Don’t want to wear foundation?

One of the most common things I hear in new client consultations is that you don’t want to have to wear foundation.

While lots of us like makeup, it is definitely preferable to wear it when you feel like it because you want to and you enjoy it, not because you feel like you can’t go out without foundation on. Wearing masks of course makes foundation a bit more annoying as it will almost always rub off under your mask.

Blotchy skin is the thing I hear the most as the reason why you feel foundation is necessary on the daily. Skin that is uneven in colour, thin or tired looking, or still getting some breakouts.

Achieving a thicker, more even and radiant looking skin with fewer breakouts is definitely possible with the right ingredients. Let’s look at what you should incorporate into your daily routine to get that result and make foundation a choice not a chore!

EGF – epidermal growth factor. These proteins directly stimulate the proliferation (new growth) of epidermal skin cells. 

An absolute must in any skincare routine aiming to achieve a more even toned complexion and reduce the appearance of tired eyes. Find it in our Hydra Collagen Serum and Anti-Redness Concentrate.

VITAMIN A – this essential vitamin maintains normal skin health via complex chemical reactions. It  influences many of the visible skin issues we experience including reducing lines, reducing breakouts and smoothing texture and regulating oil production.

Limit your vitamin A usage to ONE product only, do not mix or layer different products containing vitamin A. Not suitable for use during pregnancy or breast feeding. Find it in Overnight Repair Cream and Age Slowly Serum.

VITAMIN C (ascorbic acid) – another essential vitamin that helps repair UV damage, restores elasticity and reduces redness among its many benefits. We recommend pairing it with Vitamin E as they support each others role in the skin cell. Find it in our C&E Booster. Weekly use will give an instant boost of radiance and hydration while over time the skin will become stronger, more even in colour and brighter.

When it comes to clinical treatments to improve the overall texture and even colour of your skin options to consider are microneedling (for younger skin) especially paired with LED, or trifractional resurfacing (where texture is the biggest issue) and voluderm or pyramid facelift (for lift and thickening of a more mature skin).