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Throwback to our blog: Daily Care For Oily Skin – Mariga’s Advice from April 2016, edited to current time.

If you have an oily skin type, this is a must read!

Are you managing your oily skin type correctly?

Like all skin, this requires a daily skincare routine.

First, we have to define and understand what a true oily skin type actually is. Many people mistakenly think that they have oily skin when in fact it’s something else altogether.

What are the hallmarks of a true oily skin type?

  • Large pores, particularly on the t-zone
  • The skin NEVER feels tight, itchy, or dry
  • Daily shine
  • RARELY has blackheads or spots

If the above sounds like you, coupled with makeup that just slides off and hair that needs to be washed every day, then you have a true oily skin.

While it IS possible to have oily skin AND acne, they are two different things and having one does not automatically mean you will have the other. Many people with acne assume that their skin is oily when that is (in Irish Skin anyway) most often not the case. In Irish skin, perhaps 10% of the population will be a true oily skin type.

The benefits of oily skin.

Yes, there ARE many benefits to having oily skin! You usually have a blemish-free complexion, a slower rate of wrinkling and higher tolerance to a wider range of skincare products, treatments and cosmetics.

The downsides of oily skin.

Most people with oily skin get fed up with large pores, too much shine and make-up not staying put. As you can see these are mostly APPEARANCE issues rather than actual skin problems so they can be much more easily addressed then poor dry or red skin types.

How so?

There are two things to know about controlling the appearance of oily skin:

  1. Cleansing and exfoliating often makes it worse (you’re doing it wrong).
    • Trying to deep cleanse and exfoliate away oil is not just a waste of time, but is like trying to drive your car by pressing on the brake and the accelerator at the same time! One action is fighting against the other and you will most likely ruin your engine (or skin) in the process.
    • When you deep cleanse or over-exfoliate oily skin you get rid of the oil that is there at that moment, same as if you did a gentle cleanse. But with deep action products, you have stimulated a deeper reaction in the skin. The response by the oil glands of being ‘stripped’ is that they go into fast production mode to make up for lost resources.
    • So you deep cleanse, scrub or exfoliate then a coupe of hours later your face looks like an oil slick. You did it to yourself! You gave your skin the signal that it was lacking oil and it produced more, it was only trying to please you!
  2. Oil fights oil.
    • The secret is to CONTROL the flow of oil, not stop it. Lipid secretions that are controlled continuously and gradually distribute oil evenly over the surface of your skin. There is no sudden stop/start, no patchy production. The result is an evenly lubricated skin surface with no sudden shine.

How to achieve that?

You need to regulate oil flow by applying minute amounts of the right oils in the right ratios to the skin surface so that it gets the message that oil is always available and stops sudden production. This might sound scary but it doesn’t take long to get in the habit and start to see results. Why not try it? What have you got to lose? Team oil! See more about oil for oily skin in Mariga’s video on daily management tips for oily skin below.

Best targeted Skin Essentials products for oily skin:

  • Lipid Repair Concentrate – The mix of lipids, ceramides, good cholesterols and fatty acids in this super serum mimic exactly the precise mix of lipids found naturally in healthy, balanced skin.
  • Advanced Protection SPF30 – All in one moisturiser and SPF protection. Full of nutrients your skin needs i.e. Mineral SPF, anti-oxidants, moisturiser and vitamin treatment in one. 

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The Dry Skin Essentials!

If you have dry skin, this post is for you!

As we are coming out of the other side of Winter, we are still submerged in our daily air conditioning, heaters, fire’s burning in the evenings to keep us warm.

What this is all doing is dehydrating our skin further, so most of us need to take care of our hydration levels.

Throwback to our blog – skin types vs skin conditions – Mariga referred to the three basic skin types. *Repost from our original blog published in 2017*.

Have you ever heard of lipid dry skin? If you’re new to Skin Essentials, you probably haven’t. Lipid dry skin has an intrinsic tendency to low natural oil production. It will look dull, thin, flaky and tired. Your skin may have a tendency to redness, especially across the cheeks, with some whiteheads and visible capillaries. This skin tends to age quickly.

As mentioned, lipid dry skin will react quickly to outside factors such as wind, central heating, air conditioning and cold which can make it feel itchy or will sting. It may also be slow to heal and can scar easily. You can already see how this skin type may easily be mistaken for ‘sensitive’.

The lack of natural oils in the skin impairs it’s defense and protection allowing it to become inflamed by outside aggressors, therefore the treatment protocol is to restore the oil balance to strengthen this barrier.

Professional treatments for dry skin will consist of gentle facials using products that are high in essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and nutrients.

At home, products must be very gentle and contain no fragrance (even naturally derived such as essential oils), artificial colouring or abrasive particles. Harsh cleansing is the most common mistake, make sure your cleanser is completely free from sodium laureth sulphate and keep exfoliation to a minimum.

Oil based cleansers are best. Avoid the sun as much as possible and keep heating or air conditioning as low as possible. Drink plenty of water and try to eat a diet high in essential fatty acids. (Nuts, seeds, avocado, oily fish). Your pharmacist or heath food shop will be able to advise you on your diet and recommend a supplement if necessary.

Products from Skin Essentials for your skin type:

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Super dry or medically compromised skin will love our Skin Comfort Kit.

I hope this sheds some light on why your skin may be feeling tight and dry. If you have any questions please get in touch, I’m always happy to answer. Call our Wexford clinic on 053 9145981 or contact

Remove lesions easily – Red veins, skin tags etc.

Benign lesions/anomalies on the face and body (red veins, milia, skin tags, sun spots)

can be quickly, easily and safely treated

either with short wave diathermy or cryotherapy.

What can we treat?

  • Visible red veins on the face, neck & chest
  • Skin tags anywhere on the face or body
  • Milia (generally only seen on the face)
  • Sun spots/defined areas of dark, flat, even pigmentation

What cannot be treated?

We cannot treat anything that is deeper-rooted in the skin, beneath the epidermis such as moles, or flaky, recurring or weeping patches of skin. These need to be seen by a doctor.

Can I help you with any of the above? Or maybe you have a spot that you are not sure if it fits in to any of the above categories?

You can always make an appointment with us for a consultation to assess whether we can treat something for you but on Thursday, 27th Feb, we are hosting a free walk-in assessment event where you can pop in to us and we can quickly let you know if we can help.

Need more information? Read it here:

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Mariga’s tips for applying mineral makeup

Have you tried mineral powder foundation?

I’m always recommending mineral powder rather than liquid foundations to my skincare clients as mineral powders in general are more skin friendly than most liquid or cream formulas.

But many of you tell me that you have tried them but can’t get the hang of application…

I hear that, it took me a little time to master it too but now that I have I wouldn’t go back.

Here are my application tips that I find helped me to get my technique right, I hope they help you too. And I demonstrate it in the video below too!

Let me know if you try it out,

Mariga x


  1. Tap, tap, tap! Tap your brush in the powder, tap off the excess back into the pot then tap all over your face.
  2. A little goes a long way. Using a light dusting for each layer will build even. natural results with as little or as much coverage as you want. Using too much on the brush is where most people go wrong.
  3. Buff, blend, buff – buff and blend into your skin in light-handed circular motions. Taking time to do this step thoroughly will result in a seamless blend and long-lasting finish.
  4. Layer other products under or over. Layer blush/bronzer UNDER your mineral foundation for a natural, seamless finish. Layer colour powder products OVER mineral powder foundation for a more defined look.
  5. Use the right brush – a large-headed dense buffing brush will give you the quickest application and best finish.

Watch more great tips on Mariga’s Youtube channel:

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Should you exfoliate your skin?

In Mariga’s 30 second tip it’s all about exfoliation!

Should you or shouldn’t you exfoliate your skin?

It entirely depends on the type of beads in your scrub product.

“Never use grainy or scratchy scrub on your skin. I always say ‘If in doubt, throw it out’. You will sometimes find an exfoliator product that has wax beads.

A wax bead is a lot softer and kinder to your skin. I would find wax beads are okay in your exfoliator. Anything else is an absolute NO. Anything that scratches your face is going to cause micro tears and inflammation in your skin.”

scrub your skin from Skin Essentials by Mariga on Vimeo.

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If you’re looking for an effective, kind-to-skin exfoliator, check out our own Enzyme Exfoliator. The pumpkin enzymes in this gentle exfoliator break down proteins in the superficial layers of the epidermis to reveal smooth, glowing skin. Buy online or in store for just €38.


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Thinking long term with your skincare

In today’s #throwbackthursday we talk about your mindset of skincare.

As Mariga says, ‘Short term solutions may lead to long term problems’.

If you have any skincare issues you might be tempted by the likes of a skin peel or microdermabrasion, thinking these treatments are just what you need!?


Yes, these treatments immediately leave your skin feeling amazing, but long term if it’s not the right modality for you, you may actually be causing more damage to your skin.

Advice to take away: Always be guided by your skincare professional and always think ‘long term’ with your skincare. 


Have a skin issue? Book in for a consultation with one of our skincare experts to get you off to the right start for long term results:

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Do you really need a 10 step Korean skincare regime?

In Mariga’s 30 second beauty tip vlog she talks about the  10 step Korean skincare regime.

Do you really need these many steps in your daily routine?

The short answer, eh no! Who has time for that?

 Keep it simple! Cleanser, serum, moisturiser… Take a look:

10 step skincare from Skin Essentials by Mariga on Vimeo.

Have a skin problem? Book in for a consultation with one of our expert therapists. In the meantime, scroll through our blog for more skincare info, tips and latest news.

Shop Skin Essentials skincare online.

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