As your body transitions into peri-menopause then full menopause you will experience changes in your skin. These can range from a seemingly sudden acceleration of lines, enlarged pores, sagging and even breakouts. This is due to a combination of oestrogen loss, collagen decline and years of accumulated sun exposure / bad lifestyle habits.

Common concerns: lines becoming deeper and more visible, dull skin and loss of firmness, breakouts, enlarged pores.

Factors that will work in your favour: good diet, good exercise regime, good basic skincare ingredients.

Against: poor sleep, any history of sun exposure, oestrogen decline, collagen decline, medical issues.


The above represents a pretty typical picture of skin that is 45+ and starting to show consequences of earlier sun exposure and declining oestrogen and collagen. This is a time that everyone experiences what seems like a sudden acceleration of ageing to the skin but is in fact the coinciding of historical sun exposure factors starting to show and natural hormonal changes. 

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Age Slowly Serum

Accumulated sun damage takes the form of uneven skin colour & deepening lines especially around the eyes and neck.

At the same time declining oestrogen and collagen levels show as lines around the mouth, laxity in the skin of the eyelids and jawline and possible thinning skin. Declining collagen levels also can cause pores to enlarge. Not much fun for something that is a natural process!!

Solutions (skincare):

This is the time to up your skincare game in terms of more active and target skincare, Vitamin A (retinol) is a necessary addition as it will help to slow down the formation of lines, improve texture and keep cells functioning normally. Find this in our Overnight Repair Cream, (normal, combination and oily skin) or Age Slowly Serum (used in combination with Skin Comfort Cream for more dry skin).

I would also suggest adding an oestrogen replacement factor in your skincare. When oestrogen is not as plentiful in the body this is one of the major factors for skin cell repair and reproduction to slow down. Essentially certain plant derivatives mimic the shape of oestrogen on the skin cell receptors and keep vital processes boosted. (Add one vial of Youth Boost to Overnight Repair Cream).

Finally to further boost collagen production and quality and to gently exfoliate it would be good to use C&E Advanced Skin Booster twice a week. This will also help keep a strong skin barrier.

Solutions (treatments):

It is necessary to note that any good home skincare routine is intended to slow the signs of ageing, not reverse them. While visible improvements can be seen in terms of skin brightening, plumping from hydration and even some softening of lines from Vitamins A & C, true reversal of wrinkle depth and reversing skin laxity can only be achieved via advanced clinical treatments that work deeper than topical skincare can.

Japanese Facelift and Microneedling are my favourite go-to’s to address visible signs of ageing associated with oestrogen decline. A combination of treatments will be personally recommended exactly for your needs by one of our therapists at initial consultation.

For those who have already experienced visible loosening , sagging and deep wrinkling of the skin, consider radiofrequency for skin tightening (LipofirmMed), fractional microneedling for re-volumising (Voluderm) or trifractional skin resurfacing for texture issues such as enlarging pores, rough surface and fine lines. All these protocols can be combined together (Pyramid Facelift) or taken individually depending on your needs.

See these treatment details on our Divine Pro page.

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Suggested Home Routine:

Morning: rinse skin with water & microfiber cloth. Apply Hydra Collagen Serum followed by SPF30 Day Cream

Evening: Cleanse with Skin Comfort Cleanser. Apply Overnight Repair Cream (mixed with Youth Boost). Follow with Lipid Repair Concentrate.

Twice a week either at night or in the morning as you prefer apply 1/3 dropper of C&E Advanced Skin Booster to clean skin. Follow with your normal routine.

Once a week as an optional bonus you could mix a pump of Skin Comfort Oil into your night cream as a nourishing mask.

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