Anti-ageing skincare treatments – Mariga’s top picks.

Skin Essentials by Mariga clinical treatment collage including gold microneedling, hydroporation, Celluma LED and CryoPen pigmentation removal.Anti-Ageing is big, big news. Everybody we see here in our Wexford clinic, from twenty-somethings concerned with prevention, to those who have already begun to show the effects of years of cumulative damage in the form of lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and loss of radiance, has anti-ageing on their mind. In my last post I looked at homecare ingredients to keep your skin youthful. Today, I will explore the ultimate facial treatments for getting, and keeping, a youthful complexion.

It is a good time to be working in the skincare industry now as we have so many tools at our disposal in the form of highly active skincare ingredients and fantastic technology  that can give excellent results without invasive procedures. Until fairly recently it was not possible to achieve such impactful results on existing signs of ageing without surgery or injectables. My favourite thing about all the new scientific breakthroughs is that today’s anti-ageing technology allows you to turn back the clock but still look like you!

Top 5 anti-ageing heroes part 2 – clinical treatments

Considered the worldwide gold standard in non-surgical anti-ageing worldwide, microneedling is a natural, safe and powerful tool for anti-ageing. Amazing for visible results on existing lines, wrinkles and loose skin, it is extremely valuable as an age-prevention treatment. I like to think of microneedling as ‘Collagen In The Bank’ when used early as prevention! My personal favourite. See a photo diary of my microneedling journey here.

This exciting treatment is quick, natural and gives very satisfying immediate results! Hyaluronic acid fluid is introduced into the deeper layers of the epidermis along the problem line or wrinkle via the pores using the unique no-needle Porejet device. It immediately plumps the area, and also has a longer term effect of deeply hydrating the epidermis for a more revitalised skin. Read more about hydroporation from Skin Essentials by Mariga here.

Call them age spots, sun spots or liver spots, their appearance is ageing by any name! For the first time, REMOVAL of hyper pigmentation patches is now available. (Previously we could only fade sun spots or age spots.) This is a fantastic procedure that is entirely natural, using extremely low temperatures to freeze off brown patches for the face or hands. A single treatment is usually sufficient to remove light to dark brown spots. Highly recommended. See pics and prices here.

We LOVE our Celluma LED device so much that we have two in our clinic! LED light therapy can be used as a stand alone treatment to treat ageing by boosting collagen production or to calm acne by neutralising bacteria. We often use it in combination with another therapy to deepen the results of each. As well as being versatile, it is customisable to each skin condition and can be used on even the most fragile skins which may be contra-indicated to other modalities. Call us on 053 9145981 to ask about our Celluma club for huge savings.

Personalised REGULAR facial skin treatments:
Having a personalised facial skin treatment at least once every three months is the best way to keep your anti-ageing regime on track once you have achieved the level of correction you need with advanced corrective procedures as outlined above. (Or, if you are starting early, they are the best way to slow the ageing process).
Being seen by your skincare professional regularly allows us to see if there are any upcoming issues or if there has been any damage to the skin since your last visit, for example from sun exposure, illness or lifestyle choices. Your homecare products and clinical facials can then be tailored precisely to your skin’s needs each time. Allowing a problem to continue will just make it harder to correct in the long term. See what our clients have to say here.


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Have you read Mariga’s e-book yet? ‘The Skincare Rules’ is packed full of simple, easy to implement tips that will help to get you great skin – for life!

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