Sacred Reflexology

There are many types of reflexology in use around the world, each with different origins and principles. Some are used specifically for physical problems/illness, others for emotional issues, yet others combine many traditions for a comprehensive body and mind balancing. I use several different types (you can read a summary of each type of reflexology offered t Skin Essentials By Mariga here).

Sacred reflexology is a foot reflexology protocol created to help uplift your energetic vibrations, bringing about a sense of balance, calm and peace to your emotions. This is the one to choose if your reason for booking is to deeply relax and calm the mind and senses.

Light, rhythmic movements are applied to specific energy points and zones of the feet to gently release stagnant energy in the body and re-establish free-flowing harmony and connections between the heart and brain, the physical and the emotional, dissolving negative or sluggish emotional blockages that can leave you feeling tired, stuck or in a low mood.

In this intuitive treatment, a safe, comforting space is created for you to release negative emotions that may be holding you back from full expression and enjoyment of your authentic self and helps you tap into your higher consciousness. You are supported to explore and release emotional blockage or stagnation to restore a clear heart, clear mind and uplifted outlook.

Sacred Reflexology cycles through seven steps on specific reflex areas to bring ease and harmony to the meridian flow in all the major energetic confluence points in the body. Of the different reflexology types, this is the one to choose if you are mainly looking for a wellness treatment to help bring ease to any emotional situation or conflict, or to maintain an optimistic and balanced energy as part of your self-care.

Choose this one when calming the mind, balancing the emotions or elevating your energies is your main focus. It can be chosen as a full self-care treatment or as a shorter add on to another treatment to deepen your relaxation and add an element of energy healing.

Read more on each type of reflexology by Mariga here or go straight to book online here

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