One of the unique aspects of choosing Skin Essentials by Mariga as your skincare partner is that we have a multi-disciplinary approach to skincare results.

Decades of varied experience means that we have many tools and approaches at our disposal which allow us to create a completely personalised treatment plan especially for your unique needs.

From holistic wellness to super-high-tech options we can choose, blend and tweak just the right combination adjusted to your particular circumstances.

For example, we have found that some clients need to get their digestion right before they can see results on dull, sluggish or prematurely ageing skin. This is because a body that is not absorbing nutrients and water from the diet will struggle to create healthy new skin cells and collagen fibres regardless of the amount of collagen boosting microneedling you might do.

In a case like this, starting with some facial reflexology to balance the digestive system before moving on to collagen treatments will transform the results obtained.

Or, if you find that hydrating results of a facial do not last long for you it may be because your skin barrier is impaired from over-exfoliation, certain medications or recent illness. In this case we would opt for a barrier repair course of homecare before ever beginning treatments in order to make sure that your skin is strong and able to process and utilise the more active ingredients in a clinical facial.

When it comes to anti-ageing, we often have to think way beneath the skin to achieve the visible changes you want. Even the deepest and most advanced skin treatments cannot work on muscle, connective tissue and the deep circulation boost required to reshape the facial contours so we would combine muscle lifting, skin tightening and possibly digestive/stress/hormonal treatments in that case.

All of our treatments or courses begin with a personalised consultation to ensure that you are on the best possible plan to achieve the results you want. We will combine the perfect products, skin strengthening treatments and advanced clinical work in your personal plan and time them for optimum results.

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