Anti-Redness Concentrate (C)


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A silky, lightweight serum to help control inflammatory skin issues such as diffuse redness, high colour and rosacea.

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This lightweight serum controls redness, flushing and all the symptoms of inflammatory skin conditions from light redness to rosacea.

Our Anti-Redness Concentrate is a beautiful silky, lightweight serum packed full of anti-inflammatory ingredients to calm, sooth and reduce redness in the skin. Perfect for those who tend to redness, flushing or rosacea as well as being the perfect post-shave skincare for men. Can also be used to reduce redness in acne-prone skin. A great all-rounder as it will also supply anti-ageing care for the skin with the inclusion of epidermal growth factors, anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid.
Use it morning or evening under your usual cream.

Use daily on clean skin under your usual cream to control high colour. 30ml


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