper chest. On the lower body the treatment is not as effective.

How long does it take?

It takes just seconds to treat a tiny capillary, up to a minute of treatment for a large spider vein. You can have just one large lesion treated or multiple capillaries in the same session. I treat up to 15 minutes in a single session which will allow for treating 20-30 capillaries depending on size. Each session is tailored for your own skin’s needs, tolerance level and sensitivities.

How many treatments will I need?

Tiny capillaries will disappear after one treatment in most cases. medium to larger ones will need 2-3 treatments. Fading of all size capillaries is achieved from the first treatment. Few people need more than 3 sessions taken in the space of 3-6 months. This is based on having an average distribution of visible capillaries on the nose and cheek area.

Are there any contraindications?

As always, there are some. You will be restricted if you have diabetes, are taking certain medications such as blood thinners or have undergone certain surgeries. We take a full consultation to determine suitability prior to treatment.

Can any other skin irregularities be treated in the same way?

Yes, this technology can be used in the same manner on lots of different types of benign skin lesions from milia to skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasia and round red ‘hot spots’ to name a few.

See more details and our current pricing here or call us on 053 9145981 for details.

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Does your Boss deserve a treat this Boss’s Day?

It’s International Boss’s Day coming up on October 16th!

We have just the thing to get you in the Boss’s good books and to show your appreciation.

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Originated in the US in 1956, International Boss’s Day has caught on as a way to show the appreciation employees have for their boss.

So we have a few gift ideas up our sleeve to help mark this special occasion:

  • Gift Card – With a gift card you can’t go wrong! At Skin Essentials by Mariga, you can buy a gift card online or in our Wexford clinic from the amount of €50. This gift card can be used against any of our products and treatments so the choice is up to the boss.
  • A special Coffee! – If your boss is anything like our boss, they’ll love a nice, strong, fancy coffee. If you’re workplace is near a good coffee shop, pop in and include a little note on the cup to say ‘Thanks for being a great boss!‘. This is the perfect Boss’s Day treat 🙂
  • Luxury Facial – There’s no better way to show your appreciation for all the hard work your boss does then to gift them 45 mins of pure relaxation from our luxury facials. Suitable for both men and women. (Mens facials include a special hot towel massage)
  • *STAR BUY* Hydra-Collagen Serum – Our celebrity favourite serum is our anti-ageing hero! Full of all the ingredients the skin needs to keep up the rate of collagen production.
We could go on, but for more gift ideas pop over to our online shop…
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Best Products To Use After Pyramid Facelift

The popularity of our new suite of Divine Pro treatments has absolutely blown us away!

Particularly the Pyramid Facelift which combines three exclusive technologies to tighten skin, decrease wrinkles and scars, lift contours and smooth uneven texture. 

Norma Sheahan, Skin treatments, pyramid facelift results, skin essentials by mariga wexford

Now that you have your incredible, youthful new look, the next step is to make sure that you are maintaining it with the correct home-care.

As you know, I always say that skincare routines are very personalised and will vary a lot from one skin to the next, but there are some common factors that you will need to address using specific ingredients when anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle and skin smoothing is your goal.

These are:

  • Peptides
  • Epidermal Growth Factors
  • Vitamins, especially A,C,E
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • SPF30

Find these in the following anti-ageing basics from Skin Essentials by Mariga products:

Hydra Collagen Serum

Containing collagen peptides, epidermal growth factor, vitamin c, anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid. This is a must-have for the synthesis and maintenance of strong collagen fibres. Apply all over face and eye area daily under SPF30 Day Cream.

SPF30 Day Cream

Combines a UVA+UVB sunscreen with daily moisturising, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E plus lots of repairing anti-oxidants. 

Lipid Repair Concentrate

A bio-identical blend of natural oils and essential fatty acids, this velvety facial oil will replenish depleted natural lipid levels and stimulate healthy oil flow in any skin that is fragile, dry or dehydrated. Use at night alone or under your night cream.

Lipid repair, hydra-collagen serum, spf30, antiageing products, skin essentials by mariga

Find these products online and in our Wexford clinic at Skin Essentials by Mariga:

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Hydrate your skin this Autumn with our Special Offer

It’s officially October, which means we are well and truly into the Autumn Season. 

This is the perfect time to think about giving your skin all the hydration it needs to combat the harsh drying effects of the weather (and in-door heating).

That’s why we’re introducing a very special Autumn Hydration Package!

We have bundled our effective Hyaluronic + Moisture Boost Serum together with our Hydrating Cream with Hyaluronic Acid.

Enjoy for 10% OFF this month only – Usually €84, now €75!

Special offer is available online only at

Hydrating Cream with Hyaluronic Acid

Our Hydrating Cream has a rich yet lightweight formula to give great hydration using high-grade hyaluronic acid and natural plant oils, without ever feeling heavy or greasy.

We recommend using this over treatment serum at night and in the morning if required.

This product was seen on TV3’s Xpose with Laura Birmingham. It’s both Oncology and Pregnancy friendly.

Hyaluronic + Moisture Boost Serum

Hyaluronic acid is known to attract moisture to dehydrated skin but it does so much more. It is also an anti-oxidant, repairing cell damage, it is part of the collagen production process and it gives an overall plump and radiant look to devitalised skin.

This special product contains collagen peptides to give you serious anti-ageing power, as well as being a silky soft, easily absorbed, high-potency rehydrating serum.

A saviour for dehydrated skin. Use under your normal day/night routine when skin is dehydrated/tight/flaky.

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autumn hydration bundle, skincare, winter skin, skin essentials by mariga, wexford