Get To Know Your Skin Day

On International Get To Know Your Customers Day we are hosting a Get To Know Your Skin Day!

On Friday, 18th January we’re offering a complimentary consultation in our Wexford clinic for new clients.

This complimentary consultation lets us get to know your skin and hopefully helps you to get to know it better too!

Who can benefit?

  • You are new to Skin Essentials and want tips on the best products for your skin or the best way to use your skincare
  • You have a specific skincare question you need answered by an expert
  • You have been thinking about changing to our skincare products or booking one of our treatment courses but weren’t sure if it was right for you
  • You have a spot, discolouration or other skin lesion that you don’t know what it is or if it can be treated – we will let you know!

Each consultation takes just 15 mins and is free of charge. You will also receive a free copy of Mariga’s book – The Skincare Rules, giving you lots of advice on taking the best care of your skin in every way.

Book your complimentary consultation by calling us on 053 9145981. Booking is essential. We look forward to seeing you then!

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Skin Peels – the lowdown

Skin peels, also known as acid peels or chemical peels, remain one of the most asked-about treatments in the skincare world.

Probably due to the amount of media exposure given to the many, many types of peel on the market.

It seems to me like every month there is some buzz about a new peel that gets people all fired up and the queries come in!

The first thing to know is that there is rarely a ‘new‘ peel on the market. There are some great ingredients that have been available for a long time with names that you will be familiar with such as lactic acid, glycolic acid or salicylic acid.

All of which are great tools when used correctly. Generally a new trendy peel that is getting media attention will either be a new brand with great marketing but nothing new to add to the tried and true peels currently available, or a new way of combining existing ingredients to create a specific outcome.

The fact is that there are great peels already available to professional skin therapists and the rest is just repackaging to satisfy the never-ending thirst for the next, newest thing being driven by our consumerist society!

Of course, every now and then, something new does come along but it’s not very often and I will always bring you the latest updates when that does happen!

The more interesting aspect of advancement in peel therapies is when new and subtle variations in ingredient combination or enhanced application techniques are developed that give us therapists the opportunity to custom-prescribe, apply and enhance traditional peels.

This has benefits for the client including things like more comfortable or faster treatments, custom peel courses that evolve as your skin does so that each treatment is blended based on the results of the last, less downtime from treatment and ultimately an enhanced experience in terms of the process and the results.

Peels are not the answer to every skin issue, but they are a great tool if you are looking to correct any texture issues from mild congestion all the way through to deep acne. They are also only as good as your commitment!

To see results, particularly on acne, you MUST have your peels when recommended and use the appropriate home-care as prescribed to get full results.

If you are curious about whether a peel or course of peels are right for your skin just get in touch with us and we will be happy to advise you.

Call us on 053 9145981 or book a consultation/treatment for the New Year by clicking the link below.

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Introducing the Total Transformation Treatment for 2019

We are delighted to give you a sneak peek at our NEW Total Transformation Treatment for 2019…

Say hello to our exclusive Modular Facelift!

What is the modular facelift?

This is a 6 part highly customised version of our Pyramid Facelift technology.

It includes a total of 6 full treatments of Voluderm or Trifractional Resurfacing, the number of each chosen according to your exact needs. Usually taken in six treatments over 6-10 weeks (the time frame will be set for your particular skin requirements at your consultation).

Spacing the treatments out over 6 sessions instead of the three usually recommended for the Pyramid Facelift, gives us the ability to micro-customise your results as each treatment will be determined on the results of the previous session.

What is the difference between the Modular Facelift and the Pyramid Facelift?

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The Modular Facelift uses a different application of the same technologies that we have been using in the Pyramid, but instead of using all three modalities in each session, we separate them out so that each one can be used at a higher or deeper intensity as a stand alone.

This gives us more customisability which is especially useful in the case of specific issues rather than general anti-ageing.

For example, choose the Pyramid Facelift for general age revision and all over skin rejuvenation and tightening where you want an all over lifted effect but do not have any one area of the face that is more aged than another.

Choose the Modular Facelift where there are particular parts of the face that may need extra or deeper work, such as very pronounced eye bags or loss of volume around the mouth. You will still get the general anti-ageing results as with the Pyramid Facelift but with added enhancement of extra attention to any particular problem area. (There is approximately 50% more treatment in the Modular Facelift package than the Pyramid Facelift trio).

The Modular Facelift is also a fantastic option for those with sensitive or reactive skin who cannot take the intensity of a Pyramid Facelift.

Dramatic results on:

  • Jawline tightening
  • Eye contour lines reduced (crows feet)
  • Eye Bags tightened
  • Loose skin is tightened and lifted
  • Cheeks are volumised
  • Smile line is lifted
  • General reduction in wrinkles
  • Younger, fresher appearance
  • Texture dramatically smoothed – satin-like finish to the skin
  • Scars reduced

Stay tuned for more details to come on our Modular Facelift.

We’ll be launching our Total Transformation package pricing and sharing the latest news and technology of our Modular Facelift with you in January, 2019.

January Introductory Offer: €1300 (save a total of €500 over indvidual pricing or save an extra €200 on our regular pre-paid package price of €1500).


Merry Christmas from Skin Essentials

Introducing our Christmas ad from South East Radio!

Our ad launches next week so be sure to tune into 95.2 – 96.4FM.

Don’t forget we have Gift vouchers and fabulous Gift sets available for your loved ones (or yourself).


Our last guaranteed delivery date in time for Christmas is 20th December, and our couriers last collection date will be 19th December. We will continue posting orders until Sat, 22nd December. 

For last minute gift buying you’ll be happy to know we are open Sun, 23rd and Mon, 24th December. 

Shop online and in our Wexford clinic.

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Winter-onset dehydration

Dehydration (or Impaired Enzyme Activity to give it it’s proper name) is something that can occur seasonally even if you normally have hydration-balanced skin

Most of the impaired water/oil balance that I see in clients in winter is due to increased heat and the exposure to the dry air that creates, causing water to evaporate too quickly from the skin. 

Flaky, itchy, reactive problems are often a sign of this as enzymes in the skin don’t have enough water to carry out their daily functions. 

It shows as sudden fine lines appearing on the face, often noticeable in straight lines around our eyes and cheeks. This is due to the temporary loss of water from the upper layers of the skin.

Being sick, particularly with a raised temperature will also cause a temporary loss of water. Simply drinking more good fluids will soon restore this balance in a healthy, functioning skin if you act quickly enough.

If the problem is allowed to continue for a period of time then some simple changes to your daily skincare routine will help get you back on track.

  • Drink more water. This is the number one thing you can do for skin health.
  • Protect your skin from the outside with nourishing facial oils; look for ingredients like rosehip seed oil, shea butter, ceramides, squalane, jojoba seed oil, avocado seed oil, pomegranate seed oil. Our Lipid Repair Concentrate is the perfect choice for repairing your water/oil balance.
  • Avoid alcohol, stress and direct heat and processed foods as much as possible.
  • Always be gentle with your skin, especially if it is a little fragile. Avoid over-exfoliation and any skincare products containing fragrance or sulphates.

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Fun fact: too much water can lead to dehydration!!

While the skin is great at absorbing water, it’s not great at holding on to it. As the skin softens on prolonged contact with water, like during a long bath, its barrier weakens leading to water loss and dehydration, so luxuriating in the bath too often really will leave you looking like a prune!

Why not treat yourself to our Deluxe facial of the month for an extra boost to your skin health this Festive Season, introducing the Spiced Golden Pear Facial

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Keeping Your Skin on Track This Festive Season

Caring for your skin over the festive period.

The holiday festivities are underway and while it’s all great fun, usually we are left with the tell tale signs on our skin – not to mention our waistlines and wallets.

While I can’t help to control your bank balance or calorie intake, I can offer some tips to surviving the party season with your skin intact(ish)!

1. Prevention is better than cure. If you anticipate a late night, drink plenty of water between drinks to help keep skin hydrated. (It will help with hangovers too).

Leave your cleanser and a clean cloth out where you can quickly pick them up on your way to bed, reducing the likelihood of sleeping with your makeup on.

2. If you do sleep in your makeup, I recommend an enzyme exfoliation next morning followed by a deep oil treatment such as our Skin Comfort Oil.

Apply 1-2 pumps over a freshly exfoliated face, then go back to bed for twenty minutes with a cup of tea while it does its work. It will awl amazing!

3. Give your skin extra nourishment daily as a protection against dehydration. A couple of drops of Lipid Repair Concentrate, or other non-fragrant facial oil, under your moisturiser every day will ensure that your skin retains water and is supplied with essential fatty acids.

4. Try to relax. I know it’s hard when you have a million things to do, but stress will exacerbate breakouts in people prone to acne or can cause rosacea flare ups in others.

5. If you are prone to spots, go easy on the dairy products and salty foods.

6. If you are prone to facial redness avoid spicy foods, shellfish, fizzy drinks, alcohol and caffeine. (Ok, that’s hard, but at least be aware that they are potential triggers).

7. If your Christmas is more walks on the beach than drinks by the fire then remember you still need an SPF 30 every day and in cold or windy weather I recommend using a rich cream underneath for extra physical protection and repair.

Try our Skin Comfort Cream – a pea-sized amount will be all you’ll need.

8. Remember that sugar is an ageing agent on the skin, so think twice before you have that extra piece (crate) of chocolate.

9. Eat lots of fruit and veg. We all tend to ignore the fruit bowl at Christmas when there’s much more ‘interesting’ fare on offer but be nice to your skin and feed it lots of anti-oxidants from the inside too.

10. A smile is a great facial treatment! A good laugh takes years off you and is the best form of relaxation. Enjoy the time off work, catch up with friends and try not to fight with your family!

Discover our range of skincare products online and in our Wexford clinic:

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Gifting Made Easy at Skin Essentials by Mariga

We know that you have a lot to do for Christmas, and so little time that every minute is precious!

So we have a range of services designed to make Christmas gifting from Skin Essentials as easy and quick as possible for you.

(Of course you can pop in for a browse and take as long as you like too)!


  • We have various gift packages of our skincare at different price points boxed and ready to go. Drop in, call to have it packed and ready in advance or use the click-and-collect service on our webshop.
  • You can call us in advance to order any of our pre-made gift sets ready for quick pick-up, even pay over the phone if you prefer to do a super-fast pickup when you are passing.
  • If your loved one is currently a client here at Skin Essentials, we will already have a list of what they need/want/are running out of, so just pop in or call in advance with their name and your budget and we will get a bespoke gift wrapped and ready for you.
  • Our Christmas gifts are ready boxed and be-ribboned, just add your card and you are good to go.
  • Gift Vouchers – Just drop in to us to purchase a gift card for any amount, we will add some festive ribbons and bows if you like to make it ready for giving – this can also be pre-arranged over the phone to have it ready in advance.


  • We have pre-selected gift boxes available to purchase directly on the store. Want a bespoke option? No problem just chose the products you wish to have boxed and wrapped and also add the ‘add Christmas gift packaging’ item to your cart.
  • We can ship directly to you or to your recipient. To ship to your recipient simply put their address in the shipping section instead of your own but don’t forget to add a note to let us know not to put the receipt in the parcel if it is going direct!!
  • Vouchers can be purchased directly from our webshop and again sent directly to you or your recipient. Our vouchers are redeemable against all of our products and services and do not expire.
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The Smooth & Calm Collection
Choose this to calm and smooth sensitive skin. Gift set includes: Skin Comfort Cream/ Anti-Redness Concentrate/ Enzyme Exfoliator
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The Complete Anti-Ageing Collection
Everything you need to future proof your skin. Gift Set includes: Skin Comfort Cleanser / Hydra Collagen Serum / Age Slowly Serum / Lipid Repair Concentrate / Skin Comfort Cream
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The Hydrate & Glow Collection
Choose this for skin that needs a softening and hydrating boost. Gift set includes: Hydrating Cream / Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost / Enzyme Exfoliator
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Skin Comfort Kit / Oncology Suitable (U)
Luxurious Skin Comfort Duo. Ideal for anyone who’s skin dryness fluctuate due to treatments such as chemotherapy. Gift set includes: Skin Comfort Cream/ Skin Comfort Oil. €80 (RRP €90)
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IncandeScents by Mariga
The new scented candle range from Skin Essentials. Mariga’s signature scent captured in a beautiful hand poured, natural soy candle.
Gift Voucher
Available for €50 / €100 online, or call us on 053 9145981 to purchase any amount gift card of your choice.
Bespoke Gift Packaging
Buying as a gift? If you would like your selection beautifully presented as a Christmas Gift add this choice to your cart.

For help or inspiration call us on 053 9145981.

Happy Gifting!

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