Get radiant skin without makeup

This  has got to be one of the most-asked questions in our clinic; how to get radiant, dewy skin without makeup, especially at this time of the year as brides and mothers of the bride begin to get into full preparation swing!

While I love makeup myself, and a subtle, shimmery highlighter is a thing of beauty, faking it can only go so far. I think that numerous makeup tutorial blogs showing flawless skin contoured and highlighted to perfection is giving us an unrealistic view of makeup. These make up artists and youtubers DO look amazing, flawless and radiant but you have to remember that that is under specialised lighting. There is no way that amount of makeup in real life and natural light looks anything but cakey and flakey!

In the real world, a natural makeup looks beautiful on a skin that is already plump and radiant by itself (if you want to wear it, that is)!

So, how do you achieve a naturally radiant skin?

It’s easy really. Assuming that there is nothing wrong wth your skin that needs to be corrected (and if there is, just get in touch, we can sort that out for you), correct use of a few simple products will keep your skin bright and beautiful.

Take a look at Mariga’s video for simple product and lifestyle tips and advice to achieve radiant skin naturally. For an even deeper result book in for one of our famous power facials.


Basic Skin Essentials by Mariga products for radiant skin:

Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost to rehydrate and revitalise

Enzyme Exfoliator to brighten and smooth

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