Dull skin can be so ageing, even more so than visible wrinkles at times. It can happen to any skin type at any age, and is very common when the seasons change, and the frustrations usually are:

-Feeling like you look tired, drawn or even sick.

-Makeup patches and rolls and ends up making you look worse instead of better.

-Lines appear around your eyes/mouth and at the tops of your cheeks.

Does that sound like you? Don’t worry, we can help. If your skin is dull, devitalised and dehydrated temporarily due to being recently sick, just not keeping a good lifestyle or diet for a while or maybe just a temporary adjustment as the seasons change, then below are my top three things to get your skin looking bright, radiant and healthy-looking quickly. (If there is any other reason such as long-term illness or medication, ongoing conditions such as rosacea then it is better to have a full Skin Analysis to determine the best course of action for long-term management).

Quick fixes to a short-term problem

  1. The Home Treatment – C&E Advanced Skin Booster. For a quick exfoliation, brightening vitamin boost and collagen stimulation, our C&E Booster is the one product you want to have on hand. Simply apply half a dropper full to clean, dry skin and leave it to do its magic. You can leave it overnight using just on its own or follow with your usual cream or facial oil if you tend to dryness. Use once a week to keep skin at its beautiful best.
  2. The Clinical Treatment – Classic Facial Or Holistic Facial Our bespoke facials range from a quick lunchtime boosting facial to a luxury length deluxe treatment. Each one is customised exactly to your needs on the day and will banish dull, patchy skin fast!
  3. The Emergency Fix. Last minute socialising? No time for a facial and out of your C&E Booster right before a night out? Soak clean facecloths in cold water, squeeze out and pop in the fridge for 20 minutes to cool further. Apply to your face in turn for 10 minutes total (change them out when they warm up on the skin, usually 2-3 minutes each). This will give you a quick glow that will last a couple of hours!

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