Lipid Repair Concentrate is the serum you need to repair and maintain a healthy strong skin barrier.

Skin barrier repair is a bit of a buzz word in skincare at the moment and many new products are hitting the market aimed at maintaining the strength of your skin barrier.

While I am really glad to see this most fundamental of skin care basics getting attention, it is far from a new concept. All great skin therapists and product formulators have always worked with the skin barrier as a top priority.

The natural barrier is the very outside layer of your skin, made up of skin cells, oils, natural moisturising factors. It maintains the strength and integrity of the whole skin system by protecting from bacteria, allergens and all outside (Extrinsic) factors, while keeping fluids in the skin and relaying messages to cells in both directions to keep things running smoothly. It can be damaged or compromised by many factors including over exfoliation, inappropriate skincare, medical factors, sun exposure and diet related factors such as a very low fat intake, low water consumption and too much alcohol.

A skin with a damaged barrier will appear dry, dehydrated, irritated, sensitive and dull with a rough texture. By first repairing the skin barrier defence layer many other issues will resolve as they will have been affected to some degree by the loss of integrity of your skin’s barrier layer.

One of the first products launched by Skin Essentials was the Lipid Repair Concentrate, a blend of natural, skin-identical oils and ceramides created to mimic the exact ratio of lipids in a healthy skin. By using daily your skin barrier will first be repaired then stimulated to produce it’s own natural lipids in a healthy, balanced manner.

Use it day or night (I like the richness and comfort of it in my night routine) either alone or mixed with a cream for drier skin. One measured pump is enough for face, eye contour and neck.

For dehydrated skin that is lacking water pair it with Hydrating Cream. For dry skin that is lacking oil pair it with Skin Comfort Cream. Not sure which you need? Dehydrated skin will look like papery, crinkly texture. Dry skin will often seem flaky, tight and sensitive.

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Key ingredients include natural plant oils, ceramides and cholesterols.

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