If you’re new to the world of reflexology – or maybe even if you’re not! – you may not be aware that there are many types of reflexology treatments that each evolved independently in different parts of the world. (For an overview of the different types I offer see a previous post here).

The most common one in practice in our part of the world is a method called the Universal Reflexology technique based on zone therapy and the concept of each organ/system in the body having a mirror or reflex point on the foot.(Ingham method). This is a great general reflexology to have if you want an all-over boost to the body’s immune system and relaxation.

However, if you are considering reflexology as part of a management programme for a specific health issues or issues, then Neuro-foot Reflexology would be my recommendation. It is a far more detailed treatment and very personalised to you. The system I use is known as the Sorensensistem, developed by the world-leader in modern reflexology Lone Sorensen, who I was privileged to study with. This technique is a unique blend of many techniques from around the world including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine, South American Indian Reflexology, Vietnamese Reflexology and the latest in Neuro scientific research which together create a profound healing treatment which can be used as part of your health care whether physical or emotional in nature.

I like to include additional methods along with my Neuro-foot reflexology to deepen the work and depending on the individual client and the reason for treatment these additional methods may include some or all of the following:

  • Nerve point treatment for pain management or system stimulation
  • Praxis Vertebralis, a spinal nerve manipulation to release muscle or nerve blocks in the spinal area
  • Magnetic therapy to greatly enhance results on specific concerns
  • Aromatherapy to enhance the treatment and work on specific meridians
  • Hormonal Balancing

Neuro Reflexology can be performed on either the face or the feet. Generally it makes no difference and is up to your own preference, although I do recommend the facial reflexology option if the issue is brain or emotion related particularly for anxiety, depression, ADHD, bell’s palsy.

While effects can be noticed shortly after your first session it is recommended to follow a course of treatments to get the best results on wellness benefits. Each session takes at least an hour and you will need to leave extra time for a full consultation at your first appointment.


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