The latest addition to our treatment menu is the Holistic Facial, exclusively available with Mariga.

The appearance of our skin is a result of many factors both internal (health, emotional balance), and external (products used, lifestyle). Everything we eat, do, feel and experience leaves its mark on our body and mind, and those things eventually show up on our face as issues with texture, colour, lines or breakouts. I created The Holistic Facial to address ALL these factors for a deeper, longer lasting skin treatment.

It combines elements of many disciplines studied over the years, from both the worlds of scientific ingredient knowledge and holistic wellness, to create an experience that is unique to you.

During this treatment, your skin type, current issues and future goals are all considered while we super-customise for you. We also take into consideration any stress you maybe under, recent or long-term health issues and anything else you want to include!

It combine elements from many natural, complementary therapies and techniques.

This unique facial is both a skin treatment and a wellness boost for every system in your body. Read below for all the details on this extremely relaxing and restorative treat.

Image showing a face mask being applied on a ladies face with a brush


As every part of us – body, mind and emotions- is interlinked, it is impossible to completely separate our general wellness from skin health and appearance. So I created this facial  to address the symptoms of unbalance visible on the face, while also treating the root cause by balancing all the body systems to boost total wellbeing.

Treatment Summary:

This luxurious facial combines targeted skin treatment with full system wellness. Elements from our stand-alone facials including oriental facial, facial reflexology, crystal rose firming, lymph drainage, muscle stimulation or luban peeling will be chosen and combined to personalise. Mineral and gemstone masks and natural oils and products are chosen to suit you.

Treatment Details:

Phase 1 natural skin treatment:

Following a gentle cleansing massage each holistic facial proceeds with the application of a carefully chosen blend of minerals and crushed natural gemstones such as rose quartz, lapis and topaz, among others. Gemstones aid in healing and skin correction, and also help to balance the energy levels. The gemstones are ground to a micro-fine powder along with a mixture of vitamin rich oils and are applied directly to the skin which helps the face to relax and improves skin texture.

Minerals naturally occur in the earth and are crushed into a fine powder and blended with the mask and/or applied afterwards as a lotion depending on your skin’s requirements. Minerals used are biodegradable and organic. 

Next, experience a full body balancing using advanced facial reflexology and lymph drainage techniques to gently begin addressing energetic/emotional blockages in the whole body system which can be seen in the face as uneven skin tone, texture and colour. 

Depending on the needs of each client the second phase of the treatment will include one or more of the following techniques/products:

Phase 2 personalised holistic wellness:

-Anti-stress facial reflexology treatment to calm and balance the hormonal and immune systems, helping your mind and body to release stress and relax a stressed-looking complexion.

-Deep muscle stimulation, especially useful for the eye area to open up and brighten the whole area.

-Crystal Rose Firming for any particular area of concern due to thinning or sagging skin, often used with deep muscle stimulation to de-puff and relax the eye contour area.

-Luban Peel, using organic boswellia extracts to gently exfoliate skin that is dull, sluggish and tends to discolouration and lines. Excellent for those with a  history of sun exposure.

-Rosehip seed oil-infused steam towels to facilitate deep absorption of organic, cold-pressed precious rosehip extract to hydrate, nourish and regenerate dry or dull skin.

-Biodynamic Lymphatic Drainage face and neck treatment, chosen when puffiness or poor circulation is the main concern.

-Bio-Magnetic Therapy to deeply enhance the full-system wellness aspect of your treatment. Particularly effective in pain management.

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Image of oil being applied to a ladies face using a glass dropper