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Stop doing these 5 things if you want clear skin!

If you are acne prone, whether teenage or adult acne, there are some common lifestyle factors that will contribute to breakouts.

While there are many individual factors that influence and trigger breakouts including hormones, genetics, environment and nutrition…

There are also some common triggers that need to be avoided by everyone who is prone to any type of acne. 

There is no single fix for acne as it has many contributory factors and some of these vary in severity from person to person.

Also, you need to be very compliant with your routine as acne is always ‘under control’, never ‘cured’. But there is every hope that you can keep your breakouts minimised if you are willing to commit to your skincare routine and lifestyle/dietary changes.

Here are some things to avoid to help get you started on clearing your pimples and spots:

  1. Ditch the dairy. There is no middle ground on this one, consumption of dairy products directly impacts breakouts. Try almond milk on your cereal.
  2. Sticking with nutrition, sugar is the next culprit you need to limit in your diet. It contributes to inflammation and so to inflammatory acne. I agree that it is hard to eliminate completely but see how much you can clean up in your diet and watch the impact on your skin.
  3. Again, a dietary tip (see how much your gut health has to do with your condition of your skin?). Be sure to get your 5 a day and drink more water & herbal teas than coffee. Skin, like the rest of your body, needs the building blocks of a strong, healthy structure to flourish and a lot of this comes directly from your diet.
  4. Picking – everyone is guilty of it but squeezing blackheads, popping pimples and generally poking at your face will spread infection, cause scarring and definitely not reduce the breakout!
    1. Use ice to cool a hot or sore spot, it will act as an anti-inflammatory and make the spot clear more quickly. Remember, once you see a spot on the surface, it is too late to do anything about it.
  5. Using random products without any plan or cohesion. It can be tempting to try the latest internet ‘tip’ (who even starts these viral things??) but always consider the source! Professional skincare advice should only come from a skincare professional. Not a facebook meme. Mixing glue and charcoal and applying it to your face is not something you will find in any cosmetic chemistry textbook 😳. Believe me, if there were some instant or miracle cure for acne, we as skincare professional would know!
    1. Also, jumping between one product and another will never work, even if the products are great! Getting on top of acne is a long-term situation and even the very best acne control protocols take months to show the results on the surface as the foundation work in correcting dysfunction deep in the skin comes first.

As specialists in skincare, we also create our own skincare products including our very popular Blemish Control Cream.


This is an acne control system that works on all the causes of spots simultaneously to give you real, long-term results.

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Skin Peels – the lowdown

Skin peels, also known as acid peels or chemical peels, remain one of the most asked-about treatments in the skincare world.

Probably due to the amount of media exposure given to the many, many types of peel on the market.

It seems to me like every month there is some buzz about a new peel that gets people all fired up and the queries come in!

The first thing to know is that there is rarely a ‘new‘ peel on the market. There are some great ingredients that have been available for a long time with names that you will be familiar with such as lactic acid, glycolic acid or salicylic acid.

All of which are great tools when used correctly. Generally a new trendy peel that is getting media attention will either be a new brand with great marketing but nothing new to add to the tried and true peels currently available, or a new way of combining existing ingredients to create a specific outcome.

The fact is that there are great peels already available to professional skin therapists and the rest is just repackaging to satisfy the never-ending thirst for the next, newest thing being driven by our consumerist society!

Of course, every now and then, something new does come along but it’s not very often and I will always bring you the latest updates when that does happen!

The more interesting aspect of advancement in peel therapies is when new and subtle variations in ingredient combination or enhanced application techniques are developed that give us therapists the opportunity to custom-prescribe, apply and enhance traditional peels.

This has benefits for the client including things like more comfortable or faster treatments, custom peel courses that evolve as your skin does so that each treatment is blended based on the results of the last, less downtime from treatment and ultimately an enhanced experience in terms of the process and the results.

Peels are not the answer to every skin issue, but they are a great tool if you are looking to correct any texture issues from mild congestion all the way through to deep acne. They are also only as good as your commitment!

To see results, particularly on acne, you MUST have your peels when recommended and use the appropriate home-care as prescribed to get full results.

If you are curious about whether a peel or course of peels are right for your skin just get in touch with us and we will be happy to advise you.

Call us on 053 9145981 or book a consultation/treatment for the New Year by clicking the link below.

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What NOT to do before your facial!

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I have done many thousands of facial treatments over the years and yet I can still be surprised by some of the things people will do before their facial.

From arriving straight from a lip waxing appointment to turning up with a coldsore, each time it reminds me that what may seem obvious to me is not necessarily so obvious to everyone.

I think maybe we are all guilty of forgetting that fact sometimes, in whatever area of expertise we operate.

Sometimes too, some temporary medications for a recent illness or even some types of painkillers can preclude treatment, or change the type of treatment that we can do for you on that particular day.

So to help ensure that we can go ahead with your facial service I made the video below covering some of the more common scenarios I come across, to help you get the timing right for your treatment.

I hate having to turn someone away when they turn up looking forward to a lovely hour for themselves so I hope this helps you avoid that situation!

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Why I went to Brussels – Skin Essentials’ Mariga on salon standards, safety and seafood!

Why I went to Brussels – Skin Essentials’ Mariga on salon standards, safety and seafood!

As lots of you are probably aware, I spent last week in Brussels as Irish delegate to the European Beauty Salon Services Standards Group.

This is an initiative that I have been involved in for the last 3 years. The aim of the group is to standardise beauty salon services across Europe to elevate the industry to the benefit of therapists and clients alike.

This process is coming near to an end now and the week of meetings in Brussels was to finalise the wording of the draft standard and try to accommodate the differing concerns of industry professionals across Europe in one harmonising document. I think we made a lot of progress!

On a professional level, I really enjoyed sitting down with so many people who had a common aim of raising standards for all, and the exchange of information and ideas.

IMG_1453 IMG_1498IMG_1471IMG_1497

But it wasn’t all work, Brussels had some lovely restaurants and craft beer to offer too! The local speciality is mussels and each restaurant has its own variation – delicious 🙂


Mussels in Brussels :)IMG_1456


What will your local salon’s adoption of this standard mean for you, the client?

-Guarantee of standardised treatment quality wherever the standard is adopted.
-Reassurance that the therapist is educated to a high degree and insured to carry out the processes required .
-Confidence in the hygiene and safety practices of the salon.
-Guarantee that only the highest quality, traceable ingredients and products will be used.
-Ability to differentiate between salons that have and have not been awarded European Standard compliance status and therefore recognise those who are excelling in all the above areas.

What does it mean for the salon owner/therapist?
-Recognition and differentiation of those who go over and above basic requirements in education, continuous professional development, safety and hygiene practices, treatment delivery practices and customer care to delivery a service that is the best in the business.
Official title and aims of the standard:

Standard Title & Scope
prEN 16708 Beauty Salon Services – Requirements and recommendations for the provision of service

This European Standard provides requirements and recommendations for the provision of professional beauty salon services.
These services relate to the delivery of beauty treatments regardless of where the service is delivered.

This European Standard provides requirements and recommendations for the delivery of safe beauty treatments performed by a suitably qualified beauty therapist. Recommendations are provided for client management to ensure client safety regarding any beauty treatments. The delivery of beauty salon services is limited to the boundaries of the qualification of the individual beauty therapists obtained through a recognized education provider.

Medical procedures including aesthetic surgical procedures and cosmetic injectable procedures including sclerotherapy are excluded from the scope.

Hairdressing, barbering and body art tattooing services are also excluded from this European Standard.