COVID-19 Extra Precautions you can take:

As we are all being super-vigilant during the COVID-19 pandemic with cleaning and sanitising, especially our hands and any ‘touch points’ around the house, I thought it might be useful to make this little how-to for sanitising your skincare bottles.

As most of the Skin Essentials products are packaged in airless pumps, they are already as pure and clean as can be because the product is never in touch with any surface, fingers or the air until you are ready to dispense and use. But you may want to sanitise the outside of the bottles and for this I recommend using alcohol – see the video for a demo.

For products that are not packaged in airless pumps, as always we recommend only ever using them immediately after washing your hands, this is enough to keep the products clean and free of bacteria in combination with the preservatives they contain. However, as COVID-19 is an unknown, to be extra careful I recommend using a plastic or metal spatula or any instrument that you can sanitise to scoop out any products from open jars. This applies to any products you have, not just your Skin Essentials ones. 

Your products will come pre-sanitised for your peace of mind when you order online from Skin Essentials