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Red marks left after spots?

Whether it is an occasional spot or pimple, or a more serious case of acne, a common feature of many spots is that even when they are gone, they will leave a red mark behind that can least for weeks or even months.

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These marks can even be permanent in some cases – usually when the damage is so deep (as in cystic acne spots) that the full depth of the skin structure is damaged, or due to damage inflicted by picking or squeezing.

Even when the damage is not that deep and you have resisted picking, the red marks can hand around for a while after the original spot is long gone.

What causes them?

When you have a spot or pimple, the body sends healing resources to the area which are transported in the blood. This is why the area initially gets red and inflamed.

Sometimes when the spot is healed there is some redness left behind as the tiny capillaries that carry the blood to the skin have become enlarged and more dense in that particular area, meaning we can see them through the top layer of skin.

Many times this will fade over time as the capillaries return to a normal size. The weaker your skin is in general, the longer this can take. So, in this, as in many other things, prevention is better than cure.

In a skin that has the benefit of a good diet, optimum hydration and appropriate supporting skincare, these red marks will vanish much more quickly than in a compromised skin.

To help them fade faster, you can make sure that your skincare includes Vitamin C (Hydra Collagen Serum), Vitamin A (Age Slowly Serum), and essential fatty acids (Lipid Repair Concentrate).

In our clinic, some superficial acid peels or LED light therapy may help to speed up the fading.

Sometimes, the capillaries remain enlarged and the red area never fades. While this is no harm, most people don’t want this visible damage left on their skin.

In these cases we can consider using diathermy in isolated areas to reduce/remove the red patches where they have visible capillaries involved, or Trifractional resurfacing treatments where the red mark is more scar-like and definite in shape.

For more information call us on 053 9145981, or book a treatment online by clicking the link below:

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Products to boost skin health

The most important cell in the skin structure is the keratinocyte.

Certainly all of the other cells are important, and if any one system goes wrong all the others are negatively affected, but for me keratinocyte is king because it repairs the outer, protective layer.

If this layer is compromised your skin will look, and be, unhealthy and all possible skin issues will worsen.

This is why, for us at Skin Essentials, our first concern is always the state of repair of your keratinocytes! When these key cells are healthy they are effecting communication between the skin’s surface and the cells and systems underneath, helping with immune system responses, hydration, natural exfoliation and oil/water balance.

These functions have a direct impact on things such as how smooth your skin looks, how plump it is, evenness of colour, formation of lesions such as milia, redness, reactivity and comfort of the skin.

When the keratinocyte layer is intact and healthy you will experience softer, smoother, more even coloured skin with fewer breakouts, irritations and slower visible ageing.

Taking care of these vital cells means supplying the skin system with all of the building blocks of strong keratinocytes. These ingredients include omega 3 & 6, phospholipids, ceramides, vitamins A, C, E , B3, multiple antioxidants, squalene and many others.

To ensure that your skin is getting these building blocks and to give it the best chance to remain healthy and functioning optimally for many years you can provide these nutrients from inside and out.

In your diet, make sure that you are getting plenty of varied fresh fruit, vegetables and water, include essential fatty acid-rich foods such as oily fish, avocados, nuts and seeds.

From the outside supply your keratinocytes with top quality nutrition via your Skin Essentials products. To ensure all of the required building blocks are covered we recommend the following products:

Lipid Repair Concentrate (oil soluble nutrients)


Hydra Collagen Serum (water soluble nutrients)


Age Slowly Serum (vitamin A)


Which Advanced Skin Treatment Is Right For You?

We know,  there are a lot of treatments available on the market, all claiming to erase years from your face or restore your bumpy, textured skin to that of a 5 year old 😂

So, how would you know which to choose??

The good news is that we are here to guide and advise you on what is best for your particular needs and wants, based on many factors including your health, lifestyle, current skin condition and expectations.

All of the treatments we offer have been extensively researched and tested by our team before we take the decision to add them to our current menu of offerings, and many, many more do not make the cut – someday I must write a post about all the weird and not-so-wonderful treatments I have tried along the way!

Even within our own advanced skin treatments there are quite a few that may seem similar to a first glance, so even though we will advise you on the best way forward for you at your complimentary Divine Pro consultation, here is a quick summary to act as an overview of the different capabilities of each of our advanced treatments to give you an overall idea of what you might like to talk to us about trying.

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Microneedling: Best for those who are early in the anti-ageing journey as a fantastic way to keep skin strong and youthful. Can also be taken in a series for those who would like to revise existing signs of ageing but for one reason or another are not suitable for our stronger, deeper treatments.

LED Light Treatment: Used as a stand-alone for acne or as an add-on to any of our advanced anti-ageing treatments, this lovely light therapy enhances the results of any other treatment.

TriPollar Radiofrequency: As a stand-alone modality, a course of radiofrequency facials will give lasting results on tightening, softening and smoothing skin that has lost elasticity. Particularly recommended for those most concerned with neck/jawline areas. As a single treatment this is fab to have before an event or night out for that tightened, radiant look.

TriFractional Radiofrequency: A combination of 2 radiofrequency technologies plus microneedling, this treatment is the one for resurfacing the whole skin. Recommended where texture is an issue whether that is from uneven or rough skin, enlarged pores, lines or old flat/red scarring.

Also great to tighten jawline. Taken in a series this will give you long-lasting smooth, even, more toned skin with reduced lines, scars and pore size. A single treatment is a great re-boot for most skin types looking for a deep revitalisation.

Voluderm: Similar to TriFractional in that it combines 2 radiofrequency technologies plus microneedling. The difference here is that we are targeting deeper in the skin for a plumped, ‘filler’ like effect.

See cheeks plumped up to a much more youthful volume, hollow under-eyes filled out, forehead and eye lines  reduced and nose-to-mouth lines softened. Best in a series, choose this one when loss of volume, or hollowness, is the primary concern. This treatment is also the only non-invasive method to help minimise pitted acne scarring,

Pyramid Facelift: Combines radiofrequency, trifractional resurfacing and voluderm in one intensive treatment to get the benefits of all three.

Choose this one when you are concerned with multiple signs of ageing such as lines, loss of volume and sagging and want to address them all in a fast, effective manner. Our most popular anti-ageing treatment.


Why not call us now to book your FREE Divine Pro anti-ageing consultation to see whether you are a suitable candidate for treatment? Or simply click the image below to book online.

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Maintaining your great skin for longer

So you are happy with your skin right now,

Either because you have completed a course of advanced corrective facial treatments such as our Pyramid Facelift,

Or because you are one of the lucky ones who are starting early enough with great skincare habits to be able to work the ‘prevention is better than cure’ angle.

Either way, the situation is the same…you are happy with your skin and want to keep it that way.

It may be obvious, but the first consideration is your homecare. Get this right and you are a long way towards keeping your skin happy, healthy and youthful.

Failling to get this step right would be like going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned and then not brushing them daily at home! If you are not yet a Skin Essentials homecare client, or if you are and you want to check that your routine is still optimum for you, why not avail of our product matching consultation service with one of our experts, it’s free of charge!

Once your homecare is right, you can then start to consider maintenance facials. These are monthly or bi-monthly treatments – depending on your skin’s needs and your availability.

Our facials are custom blended for your skin every time and are not your usual ‘relaxing’ type facial.

While we can promise you that you will be blissed out by our signature facial massages, hot towel cocoons and delicious natural aromas, our custom facial treatments are primarily results-focused using custom combinations of enzymes, acids, plant botanicals and specialised machines.

Adding a regular facial to your skincare routine will extend the results of any corrective courses and dramatically slow down the ageing process – while being the treat in your month that you will look forward to the most!

Book a treatment online or call us on 053 9145981 for more info:

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We are hosting a Product Matching Day on Friday 16th November at Skin Essentials, Wexford. Booking is essential so call us on 053 9145981 to book your free consultation. Find out more about the event HERE.

Tips for sensitive & breakout prone skin

The onset of winter and the associated heating has an unbalancing and often drying effect on many skin types, but sensitive & acne prone can suffer more than most.

This is specifically aimed at those who have dry/occasional breakout prone skin, rather than oily or full-blown acne.

Because the air around us is drier at this time of year, at least indoors, the barrier of the skin can also become more dehydrated and compromised,

leading to increased reactivity, sensitivity and breakouts as your skin struggles to regulate itself while also keeping irritants out. Working on strengthening the barrier is of far more use in these cases than trying to deal with breakouts.

Keep your skin hydrated and happy, then the breakouts will lessen as a result. 

Try these tips:

  • Use oil cleansing instead of washes or lotions. This will help stop the barrier from drying out in the first place. 
  • Whatever cleanser you choose, avoid perfumes, sulphates and scented oils.
  • Do not exfoliate. You want to strengthen the skin, not scrape it away!
  • Increase internal and external hydration. Water, fruit and vegetables in your diet help hydrate as well as nourish, hyaluronic acid, essential fatty acids and lightweight creams are the ones to look out for (see suggested routine below).
  • Make sure everything that comes in contact with your skin is clean and free from any potential barrier-disrupting bacteria. This includes makeup brushes (wash weekly), facecloths (wash daily) and pillowcases (change at least twice a week).
  • Be careful of product transfer. Shampoo running down the sides of your face in the shower, perfume from your scarf transferring to your neck/jawline, hand cream being transferred to your chin if you lean on your hands at your desk – are all very common triggers for breakouts.

If your skin tends to have sensitive winter breakout behaviour the following products will help restore balance:

Hydrating Cream: light, non-greasy. Hydrates without clogging. Use under your SPF during the day or last thing at night after treatment serum.

Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost: Binds water in the upper layers of the skin. Use one pump day or night under other products in winter if your skin tends to dehydration.

Lipid Repair Concentrate: supplies all the lipids and essential fatty acids necessary to rebuild skin barrier and prevent the water loss that leads to sensitivity. Apply 1 pump at night. Follow with moisturiser for drier skin. (Use alone for combination/oily).

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Product Matching Event

There are soo many skincare ranges and products on the market.

From pharmacy to supermarket, salons, clinic and online, how can you be sure that you are getting the right products for your skin needs?

At Skin Essentials we are offering you a product matching service event on Friday 16th November.

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During a 15 minute personalised consultation one of our expert therapists will examine your skin, find out some details about you, your health, lifestyle and expectations before preparing a homeware recommendations chart tailored to your exact skin issues.

Whether your skin needs are for anti-ageing, rosacea/sensitised skin or you just want advice on keeping your skin at it’s best, this is the event for you.

Each consultation takes just 15 minutes and is free of charge. We will also gift you a free copy of Mariga’s book – The Skincare Rules – so that you can make sure that along with using your new products, you are getting lots of advice on taking the best care of your skin in every way.

The Skincare Rules, Book by Mariga Sheedy, Skin expert, skin essentials by mariga, wexford

Appointments are limited and will be booked on a first come first served basis so let us know asap if you want to put your name down for this one day only event.

Call us on 053 9145981 to book your appointment.

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Red vein removal – FAQ’s

One of my favourite treatments to do is red vein removal on the face and neck.

Many people don’t realise first of all that it can be done at all and secondly how quick and easy it is.

I have put together the top red vein removal FAQ’s I get asked below. I hope you find it helpful.


What is it called – how do I find it on your menu?

Red vein removal, broken capillary treatment, short wave diathermy, electrodessication, cauterisation of broken veins. All the same thing 🙂 On our treatment list you will see it listed as short wave diathermy or red vein treatment.

Is it just for face?

I do work only on the visible veins on face and neck, sometimes upper chest. On the lower body the treatment is not as effective.

How long does it take?

It takes just seconds to treat a tiny capillary, up to a minute of treatment for a large spider vein. You can have just one large lesion treated or multiple capillaries in the same session. I treat up to 15 minutes in a single session which will allow for treating 20-30 capillaries depending on size. Each session is tailored for your own skin’s needs, tolerance level and sensitivities.

How many treatments will I need?

Tiny capillaries will disappear after one treatment in most cases. medium to larger ones will need 2-3 treatments. Fading of all size capillaries is achieved from the first treatment. Few people need more than 3 sessions taken in the space of 3-6 months. This is based on having an average distribution of visible capillaries on the nose and cheek area.

Are there any contraindications?

As always, there are some. You will be restricted if you have diabetes, are taking certain medications such as blood thinners or have undergone certain surgeries. We take a full consultation to determine suitability prior to treatment.

Can any other skin irregularities be treated in the same way?

Yes, this technology can be used in the same manner on lots of different types of benign skin lesions from milia to skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasia and round red ‘hot spots’ to name a few.

See more details and our current pricing here or call us on 053 9145981 for details.

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