Night time ritual for #selfloveday:

I’m not a great sleeper historically and over the years I’ve tried lots of things to help me sleep.

One of the most important things I’ve learned is to establish a routine that I stick to before getting in to bed and I definitely notice the difference if I don’t do it.

I thought for #selfloveday I would share my wind-down routine in case it helps or inspires you to establish yours. Let me know what your self care routines are too!

The most important thing is to look forward to your routines, try to look at each step as something nice that you are doing for yourself rather than another chore you have to do, this will defeat the purpose!

I like to have a shower at night and wash my hair, this has the bonus of saving me blow drying time in the morning. I think that having the gap between ending your day and going to bed when you take a step away from phones, noise and distraction really helps to define bedtime. A nice long warm shower is the perfect way to achieve that.

Next is time for my skincare routine. Having cleansed before getting in the shower, the warm water softens the skin and opens the channels in your skin for great absorption of your skincare products.

I like to use Overnight Repair Cream as my anti-ageing night product. It will absorb really quickly on warm, damp skin and get in deep to do all the good stuff! I follow it with either Skin Comfort Cream or Lipid Repair Concentrate, or sometimes a mix of both if my skin is feeling dry, especially in the winter.

Take some time with this step to really press your products in and enjoy the feeling of your skin being moisturised and comforted with the lovely textures. Choose your favourite body lotion and moisturise head to toe. Again it will absorb really quickly on warm skin and it leaves you feeling really treated, a little spa treatment before bed.

Once I get my hair dry I like to apply a lavender oil to my wrists and soles of my feet. I use one that is already diluted in a roller-ball bottle. Never use an undiluted essential oil! The last step I take is to spray my sheets with an angel spray.

I choose one depending on my mood, it could be one for grounding, healing or protection, choose according to the intended effect or just because you like the scent. (Find lavender rollers and angel sprays in your local health shop or similar).

Now you’re ready for a nice nights sleep and you will have the added satisfaction of feeling like you actually took some time in the day to take care of yourself.

What are you routines or recommendations for self care at home?

Bonus tips:

Have you tried a silk pillowcase yet? It’s very luxurious and great for skin and hair.

If you find it hard to relax your mind at night try listening to an audiobook or podcast. I choose according to the readers voice – sometimes it takes me months to get to the end of a book with a good narrator as I now associate the voice with sleep time!

Mariga says:

Completely relax and indulge your senses listening to this glorious Sound Baths on audible HERE (get a free trial to listen).

How do you practice self care and do you have anything nice planned for the upcoming #selfloveday (Sat, 13th Feb)?

We feel this year, it’s more important than ever to take this time for yourself and do something good for you.

A lovely warm bath perhaps, or a nice relaxing glass of wine by the fire catching up with the real housewives (Anna’s personal favourite for this #selfloveday coming up). Be good to yourself and we’re here for when your skin needs some TLC too x

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