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Modular treatments for results AND relaxation

Modular facial treatments for results AND relaxation – micro-personalised for your skin and your preferences, every time.      

At Skin Essentials Wexford Town Clinic we offer our facial treatments in appointments of 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

You choose the time or budget level that suits you best and we will work within that to create the best facial for your skin type and needs on the day.

We map out our facials in modules, each module taking between 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

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On average within a 30 minute treatment we choose the most appropriate two modules, in a 45 minute session we incorporate three modules and in a 60 minute treatment we can include four to five. (Cleansing and finishing creams as standard in all treatments).

So what is a module?

Each module is a particular treatment that produces a desired affect either as a standalone treatment or in combination with a complimenting therapy.

Some examples from our extensive menu are are as follows:

  • Exfoliation
  • Manual/machine infusion of actives
  • Tension release facial massage
  • Biodynamic Lymphatic face and neck massage (45/60 minute treatments only)
  • Treatment Mask
  • Extractions
  • Ultrasonic exfoliation or infusion
  • Iontophoresis therapy to lift and/or brighten
  • Viennese massage
  • LED light therapy (45/60 minute treatments only)
  • Hot Stone Shoulder & Neck Massage (45/60 minute treatments only)
  • Microcurrent active penetration
  • Corrective Fruit Enzyme Blends (45/60 minute treatments only)

We work with you on an individual basis to craft the perfect facial for your needs, every time.

Have a favourite element that you would like to request in your facial? Just let us know and we will personalise your experience around it.

Skincare treatments, skin essentials by Mariga, Wexford

Take a look at our facebook live video by Mariga where we talk about boosting your skins radiance, vitality and well-being with our Biodynamic Facial.


Brilliant review from Life+ Magazine

We are so delighted to have received this fantastic review from Nicola, the editor in Life+ Magazine.

Our wonderful therapist Jane, preformed our renowned facial on Nicola…

“Had the best facial yesterday with skin Skin Essentials by Mariga in Wexford Town. The care and expertise I was afforded by Mariga and Jane was second to none and my skin feels and looks amazing. They even carry their own range of products and every client gets treatments specifically catered to their needs. I highly recommend. 

 #skincare #beauty #skincareproducts#selfcare #youreworthit

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If you’re looking to treat yourself to a relaxing facial by one of our Skin Essentials team, simply click the button below to book a treatment online. 

Skincare treatments, skin essentials by Mariga, Wexford

Find out what our other happy clients had to say about us on our testimonials page…

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Skin consultation or analysis – which is right for you?

What is a skin consultation and how is it different from a skin analysis?

We offer two very distinct options for our first-time clients. You can have a skin consultation or you can have a skin analysis.

So how do you know which you need?

A consultation is used to determine the answer to one question. For example, you might have a blemish such as pigmentation patch or some milia and would like to know if and how we can treat that for you.

Another type of consultation is to have one of our professionals assess your skin in order to match you to the correct Skin Essentials home-care products for your skin’s needs. These are quick consultations for our therapists to perform and are free of charge.

ask mariga a question on skincare

A skin analysis on the other hand is an in-depth look at the past history of all influences on your skin, such as medical, genetic, cosmetic and lifestyle factors, along with examining your skin under various scopes and taking digital readings of various markers in the skin structure to determine why your skin is presenting the way it is today.

This analysis is used to develop a plan of action including clinical treatment, lifestyle changes and home-care in order to correct a skin condition or multiple conditions such as premature ageing, skin inflammation, rosacea, acne breakouts or general sluggish, dysfunctional skin.

Do you:

  • Have a specific question about a lesion, skin condition or treatment?
  • Wonder if a particular treatment is suitable for your skin concern?
  • Have a medical condition that you think might make you unsuitable to a treatment or product?
  • Then just pop in to us for a 5-10 minute chat and we will be happy to advise you on the next steps to take.

You don’t need an appointment on weekdays to pop in for quick chat but on Saturdays you do! We are always happy to answer a question for you and there is no charge for dropping in to ask us anything!

Do you:

  • Have no particular skin problems but want to start with preventative anti-ageing
  • Want to start a new skincare routine for general skin health skin but don’t know what you should be using.
  • Then just call us to arrange a free-of-charge product matching service, where we will examine your skin, take a brief medical overview to determine contra-indications and prepare a recommended home-care regime for your needs. This takes just 15 minutes and in done in the privacy of one of our consultation rooms.

Do you:

  • Have problematic skin that is never ‘just right’
  • Tend to react to products or treatment
  • Find yourself ageing suddenly or having any other sudden change in the overall appearance of your skin
  • Suffer from rosacea, acne or overly sensitive skin
  • Have acne scarring

Then you need a skin analysis to determine why this is happening so that we can catch triggers at their source to effect real change in the skin’s behaviour and appearance, not just treat symptoms as they appear which only gives short-term results.

Testing hydration with our PDM skin diagnostic machine.

Testing hydration with our PDM skin diagnostic machine.

A close up of the stratum corner seen through our skin scanner - what does yours look like??

A close up of the stratum corner seen through our skin scanner – what does yours look like??

Online Assessments

We also offer online assessments which combine elements of consultation/analysis. Along with determining skin type, condition, unique triggers and your concerns, we use a precise questionnaire to create a digital profile.

These answers are combined with photo assessment and follow-up calls or emails to craft a bespoke homecare plan to address your skin needs and concerns.

Mariga pioneered this unique online skin clinic and Skin Essentials were the first in Europe to bring this service to distance clients who we have been successfully treating since 2010. Cost €65.

skin essentials by mariga wexford online skin consultation assessment photo

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Home Skincare on a Budget

Last week we talked about The Hard Truth of Cheap Beauty Treatments, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your home skincare on a budget.

As we’ve said before, many of us have to cut back in this or that area of our spending as life happens! Especially in ‘dry’ January as we may have overspent during the Christmas period!?

So with that, let’s take a look at how you can make the best skincare choices on a budget…

(Originally published in Jan 2017, ‘Tis the Season for a tight budget)

3 tips for a budget friendly skincare routine

1. If you are using six different skincare products in your routine do you buy six cheaper versions or cut out a few from your routine?

The answer…

It’s better to use nothing than the wrong thing!

If you are generally good wth your skincare and just find yourself temporarily having to choose between replacing one skincare item only or buying cheaper versions of several items, we recommend going without for a couple of weeks until you can get the right serum for example.

As long as you are using a good cleanser and SPF most skin types will find that their history of taking care of the skin will stand up to going without for a week or two. This is much better than replacing your normal moisturiser or serum with a cheaper version and possibly end up doing harm.

blog pic 12. Make sure that you have the correct basic products for your skin as outlined above, then add the others when budget allows.

(Or drop hints to your nearest and dearest for birthdays, Christmas etc.)!

Here are the basics of a good budget routine for skin protection:

  • Gentle, fragrance free cleanser and make up remover in one.
  • Daytime moisturiser containing SPF, skin-conditioning ingredients, vitamins and anti-oxidants.
  • Night time facial oil to condition and add essentials fatty acids and anti-oxidants to the skin.
    • Note: This MUST be a blended oil – specifically for face – single straight oils will not work to your skin’s benefit in the long run.
    • See our Lipid Repair Concentrate or Skin Comfort Oil for examples.

To make this routine even better add:

3. A morning treatment serum to address and correct any current problems with your skin such as inflammation, redness or dullness.

(We can advise you on the best for your particular skin needs).

Depending on your budget, you can make this routine the best possible by adding some serious anti-ageing in the form of a Vitamin A serum or cream for night.

Find the best products to build your home-care routine whatever your budget in our online shop:

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We pride ourselves at Skin Essentials by Mariga as all of our products are highly concentrated and high-performance, assuring you of great value for money whatever your budget.

If you would like one of our highly experienced skin therapists to help choose a personalised routine for you, simply email us at our Wexford clinic –, or call 053 9145981 and we can work together to get you the best possible solutions in your budget.

Of course, there are lots of other budget-friendly tips and lifestyle changes that you can make to help keep your skin in great condition.

See the first in Mariga’s free skincare tips below, and find lots more on our Skin Essentials by Mariga YouTube channel.

New enzyme facial launch for 2018!

New for 2018, we are really excited to bring you the first of our new treatments – The Enzyme Facial!

This is the latest exclusive launch from Skin Essentials by Mariga.

We are delighted to be partnering with an internationally-renowned specialist manufacturer of natural, skin-boosting extracts and we are the ONLY skin clinic in Ireland offering these amazing enzyme facials.

Usually, we only use our own brand of skincare in the treatment room, but when we find someone doing such amazing work in the field of corrective skincare treatments we are delighted to incorporate their beautiful ingredients into our facials in the interest of always bringing you the very best from around the world, right here in Wexford.

Enzyme facials, Skin Essentials, Skincare clinic, Ireland, natural skincare

Our new treatments are centred around fresh fruit and flower extracts and enzymes, bringing the healing power of nature to your facial.

Fruit enzymes are a super way to help the skin functions and processes to operate optimally.

Harnessing the power of natural enzymes, we can produce many different responses and results both on the skin’s surface and deep within the structures.

This gives us the opportunity and ability to micro-customise your facial even more by choosing the exact enzyme that will produce the particular result we need for you, from surface exfoliation to cell-to-cell signalling that will begin a process such as pore tightening, impaction softening, or speeding collagen production.

This new suite of products gives us enormous scope to my micro treat every possible skin condition and to address several skin issues in the same treatment session.

To make it even better, these treatments are an absolute delight to experience.

With their natural fruit and flower aromas and natural heating or cooling properties each facial is completely relaxing and a real treat for all the senses.

These fabulous facials are available in a 45 or 60 minute treatment session with Mariga or Jane. Simply click the button below to book your facial at Skin Essentials:

Skincare treatments, skin essentials by Mariga, Wexford

The Hard Truth of Cheap Beauty Treatments

Are You Safe In The Salon?

Originally published by Mariga in 2016, now more then ever its important to be reminded about Safety in the Salon. Be wary about the quality when it comes to cheap beauty treatments…

I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it:

Cheap treatments are cheap for a reason.

Where reputable professionals are offering a quality service they first have invested heavily in staff education such as:

  • Advanced learning in the theory of skin science,
  • Anatomy and physiology,
  • Product ingredients and their effects,
  • Cosmetic chemistry to name just a few.

Then each treatment offered has been heavily researched and specific theoretical and practical training undertaken for each protocol.

(At Skin Essentials by Mariga we undertake independent industry recognised training for each new machine/treatment before we do manufacturers training).

Reputable salons and clinics will use only high-grade products sourced from a reliable supplier, never cheap bulk products from unregulated internet sites.

All good professionals will have the appropriate insurances for each treatment. As far as possible disposable materials and tools will be used and a complete set of new disposable instruments/hygiene products are used for each client.

Appointments are spaced out such that there is time to sanitise each workroom between clients.

All of this costs money, and often represents the difference between a cheap treatment and a standard priced one.

blog jan 3rd
Please, don’t put your health at risk for a discount.

As to industry regulation, it is a regrettable fact that regulation is poor at the moment, and under-enforced, but there are great professionals out there that take pride in their work and are trying to raise standards for everybody.

There is a European Committee currently convened to produce a document outlining guidelines for standardising the provision of beauty services across thirty three participating countries in Europe.

I am proud to be an Irish delegate to this committee and to confirm that there is an appetite for change within the industry.

The choice, as always, is with the consumer but please be sure that you are fully informed before you choose a service provider.

There is no problem with asking your skincare professional/waxer/nail tech about their qualifications, insurance and continuous professional development.

Those that have pride in their work will be delighted to tell you all about their qualifications and expertise.

Please share this article to help keep everyone safe in the salon.

Mariga Sheedy
Skin Essentials Ltd.

Find out more about Skin Essentials by Mariga by clicking the button below:

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The world’s most relaxing facial? Our clients think so, and so do we!

Relaxing facials at Skin essentials by Mariga, Wexford skincare clinic

At Skin Essentials, one of the most unique features of Mariga’s famous dark, relaxing facial service is that she performs the treatments in an almost completely dark room.

(She does leave on a small salt lamp or candle to provide a point of orientation and comfort for her lucky clients.)

Having examined your skin under bright lights and magnification to determine exactly the right treatment for you, she then proceeds to turn off almost all lighting to create a womb-like experience where you can truly relax as her magical hands manipulate your skin using micro-personalised ingredients chosen just for you, along with an array of high tech tools to get exactly the results she wants.

Mariga says, “Working with minimal lighting allows me to see with my fingertips and hear what the skin is telling me. When you take away the eyes the other senses sharpen and I can feel microscopic texture in the skin that could otherwise be missed.

When we were relocating to our current space, I designed this interior room specially with this treatment in mind. As many of our skin issues can be related to stress, it makes sense to me to treat skin, mind and spirit at the same time for a complete treatment.”

This attention to details and unique skill-set allows for total relaxation for the client, making Mariga’s award-winning facial a deeply relaxing experience, while at the same time producing outstanding results on your skin from the first session.

Facials with Mariga can be booked in a 30, 45, or 60 minute appointment at Skin Essentials state-of-the-art skincare clinic in Wexford town.

skin essentials by mariga, wexford skincare clinic, relaxing facials

With almost 30 years experience in the skin care industry and having studied with the top global educators, Mariga is the most experienced and highly qualified skin therapist in Ireland and is the author of ‘The Skincare Rules’, a roadmap for getting, and keeping, great skin.

Along with the other highly qualified skin therapists in Skin Essentials, Mariga has been nurturing the skin of people in the South East and throughout Ireland since setting up Ireland’s first skincare clinic over a decade ago.

Book in a relaxing facial with Mariga today. Call us on 053 91 45981, or book online by clicking the button below:

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