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Décolleté Treatments from Skin Essentials

Crepey or dry skin on the chest?

Try anti-ageing Collagen Glow Body Lotion

Décolleté, chest, cleavage area – whatever you call it, the issues are usually the same.

As this is an area that gets a lot of sun over the years, your décolleté can let you down in terms of accelerated skin ageing.

We generally don’t look after this area with skincare the way we would the face and neck and you can be left with dry, creased and uneven coloured or textured skin on your upper chest that can really give the game away when it comes to wearing anything even remotely low cut – never mind strapless!

Other skin issues that can affect the chest area are red veins, skin tags and pigment spots.

Are you one of the many women who avoid plunging necklines like the plague when shopping for a party or event dress – and doesn’t that really narrow your choices?! Well you don’t have to restrict yourself any more. If you are bothered by any of the above then read on to find your simple, fast solution from Skin Essentials by Mariga.

Should you use your skincare products on your chest too?

Definitely! I have always recommended bringing your facial skincare down as far as the chest but now we are delighted to have a special product for anti-ageing the décolleté, hands and all over the body!

Our Collagen Glow Hand & Body Lotion has collagen peptides, essential vitamins, minerals and a host of natural botanical extracts to nourish, replenish and repair delicate, ageing skin. Find it here.

What else do I recommend?

SPF30 during the day any time the skin of the chest is exposed – even if it’s winter or you are mostly inside! If your skin is covered then use a nice quality unscented body oil or lotion.

Age Slowly Serum – use one pump of serum over the upper chest area at least three times a week at night, daily for deeper revision.

Décolleté Treatments:

Age spots, sun spots – Simply removed with cryotherapy in a very quick treatment. Give yourself 3 weeks before a big event to heal completely! From €75

Red veins, skin tags, milia – We use diathermy electrodessication to remove these nuisance lesions (in the case of large skin tags we recommend cryotherapy instead, see above). From €80 

Uneven texture, rough or bumpy skin – We have several treatments for this issue depending on severity. From a firming enzyme add on during your regular facial (€25 as an add on) or a customised acid peel (from €70) to TriFractional skin resurfacing using combined microneedling and radio frequency energy (€300) we have solutions for every need and budget. Call us to arrange your free consultation to determine which is best for you.

Crepey, lined and sun damaged skin – From a course of six of our brand NEW LipofirmMed radiofrequency décolleté treatments (€500 in a package price) which will smooth out lines for long-term results to a Pyramid Decollete Treatment (€395) for deeper lines and sun damage-related issues, we can design the treatment or course of treatments just for you.

See all our treatments here or call us on 086 3823608 to discuss a bespoke package for you. Our Wexford Town Skin Clinic is centrally based in Selskar, just off Redmond Square.

Skincare treatments, skin essentials by Mariga, Wexford

Packing your skincare for holidays – what do you bring?

My holiday skincare routine. I brought everything in my current routine and even mixed a new formula to test out while I wa

My holiday skincare routine. I brought everything in my current routine and even mixed a new formula to test out!

I took the photograph above during a recent holiday, as unpacking my products on the first night got me to thinking about whether you can pare back your products for holidays or would that set you back in your progress?

Read on for my thoughts on packing your skincare products for different types of trips…..

Holidaying Abroad/flights: you can travel a little lighter if you want to but really as the Skin Essentials products are all concentrated and lightweight you shouldn’t need to. Recommendation: bring and use your usual routine. If you are flying away for your break, you will be happy to know that all of the Skin Essentials serums and the SPF are in containers sized well below the airline security maximum of 100ml so no worries there. The larger size creams and Salicylic cleanser will have to be decanted into smaller containers for flying. Going on the ferry? Great, bring everything 🙂

Festival: you get a pass from me on this one, just cleanser , a microfibre cloth and SPF will see you through 🙂

Backpacking/Camping: you probably need to pare back as much as possible if you are backpacking so bring cleanser, microfibre cloth that dries quickly, SPF and Daily Nutrient Serum to maintain skin while away then book an anti-oxidant repairing facial for as soon as you get back!

If you are dealing with any ongoing skin issues such as acne or rosacea you really should bring your full regime wherever you go as these are progressive treatments and missing out for even a few days can set you back. Don’t forget that SPF needs to be reapplied every 2 hours in hot weather to remain effective and that the more anti-oxidants in your skincare the better to help prevent and reduce sun damage. Your Skin Essentials by Mariga products are rich in multi-anti-oxidants, particularly the Lipid Repair Concentrate, Hydra Collagen Serum and Daily Nutrient Serum so don’t leave them at home where they can’t do you any good!

Enjoy your holidays

Mariga 🙂






Mariga’s skincare routine, what the professional uses!

Inside Mariga’s skincare routine: what I’m using right now.

“What do you use on your own skin” or “I want my skin to look like yours” are two of the most frequent comments I get from clients either here in the clinic or online (and it’s very flattering, thank you!)

Although we customise every treatment plan for the individual, I thought it might be useful to detail what I am currently using on my own skin both at home and clinically, to illustrate the type of routine that a dedicated skincare client typically follows.

I tend to change my skincare up seasonally, as our skin’s needs change with the weather – and THAT can be a world of fun in Ireland of course 🙂

Of course everyone’s basic skin type stays the same for life so that is taken into account first in your permanent products, then seasonal changes or fluctuations due to illness, stress, ambient environment etc. are treated as needed.

So, here is my current day and night routine. My basic skin type is dry and I also have a tendency to redness due to my typically Celtic fair skin/red hair combo. These are treated with my permanent skincare staples of Skin Comfort Cream, Skin Comfort Cleanser and Lipid Repair Concentrate. I am always keeping one eye on anti-ageing too of course and for this I use Hydra Collagen Serum and Overnight repair Cream.
I consider SPF to be a basic part of everyones routine regardless of skin type, age, gender or current skin condition.

Buy your Skin Essentials by Mariga products here

Here is my typical daytime routine:

Rinse with warm water and microfibre cloth, no cleanser.
Apply 1 pump of Hydra Collagen Serum while my skin is still damp, making sure to get it all around the eye contour as well as the rest of the face.
Apply a small amount of Skin Comfort Cream
Follow with SPF30

Rich comfort cream for dry, irritated or fragile skin.

I LOVE this cream!










In the evening:

I cleanse with Skin Comfort Cleanser then apply either Lipid Repair Concentrate followed by Skin Comfort Cream or Overnight Repair Cream followed by Skin Comfort Cream. Usually I use the Lipid Repair combo more often in the winter, the Overnight Repair more often in the summer.

An Anti-ageing MUST have. Amazing around eyes too.

An Anti-ageing MUST have. Amazing around eyes too.












Once a week or more often if I remember, I do a home needling treatment using Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost Serum. This just takes 5 minutes and is amazing for long-term anti-ageing.

Clinically, I have microneedling treatments for anti-ageing and a balancing skin treatment whenever necessary.

Do you have dry skin too? See more tips for managing this skin type in the video below.

Advanced skin treatments at Skin Essentials by Mariga – what results can you expect?

At Skin Essentials by Mariga we know that you are serious about your skincare. That is why we offer only the best, scientifically tested, peer-reviewed and proven products and treatments at our Wexford Town facility and through our online shop. Like you, we are only interested in results. Media hype and fads don’t influence us when we are designing products and treatments for our clients. Of course, we research everything that comes on the market so that we are up to date on everything you want to hear about. This allows us to cut through the marketing jargon and bring you opinions based on scientific fact only.

So, when you embark on a course of treatment from us you know that it will work (if you follow instructions of course)! As many advanced treatments require a commitment from you in terms of compliance, time and money invested, you need to be sure that it is the right choice for you and that is where our personalised comprehensive skin analysis and assessment comes in. Before we ever touch your skin we know it inside and out and can accurately predict each persons results from a set court of action.

This is why we are different. This is why we get the result you want.

Here are some unedited examples of results from real-life clients who followed their recommendations and have had outcomes exceeding their expectations. All of these clients had one thing in common – they committed fully to the homecare, treatment schedule and lifestyle changes set out at their initial consultation.

To see these results on your own skin, just give us a call on 053 9145981 and and out how we can help you today. You can also schedule a skin analysis online from this website, see details of the process here.


Skin Essentials bio-therapeutic needling client before & after course of 6

Skin Essentials bio-therapeutic needling client before (top) & after course of 6





Hydroporation client of Skin Essentials by Mariga

Hydroporation for peri-oral rejuvenation before (bottom) & after (top) course of 3

Hydroporation lip lifting before(left) and after course of 3

Hydroporation lip lifting before(left) and after course of 3








8 weeks from single treatment with Cryopen for sun spot/age spot removal


Red vein treatment of capillaries before (left) and after first session

Red vein treatment of capillaries before (left) and after first session

Have you read Mariga’s E-book yet?

The Skincare Rules E-Book by Mariga Sheedy

‘The Skincare Rules’ is a fantastic resource for every skin type, full of advice that you can implement right now to help get great skin – for life.

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My microneedling journey with before & after pictures – Mariga Sheedy

My microneedling journey: 18 months on, what changes are visible?  by Mariga Sheedy, Skin Essentials.

Hi everyone,

So, yesterday I had a microneedling and LED photo rejuvenation session done on myself here at our Wexford Town clinic. (This unique combination microneediling therapy was created by Mariga for our clients and is available ONLY from Skin Essentials by Mariga).

I posted a photo on Facebook immediately after to show how the skin looks post-treatment. This started some discussion about how many sessions were needed and how long it takes to see results which got me thinking…..

I first had bio-therapeutic needling done on myself in August 2014 and since then I have had a total of 6 individual treatments. As I am in the habit of taking photos for this blog immediately post-treatment of any kind, I thought it would be interesting to dig out some old photos and do a comparison with yesterdays pic. And I was right, it was very interesting! The difference is quite amazing in a year and a half. I will put the photos below so that you can see for yourself. Yay for microneedling!!

I hope this helps some of you who are on the fence about microneedling. It does take time to see your results but it is totally worth it! Best part? the results are permanent!

Read more about our Bio-therapeutic Needling

Mariga 🙂

Immediately after treatment 2 - Oct 2014

Immediately after treatment 2 – Oct 2014


Yesterday after treatment 6 (March 2016)


The difference on forehead lines is immense! Oct 2014 (top) – March 2016 (bottom)


Nose to mouth lines improved


Side by side: the more recent (right) shows great improvements in forehead lines, jawline tightening and cheek contour tightening.

The Skincare Rules E-Book by Mariga Sheedy

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The Skincare Rules by Mariga Sheedy now available on Amazon

I am super excited to announce that my first e-book, The Skincare Rules, is now available on Amazon!

Distilling 25 years of skin consultation experience into the 10 golden rules of great skin, this book has all of the basic advice you need for making sure that your skin is the best it can possible be.

Along with the rules, and their rationale, learn the basics of taking care of your skin at home in a simple yet effective way. Sections on correct methods cleansing and exfoliating are particularly important and these are the areas most people get wrong!

Buy it here right now for just €2.99 and do let me know what you think!

Book cover promo

Mariga 🙂

Get radiant skin without makeup! Mariga’s tips.

Get radiant skin without makeup

This  has got to be one of the most-asked questions in our clinic; how to get radiant, dewy skin without makeup, especially at this time of the year as brides and mothers of the bride begin to get into full preparation swing!

While I love makeup myself, and a subtle, shimmery highlighter is a thing of beauty, faking it can only go so far. I think that numerous makeup tutorial blogs showing flawless skin contoured and highlighted to perfection is giving us an unrealistic view of makeup. These make up artists and youtubers DO look amazing, flawless and radiant but you have to remember that that is under specialised lighting. There is no way that amount of makeup in real life and natural light looks anything but cakey and flakey!

In the real world, a natural makeup looks beautiful on a skin that is already plump and radiant by itself (if you want to wear it, that is)!

So, how do you achieve a naturally radiant skin?

It’s easy really. Assuming that there is nothing wrong wth your skin that needs to be corrected (and if there is, just get in touch, we can sort that out for you), correct use of a few simple products will keep your skin bright and beautiful.

Take a look at Mariga’s video for simple product and lifestyle tips and advice to achieve radiant skin naturally. For an even deeper result book in for one of our famous power facials.


Basic Skin Essentials by Mariga products for radiant skin:

Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost to rehydrate and revitalise

Enzyme Exfoliator to brighten and smooth

Questions? Call us on 053 9145981, drop in to us in our Wexford Town clinic or email info@skinessentialsbymariga.com

The Skincare Rules E-Book by Mariga Sheedy

Have you read Mariga’s e-book yet? ‘The Skincare Rules’ is packed full of simple, easy to implement changes that will help to get you great skin – for life!