The Pyramid Facelift is our most-requested anti-ageing treatment.

Picture of cover model and divine pro pyramid facelift machine

In this article I will cover some of the most frequently asked questions about this treatment. As with all our advanced treatments, we only proceed after personal consultation to ensure that we are choosing the best treatment course for your skin but here are some general guidelines and information for the Pyramid Facelift. 

Note: The Pyramid Facelift is the strongest, deepest and most advanced of our suite of anti-ageing treatments, as well as the most expensive. You may not need to go that strong, there are other options which can be looked at once we have seen your skin and understood your needs. For example some people may need skin tightening only, or volumising only, or resurfacing only. In some cases where many small adjustments are needed the Pyramid Facelift may still be an option but a single treatment can suffice. 

Number of treatments required will depend on the individual but the average number is 4, 6 for skin that has been aggressively aged by excess sun exposure or similar.

We work with you pre-treatment to outline plans that will help achieve the outcomes you are looking for and I will go through examples below including timelines, associated downtime, cost and expected outcome. It is necessary to note that while results vary depending on many factors including health of the skin cells, diet and some medical/health influences, we do a very thorough consultation prior to any advanced services that will help us to predict what your personal expectations may be before we begin a treatment series.

Finally, in all cases of advanced skin treatments outcomes will be dramatically enhanced by prepping the skin beforehand with active ingredients to maximise the capacity of the skin cell and structure to absorb/react/utilise and of course to continue on a programme of daily targeted homecare to maximise cellular health and activity long term. Of course if you already have some advanced skincare products at home that you think may be doing the same job we are happy to assess them for you.

General anti-ageing:

The Pyramid Facelift is the one to look at here. It is the deepest, strongest and most advanced of all the non-invasive options. The example below is based on a skin requiring a lot of lifting, antt-wrinkle, tightening and retexturing.

Combining radiofrequency to tighten and thicken skin by stimulating the fibroblasts in the dermal layer, fractional radiofrequency pulsing to tighten and resurface the upper epidermal layers and fractional microneedling to volumise the dermal matrix, improve bi-layer adhesion and lift.

Results to expect:

Noticeable smoothness and brightness, jawline tightened, lines reduced, brow area lifted, eyelids smoother, cheeks plumper and lifted, neck tighter and smoother, hollowness under the eyes reduced, lip lines reduced, mouth area tightened.

In general, it is to be expected that neck, brow, eyes, and cheeks respond the most visible and quickest. As we discussed the peri oral area, due to the nature of the underlying structure, or lack thereof, will not in general respond as dramatically as other areas with more structural support. Loss of oestrogen plays a big part here and is something that we have less control over than the loss of collagen associated with most skin ageing.

Timeline: Course of six, spaced 3-6 weeks apart (determined on consultation).

Downtime: Expect redness, heat and general skin inflammation for 1-7 days after treatment. Most people can wear makeup to cover after 1-2 days. Some dryness/flaking 7-10 days after first on to two treatments.

Cost: €395 per treatment, package rates available on courses. One hour per treatment.

Longevity: results last 2-5 years, can be maintained with a single treatment every 6-9 months to maintain results longer-term.

Contraindications: diabetes, haemophilia, autoimmune diseases (will be pre-screened before appointment), blood disorders, blood thinning / steroidal meds.