One sun spot removal RRP *€75, Just €50 this September!

Three sun spots RRP *€155, Just €110 this September!

*depending on size.

Brown spots, sun spots, liver spots, age spots – these are all names for the same pigmentation patches that show up on our skin as we age.

Before and after pic of brown spot removed from the face using cryotherapy at Skin Essentials by mariga Wexford

Before (above) and two weeks after (below) cryotherapy treatment. Sun spots up to this size can be treated in a single session

Brown spots are usually associated with build up of sun exposure over the years although they can have other causes.

The great news is that these are very easily treatable! We use a highly accurate freezing method to treat them, a single session is all it takes in most cases, and the spot disappears gradually over 2-4 weeks on average after treatment. 

Every year at the end of summer we get a lot of calls about removing them so we started our September Cryo Event a few years ago to offer a special price on sun spot removal just when you need it most!

Previously we have run a week long promotion, but this year we are extending it to the whole month of September as we missed so many of you due to lockdowns and restrictions and we want everyone to have a chance to secure an appointment that works for you.

  • Example pricing based on sun spots of a size that can be treated in a single session – see photo above for the largest size lesion in this category.
  • For very large or complicated lesions such as in the pic below that will need multiple treatments we will quote you a bespoke price and take 30% off on the promotion dates.

T’s & C’s

  • Special Price valid only September 2021.
  • Applies to lesions treatable in a single session only (please ask for a custom price on large lesions that need multiple treatments).
  • Cryo consultation form must be completed online prior to your appointment to confirm suitability – find this in your appointment confirmation email.
  • If you are unsure if your lesion is a sun spot or think it may be something else please email us a pic to and we will let you know if it is suitable for treatment.
  • Cryotherapy treatment is not suitable for those with certain auto-immune disorders, blood disorders or those taking anti-histamines, please see our consultation for or call us to ensure suitability.

Booking is open now via our online booking HERE – make sure that you choose “Cryotherapy September Special” option to avail of the special price!