Inside Mariga’s skincare routine: what I’m using right now.

“What do you use on your own skin” or “I want my skin to look like yours” are two of the most frequent comments I get from clients either here in the clinic or online (and it’s very flattering, thank you!)

Although we customise every treatment plan for the individual, I thought it might be useful to detail what I am currently using on my own skin both at home and clinically, to illustrate the type of routine that a dedicated skincare client typically follows.

I tend to change my skincare up seasonally, as our skin’s needs change with the weather – and THAT can be a world of fun in Ireland of course 🙂

Of course everyone’s basic skin type stays the same for life so that is taken into account first in your permanent products, then seasonal changes or fluctuations due to illness, stress, ambient environment etc. are treated as needed.

So, here is my current day and night routine. My basic skin type is dry and I also have a tendency to redness due to my typically Celtic fair skin/red hair combo. These are treated with my permanent skincare staples of Skin Comfort Cream, Skin Comfort Cleanser and Lipid Repair Concentrate. I am always keeping one eye on anti-ageing too of course and for this I use Hydra Collagen Serum and Overnight repair Cream.
I consider SPF to be a basic part of everyones routine regardless of skin type, age, gender or current skin condition.

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Here is my typical daytime routine:

Rinse with warm water and microfibre cloth, no cleanser.
Apply 1 pump of Hydra Collagen Serum while my skin is still damp, making sure to get it all around the eye contour as well as the rest of the face.
Apply a small amount of Skin Comfort Cream
Follow with SPF30

Rich comfort cream for dry, irritated or fragile skin.

I LOVE this cream!










In the evening:

I cleanse with Skin Comfort Cleanser then apply either Lipid Repair Concentrate followed by Skin Comfort Cream or Overnight Repair Cream followed by Skin Comfort Cream. Usually I use the Lipid Repair combo more often in the winter, the Overnight Repair more often in the summer.

An Anti-ageing MUST have. Amazing around eyes too.

An Anti-ageing MUST have. Amazing around eyes too.












Once a week or more often if I remember, I do a home needling treatment using Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost Serum. This just takes 5 minutes and is amazing for long-term anti-ageing.

Clinically, I have microneedling treatments for anti-ageing and a balancing skin treatment whenever necessary.

Do you have dry skin too? See more tips for managing this skin type in the video below.