Easy skin tag removal – exclusive in Wexford to Skin Essentials by Mariga.

Affecting both men and women, skin tags tend to be found mostly on the neck, torso and armpits although they can appear anywhere.

Skin tags are extremely common and it always surprises me that more people aren’t aware of how quick and easy it is to get rid of them!  If you are one of those just read my easy guide below and find out how we can get rid of your skin tag(s) – fast.

Small to medium skin tags:

Some people have just a single skin tag to be removed – from the size of a pin head to the size of a grain of rice fall into the small to medium category and I usually treat those with diathermy – using a short wave electric current on a tiny probe to dry out and ‘wither’ away this type of skin tag. It takes no more than 5 minutes, subject to a clean consultation, and generally a single session is all that is needed. For multiple small to medium skin tags we can do up to 15 minutes of treatment in a single session, taking off 10-20 depending on size. The smallest are gone immediately after treatment and the bigger ones fall off a few days later.

Skin tag removal on the nose, before and after

Skin tag removed and healing nicely – one week after removal

Large skin tags:

For larger skin tags, from a grain-of-rice size up to as large as a bean-sized lesion we usually use cryotherapy, or freezing off, to remove. Again, this is a very quick treatment and one session is generally all that is needed for a medium sized tag, the larger ones may need a second top-up after 3-4 weeks. Using cryotherapy treatment, the skin tag reduces in size and falls off within 7-10 days of treatment on average.

-We do a consultation with each client before a skin tag treatment to determine the best type for you (cost of consultation is fully redeemable against treatment).

-Both short wave diathermy and cryotherapy removal give scarless results, unlike removal with a scalpel.

-All colours of lesion, from pink through to red or brown are treatable.

-The more ‘attached’ the growth, the more likely it is to need a follow-up session.

-We will always advise you at initial consultation whether we think a single treatment will be enough or if we anticipate needing two sessions.

-Our diathermy and cryotherapy clinic days are Thursday 10-6.30, Friday 10-5.30  and Saturday 9-2.

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Questions? We are happy to answer your questions on skin tags or any other aspect of your skin. You can call us on 053 9145981 or drop in to us at our skin clinic in Selskar, Wexford Town.