The onset of winter and the associated heating has an unbalancing and often drying effect on many skin types, but sensitive & acne prone can suffer more than most.

This is specifically aimed at those who have dry/occasional breakout prone skin, rather than oily or full-blown acne.

Because the air around us is drier at this time of year, at least indoors, the barrier of the skin can also become more dehydrated and compromised,

leading to increased reactivity, sensitivity and breakouts as your skin struggles to regulate itself while also keeping irritants out. Working on strengthening the barrier is of far more use in these cases than trying to deal with breakouts.

Keep your skin hydrated and happy, then the breakouts will lessen as a result. 

Try these tips:

  • Use oil cleansing instead of washes or lotions. This will help stop the barrier from drying out in the first place. 
  • Whatever cleanser you choose, avoid perfumes, sulphates and scented oils.
  • Do not exfoliate. You want to strengthen the skin, not scrape it away!
  • Increase internal and external hydration. Water, fruit and vegetables in your diet help hydrate as well as nourish, hyaluronic acid, essential fatty acids and lightweight creams are the ones to look out for (see suggested routine below).
  • Make sure everything that comes in contact with your skin is clean and free from any potential barrier-disrupting bacteria. This includes makeup brushes (wash weekly), facecloths (wash daily) and pillowcases (change at least twice a week).
  • Be careful of product transfer. Shampoo running down the sides of your face in the shower, perfume from your scarf transferring to your neck/jawline, hand cream being transferred to your chin if you lean on your hands at your desk – are all very common triggers for breakouts.

If your skin tends to have sensitive winter breakout behaviour the following products will help restore balance:

Hydrating Cream: light, non-greasy. Hydrates without clogging. Use under your SPF during the day or last thing at night after treatment serum.

Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost: Binds water in the upper layers of the skin. Use one pump day or night under other products in winter if your skin tends to dehydration.

Lipid Repair Concentrate: supplies all the lipids and essential fatty acids necessary to rebuild skin barrier and prevent the water loss that leads to sensitivity. Apply 1 pump at night. Follow with moisturiser for drier skin. (Use alone for combination/oily).

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