Big News- Collaboration With The Sorensen Reflexology Institute

Big news! Reflexology training partnership.

I am honoured to partner with the Lone Sorensen International Reflexology School to become their authorised education partner for Ireland (and beyond!)

While studying for the past few years in advanced reflexology techniques for health and wellness, as well as new beauty treatments such as the Japanese Facelift, through the Sorensen Institute, I have from the beginning developed a love of the Sorensen treatment methodology and a huge respect for founder Lone Sorensen as an innovator, healer and teacher.

From the deep research & development of traditional techniques from all over the world combined with a modern scientific aspect, I immediately felt a connection to the way these techniques brought a new depth to the world of reflexology, healing and beauty treatments. Unsurprisingly then, I was also thrilled with the results from the treatments once I began working on clients with these new skills.

So it is with great joy that I can announce a new collaboration between myself and the Sorensen school to help bring these skills to more practitioners in Ireland and beyond.

Having been the first therapist to bring these treatments to Ireland, I now want to pass on the opportunity to my fellow health and beauty professionals to enhance their treatments, and their client satisfaction like I have.

I have picked out four of my favourite and most highly recommended courses from the many offered by the Sorensen online school and am delighted to offer an exclusive discount for new students to begin on this path of knowledge and healing that I have found so beneficial to myself and my clients.

I cannot recommend training with the Lone Sorensen International Reflexology Institute highly enough. In my 30+ years in the beauty and wellness industries I have completed many advanced trainings and these are the most comprehensive courses I have ever taken. The level of detail, support and sheer value offered in each course is far beyond anything I have previously experienced.

Whether you are already a beauty therapist, wellness practitioner, nurse or are thinking of beginning a whole new career in this fascinating industry I can say with honesty that this is where I would recommend you to start.

Even for current reflexology practitioners looking to elevate their knowledge you will find a wealth of new and extra information in these courses. I myself had been 25 years qualified in reflexology and found that Lone’s courses added an incredible amount of depth and results to my practice.

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