The most important cell in the skin structure is the keratinocyte.

Certainly all of the other cells are important, and if any one system goes wrong all the others are negatively affected, but for me keratinocyte is king because it repairs the outer, protective layer.

If this layer is compromised your skin will look, and be, unhealthy and all possible skin issues will worsen.

This is why, for us at Skin Essentials, our first concern is always the state of repair of your keratinocytes! When these key cells are healthy they are effecting communication between the skin’s surface and the cells and systems underneath, helping with immune system responses, hydration, natural exfoliation and oil/water balance.

These functions have a direct impact on things such as how smooth your skin looks, how plump it is, evenness of colour, formation of lesions such as milia, redness, reactivity and comfort of the skin.

When the keratinocyte layer is intact and healthy you will experience softer, smoother, more even coloured skin with fewer breakouts, irritations and slower visible ageing.

Taking care of these vital cells means supplying the skin system with all of the building blocks of strong keratinocytes. These ingredients include omega 3 & 6, phospholipids, ceramides, vitamins A, C, E , B3, multiple antioxidants, squalene and many others.

To ensure that your skin is getting these building blocks and to give it the best chance to remain healthy and functioning optimally for many years you can provide these nutrients from inside and out.

In your diet, make sure that you are getting plenty of varied fresh fruit, vegetables and water, include essential fatty acid-rich foods such as oily fish, avocados, nuts and seeds.

From the outside supply your keratinocytes with top quality nutrition via your Skin Essentials products. To ensure all of the required building blocks are covered we recommend the following products:

Lipid Repair Concentrate (oil soluble nutrients)


Hydra Collagen Serum (water soluble nutrients)


Age Slowly Serum (vitamin A)