Get 15% OFF Sun Repair Kit

Offer ends Sat 14th July

These past few weeks have felt like we’re living in the Mediterranean, but the drying effects aren’t only visible in the soil, it’s also damaging our skin.

That’s why we’re launching our very special offer this week to help repair your skin from the sun!

For this week only, get our Advanced Protection SPF30 & Age Slowly Serum package for just €95 (RRP €112)Sun repair special offer kit from skin essentials by mariga, skincare experts

SPF30: As you know you should always use SPF30 to protect your skin from ageing and damage but did you know that Skin Essentials SPF is so much more than a sunscreen?

It contains added Vitamins, Minerals, and anti-oxidants to protect against and repair cellular damage caused by UV rays to skin cells.

Use daily over your chosen serum

Age Slowly Serum: So much more than an anti-ageing serum, this is our Vitamin A powerhouse product.

Vitamin A is the hero ingredient that normalises cell function while you sleep, aiding repair, protecting against further pigmentation damage and keeping your skin functioning at it’s best.

In addition, one of the major ways that UV rays age our skin is by speeding up the breakdown of collagen fibres. Age Slowly Serum is also high in collagen peptides to help repair this damage.

Use at night under your chosen cream.


Sun ages skin by:

  • Creating free radicals that weaken our cellular function
  • Increasing MMP enzyme production in the skin which accelerates collagen fiber breakdown
  • Disrupting normal pigment activity leading to dark patches
  • Accelerating elastin breakdown

Counter this with:

  • Anti-oxidants to repair free radical damage
  • Colagen peptides to boost our own collagen building activity
  • Vitamin A to normalise cell activity and repair damage
  • SPF to guard against burning

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