Skincare Beyond The Treatment Room

There are many great options from natural to high tech available to help achieve the results you want on your face, eyes and neck.

But any treatment can only work as well as the skin we are treating.

Remember that your skin is a living organ, influenced by many internal and external factors.

Advanced treatment outcomes can be greatly affected both positively and negatively by factors outside the treatment room. 

In a treatment we are working to create the best possible environment for your skin cells to achieve peak performance, by stimulating skin processes, correcting any imbalances in the skin function and supplying the correct active ingredients for your skin to use to maintain itself in the best balance possible. Maintaining this balance after treatment will ensure results continue to be optimised. 

To get the best possible results for your skin, taking some steps to make sure you are not working against your treatment is essential.


Positive influences on your results: 

  • Using the correct recommended homecare to continue enhanced cellular function
  • Maintain hydration by drinking plenty of water and reducing caffeine/alcohol/ fizzy drinks,
  • General good health greatly influences skin function, nutrition, sleep quality and stress all play a big part in skin appearance
  • Scheduling appropriately, sticking to your recommended treatment schedule will produce the best results

Negative influences on your results: 

  • Poor healing due to any factor, illness, lack of sleep and some medications will affect the results you can expect. Your personal consultation will cover any issues.
  • Poor health especially gut health and immune system issues, if you have any health reasons to expect a reduced outcome this will be discussed at your consultation and your treatment programme adjusted accordingly.
  • Inappropriate homecare products can work against the treatment, use only the recommended products
  • Skin-unfriendly lifestyle practices such as smoking, regular alcohol intake, excess caffeine and sun exposure will all have a detrimental affect on your treatment outcome
  • Overtreating especially with exfoliation can worsen skin issues, follow your recommended treatment plan and ditch the DIY home facials!

At Skin Essentials By Mariga, we will always personalise your treatment plan to account for any intrinsic issues that may affect your outcomes but you have to help on your end with the external/lifestyle influences. Together we can get you to where you want to be with your anti-ageing needs.

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