Did you know that we can drop ship our products directly to a recipient for you when you want to gift Skin Essentials products to a friend or loved one?

Image showing skin essentials by mariga products with white satin finish box and green ribbons ready for direct drop shipping anywhere in Ireland

We have always had this service available but I think it’s worth highlighting right now to make you aware that we can get gifts directly to your recipient  for their birthday, special event or any occasion (or none at all, just because is as good a reason as any 😁).

Apart from the convenience of buying online or over the phone for direct shipping, it is more important than ever now that we should limit our trips outside and this is a way we can help you to do that. Also, cutting out one step in the gifting chain means less handling of parcels for you, your recipient and the delivery service, and that can only be a good thing.

When you order products for direct drop shipping you can simply let us know in the special instructions part of the online order form that it is for a gift and we will make sure that it goes with no invoice/receipt, or let us know over the phone if you prefer to order that way. We can also include a note for you, just let us know what you would like it to say! Our standard packaging includes each product being individually wrapped in our signature green paper but if you would like it to be packaged in a luxury gift box  for an extra special touch, you can choose that option from the webshop.

We do pre-sanitise all our products before packing but we recommend either letting your parcels sit for a few days before opening, or using disposable gloves to open and dispose of outer packaging. If you would like to re-sanitise products before use here is how I recommend you do it.

To order just visit www.skinessentialsbymariga.com or call us on 086 3823608