Neuro Magnetic Therapy (also known as Bio-Magnetic Therapy) has a deep therapeutic effect on the body’s cells and helps to create balance.

By applying the magnetic tool to the appropriate nerve points during a foot or facial reflexology treatment, a profound positive change can be effected along a nerve path which has been disrupted by muscle tension, injury or illness.

By using magnetism at the correct strength is possible to increase the electrical frequency in nerve pathways related to the chosen working point. Our NeuroPen power range is 1210-1300 GAUSS.

You are probably familiar with ‘knots’ of pain or tension thatvyou can often feel around your body, particularly in the shoulders or neck. Micro-blockages like tiny version of these can form where nerves are disrupted and may clump together.

The Neuro Magnetic Pen helps to clean the Central Nervous System, Meridians, Blood and Lymphatic systems to obtain optimal flow and fantastic results on pain and other symptoms with Neuro Reflexology Methods.

I generally use Neuro Magnetic Therapy as part of a facial or foot reflexology treatment if it is appropriate for the treatment that day. But you can also have it as an optional add on to Japanese Facelift, Crystal Lifting or the Oriental Facial if required (useful for a pain management or immune system boost). Please note: Neuro Magnetic Therapy is only available with treatments from Mariga at the moment.


the Neuropen is suitable for most clients but there are some exceptions including the following:

  • medical devices – cannot be used on those with an insulin pump, pacemaker, vagus nerve regulator
  • not suitable for those with epilepsy

Cost: Included in the standard neuro reflexology appointments, I will always use the full range of options available to me to create the best reflexology treatment plan for you on the day.

As an add-on to a facial treatment: you can request an add-on to your facial treatment with Mariga for pain management or immune boost, €25

See how I use the neuro magnetic pen on myself in my facebook live below:

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