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The classic Skin Essentials Facial – what makes it so special?


Sometimes we can get so caught up in all of the wonderful advanced treatments and technology that is available to us to help us Age Slowly that it’s easy to forget the blissful treatment that is the classic, relaxing facial.

Far from being outdated, at Skin Essentials we keep the classic facial updated with the latest technology to give you maximum results while you rest and relax. It’s why we were a winner of RSVP magazine’s Best Facial!Relaxing Facial image from Skin Essentials by Mariga, Wexford

Benefits of a Skin Essentials classic facial:

-Deep cleansing prevents and treats congestion, getting rid of any ‘bumpy’ feeling under the skin.
-Acid or enzyme treatments helps rebalance any water/oil movement issues, tackling dehydration, patchiness and rough texture.
-Massage increases circulation, reducing puffiness, increasing nutrient exchange and oxygenation of the skin tissues for brightness, radiance and sharper contours.
-Masks calm, nourish and ‘settle’ the skin’s pH, restoring comfort and suppleness
-Pampering and relaxation promote an all over deep feeling of relaxation and wellbeing..
-When you treat your skin with regular facials, we can keep any historical issues in check, while preventing seasonal changes such as dehydration or sensitivity and dramatically slow the formation of lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.

How often should you have a facial?
Ideally, every 4-6 weeks for maximum effect but no less than one every three months to balance seasonal changes. If you go beyond three months you are losing the maintenance effect of your facial and reverting to corrective treatments, effectively treating symptoms and effects instead of maintaining constant balance.

What special about a Skin Essentials facial?
-All of our 45 and 60 minute facials include a blissful, relaxing hot stone neck, shoulder and décolleté massage.
-Warm blankets, low level lighting (or just candlelight if you prefer) and the patented ‘comfy client’ memory foam ergonomic treatment bed ensure complete comfort.    

  -We will never leave the room during your treatment, if you pay for 60 minute treatment, you get 60 minutes of continuous treatment!
-Prefer low, loud, or no music? Let us know, we will adjust it for you.
-Choose the heat level of the room to suit your comfort preferences.    

  -Advanced modalities ‘push’ active compounds deep into the epidermis, giving longer-lasting results than a spa-type facial.    

  -Our therapists are all from multi-discipline backgrounds and have education and experience in scientific skincare, various holistic therapies as well as cosmeceutical treatments, so can tailor a treatment to suit your exact skin needs, as well as customising healing therapy during each appointment.

Book your lovely relaxing facial now by calling us on 053 9145981, drop in to our Selskar Street clinic in Wexford Town, or book online using the button below. We also offer Gift Vouchers for all of our treatments. Enjoy!

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Anti-ageing skincare treatments – Mariga’s top picks.

Anti-ageing skincare treatments – Mariga’s top picks.

Skin Essentials by Mariga clinical treatment collage including gold microneedling, hydroporation, Celluma LED and CryoPen pigmentation removal.Anti-Ageing is big, big news. Everybody we see here in our Wexford clinic, from twenty-somethings concerned with prevention, to those who have already begun to show the effects of years of cumulative damage in the form of lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and loss of radiance, has anti-ageing on their mind. In my last post I looked at homecare ingredients to keep your skin youthful. Today, I will explore the ultimate facial treatments for getting, and keeping, a youthful complexion.
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Age Slowly – The Skin Essentials by Mariga way.

The Skin Essentials Age Slowly concept explained:

At Skin Essentials our mission is to help everybody age at the slowest possible rate.
It is not possible to halt the hands of time, but they can certainly be slowed!

Our speciality is non-invasive anti-ageing. That is to say, we work WITH the skin to keep it behaving, and looking, younger.

We are lucky to live in a time where science and technology are advanced to such a degree that we have a full understanding of the microscopic workings of the skin at a sub-cellular level.
We know what a fully functioning, young, healthy skin cells needs to perform at optimum level.
We know what ingredients, processes and foods boost cell function, and those which hinder it.

We can analyse every unique skin, with it’s unique set of influences, internal, external and genetic. We can then determine exactly what that skin needs to resume working as it did when it was young. Science has already harnessed the ingredient and treatment technology needed to treat skin cell slowdown.

What does this mean for you?
At skin Essentials by Mariga we have the education, technology and scientifically blended products to create a bespoke Age Slowly plan for your exact needs. We find where the weak spots are and address them, restoring youthful energy to your skin.

What do you need to do?
Simply book in for one of our Age Slowly skin consultations, where one of our expert Skin Diagnostic Technicians will investigate, measure and analyse your skins current condition and formulate a plan for recovery.

Call us on 053 9145981 to make your appointment or book online here.

For more details on the Skin Analysis process click here.
Note: We are a specialist NON INVASIVE anti-ageing clinic. We believe in restoring skins youthfulness and performance using proven bio-identical ingredients and natural but powerful treatments such as micro needling and cryotherapy. Our happy clients are proof that you do not have to resort to injectables or surgery to regain a youthful complexion.
We do not use invasive procedures such as botox or fillers. If this is a path you wish to explore we recommend that you research and contact a reputable medical aesthetic/cosmetic surgery clinic to discuss your options.

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Live interactive skincare Q&A sessions with Mariga

New interactive advice service from Skin Essentials by Mariga

Have you seen our live Facebook broadcasts yet?

Launched last week, these interactive Q&A sessions with Mariga give you the chance to have your skincare question answered by the experts!

We will run this new free service every week with a different theme. (This weeks was cleansing, click on the image below to see a re-run). Once per week Mariga will announce the date, time and topic of the live broadcast and you can leave your question as a comment on the announcement post and it will be answered during the live session, or you can comment or question live.

Simply like our Facebook page to get the announcements. Once you are a page fan, you can subscribe to live broadcasts to make sure you always know when they are coming up and what the topic will be.

Please do let us know in a comment on our Facebook page if you like the idea of these new interactive sessions, what time of day/day of the week suits you best, along with any questions you would like answered in future broadcasts.

Click the photo below to see a replay of out live Q&A on correct cleansing.

Mariga 🙂


Click for Facebook live replay

Home vs clinical microneedling: Mariga’s advice

We love both clinical and home microneedling here at Skin Essentials. Needling in general is a fantastic modality, when used correctly, for anti-ageing, skin tightening and reducing old acne marks or other scars. There is a huge difference though between the type of microneedling you do at home and the clinical version (bio therapeutic needling) that we perform here at our Wexford based skin clinic. See the video for differences and details: