Bring the clinic home with Celluma light therapy devices.

Woman lying under celluma light panel using red and blue lights for anti wrinkle and acne

Low level light therapy is one of the most consistently proven methodologies of skin treatment. At Skin Essentials we have been using it for over ten years as both a stand alone treatment for age proofing the skin and as a remarkable acne treatment, along with combining it with our advanced microneedling and radio frequency therapies to boost results to the max.

Our light therapy device of choice is the world-leading Celluma, and we are proud to have been the first in Europe to offer this fantastic device for clinical treatment. And now, we are the first in Ireland to bring you Celluma at home!

There is a real advantage to having a home Celluma as the more often you can use it the better the results you will achieve, and many of you struggle to get into us the three times a week necessary for maximum benefit. Not to mention the savings over time of having your own device!

As of now we are currently mid-lockdown so what better time to launch an at home device for managing your skin needs!

Your device can be tailored to your exact needs but the most popular one is the Celluma Face which has programmes for anti-wrinkle/rejuvenation, acne clearing and wound management (a useful addition for bumps, bruises and scrapes and also gives great results post-surgery on healing and scars (with your doctors approval of course!).

As well as the benefits on long-term skin health and beauty from incorporating the Celluma into your homecare routine, you can use it after your clinical treatments to boost results,  saving you the time and added cost of having it done in-clinic. 

Course of 12 LED light therapy sessions and appropriate homecare from Skin Essentials by Mariga skin clinic, Wexford. Anti-ageing specialists.

Course of 12 LED light therapy sessions and appropriate homecare

Before and after pic of jawline hormonal acne helped by using celluma light therapy for 8 weeks

Celluma used two times a week for 8 weeks.

I use this at home all the time, it’s a lovely way to relax and have your skin treatment at the same time. It’s simple to use, just plug it in and lie down for 30 minutes. For a full course and to get a great start to light treatments we recommend using it 3 times a week for anti-ageing for the first few weeks then use it once or twice a week going forward for maintenance. For acne, we recommend continuing on the 2-3 times per week after the initial month of intensive use.

Interested in having this fantastic skin treatment device at home? Simply call us on 086 3823608 for more details or email and we will chat through which device is best for your needs and get you a quote for your ideal panel.