For Summer 2022 we have taken one of your old favourite treatments and given it a brand new update.

Meet the Collagen Glow 2.0!

We have added an organic mineral skin booster and a blast of light therapy to this radiofrequency facial to triple the collagen boosting power while keeping the indulgent and relaxing experience that you love.

The Collagen Glow has always been one of your top choices for a fast lift and tighten glow, especially before an event and we know you’re going to love the powered-up version even more.

“Targeting collagen production 3 ways for anti-ageing, lift & tighten.”

Blending state of the art technologies and powerful ingredients from nature to boost skin firmness in 3 levels of the skin.

Radiofrequency targets collagen fibers at the deepest dermal level to retighten old collagen that has lost its tensile strength as well as stimulating new collagen production.

Celluma Light Therapy accelerates the process of collagen synthesis that is begun by the radiofrequency and helps eliminate redness and inflammation.

Natural clays, minerals and crushed gemstones are applied in a mask to firm the upper layers of the skin.

Taking approximately 1 hour, the Collagen Glow 2.0 is still a lovely relaxing treatment but with even more collagen boosting power.

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