Youth Boost – a must for skin 40+

In todays blog I want to take a closer look at Youth Boost and explore how this fantastic addition to your skincare routine will help you to maintain younger-looking skin.

For a full overview of menopausal skin issues and suggested solutions see our recent blog – Specialist Care For Menopausal Skin

Many of the skin issues we experience in peri-menopause and beyond, the main one being loss of elasticity leading to lines, sagging skin and crepiness, are triggered by declining oestrogen. Without enough free oestrogen in our bodies to connect to skin cell receptors, our skin cells don’t get the signals required to keep functioning like youthful skin cells.

Youth Boost is a blend of botanicals that can bind to these empty receptors in the skin, keeping the cells working at higher capacity.

What’s in the tube?

Youth Boost is a blend of several botanical extracts in powder form that can be added to your chosen night cream. Each vial is the perfect amount to dissolve in our Overnight Repair Cream (120ml). This vitamin A anti-ageing cream is a great partner product. If you are using it in any other size cream reduce the amount accordingly.

Key ingredients in Youth Boost are chosen for their oestrogen-mimicking properties and include:

  • Resveratrol – a plant polyphenol with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.
  • Flaxseed extract – skin strengthening that helps prevent scarring and stretch marks
  • Soybean – helps with hyaluronic acid production
  • Apigenin– found in chamomile, inhibits metalloproteinase activity (an enzyme activity that breaks down collagen fibres)
  • Phloretin – inhibits elastase activity (a process that breaks down elastin fibres)

Who should use it?

I recommend every woman from the age of 40+ start adding Youth Boost to their night cream to keep the cellular activity uninterrupted from the effects of declining oestrogen.

How to use:

Mix your Youth Boost powder (1g) into your cream (120ml) a little at a time until absorbed. It will darken the colour of your cream a little. Don’t worry if you can still see some grains of powder undissolved in your cream, you won’t feel them on your skin and they will dissolve in time.