So you are happy with your skin right now,

Either because you have completed a course of advanced corrective facial treatments such as our Pyramid Facelift,

Or because you are one of the lucky ones who are starting early enough with great skincare habits to be able to work the ‘prevention is better than cure’ angle.

Either way, the situation is the same…you are happy with your skin and want to keep it that way.

It may be obvious, but the first consideration is your homecare. Get this right and you are a long way towards keeping your skin happy, healthy and youthful.

Failling to get this step right would be like going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned and then not brushing them daily at home! If you are not yet a Skin Essentials homecare client, or if you are and you want to check that your routine is still optimum for you, why not avail of our product matching consultation service with one of our experts, it’s free of charge!

Once your homecare is right, you can then start to consider maintenance facials. These are monthly or bi-monthly treatments – depending on your skin’s needs and your availability.

Our facials are custom blended for your skin every time and are not your usual ‘relaxing’ type facial.

While we can promise you that you will be blissed out by our signature facial massages, hot towel cocoons and delicious natural aromas, our custom facial treatments are primarily results-focused using custom combinations of enzymes, acids, plant botanicals and specialised machines.

Adding a regular facial to your skincare routine will extend the results of any corrective courses and dramatically slow down the ageing process – while being the treat in your month that you will look forward to the most!

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