Photo showing clasped hands of all skin colours to illustrate different skin colours and melanin density as regards sun or UVA UVB vulnerability. Blog post on premature skin ageing in light skin types by Mariga, Skin Essentials, Wexford, Ireland. Advice and tips in the article to combat melanin deficiency and ageing

Does your skin colour put you in the high risk group for premature ageing?

Skin can be classified according to colour/melanin density. The scale used in skincare to classify each skin colour is called the fitzpatrick scale and it divides skin colour into six categories called Fitz Types 1 – 6. Hair and eye colour are also taken into account when determining your fitz type.

We take your fitz type as a basic unit of information when determining suitability of treatment as it gives us an idea of how your skin will react to certain stimuli such as heat or light. We also combine your classification with lifestyle factors discovered at your initial consultation for example sun exposure, sunbed use and genetic factors such as presence of the red hair gene in your family, to help determine the level of biological ageing in your skin and therefore your potential for premature/slow/fast ageing.

Many native Irish people will have a Fitz type of 1 or 2. While these are often lovely, fine-textured skin types, unfortunately belonging to one of these groups also means that you (and me!!) are at a high risk for premature ageing of your skin.

But, knowledge is power, and once we know your skin’s vulnerabilities we can help balance them with the correct homecare and clinical treatments.

Homecare products especially suitable for Fitz 1 & 2:

  • Hydra Collagen Serum for anti-oxidant repair and prevention of ROS.
  • SPF30 – vitamins anti-oxidants.
  • Overnight Repair Cream, vitamin A plus anti-oxidants and plane oils to nourish, increase cellular turnover and repair damage. A real star performer in skin protection and anti-ageing.
  • If the skin is also dry incorporate Lipid Repair Concentrate to provide lipid-soluble nutrients and strengthen cell membranes

Clinical treatments ideal for slowing the premature ageing associated with Fitz 1 & 2:

  • Microneedling is your best friend here. If you are under 35 go for needling lite as a repair and prevention. It is combined with clinical ingredients to both stimulate and nourish cellular processes. From 35-45 we recommend Micro-fusion which combines cosmetic microneedling with epidermal infusions of actives such as plumping hyaluronic acid or energising vitamins. 
  • Over 45 or already showing the changes in colour, texture or wrinkling associated with premature ageing? Uplevel to one of our Divine Pro series of treatments for deep revision.

Other things you can do…these include all the basic sun safety steps such as ALWAYS using and reapplying SPF outdoors in sunshine, keeping out of the hottest hours, especially between noon and 3pm, wearing hats and long, loose sleeves and long trousers or skirts as much as possible. It is important for everyone to wear SPF even in winter but even more so for the low Fitz types as your skin will be more susceptible to UV damage. Remember, it is sun LIGHT that does damage, not just heat.

Testing hydration with our PDM skin diagnostic machine.

Testing with our PDM skin diagnostic machine.

Not sure what your Fitzpatrick Type is? We can assess it for you along with risk analysis for your holiday destination and repair/prevention advice. Call us on 053 9145981 to book your 30 minute consultation and start today to prevent premature ageing.

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