Skin Analysis and Age Slowly Consultations

The ONLY skincare clinic in Ireland offering this advanced diagnostic technology

Your journey with Skin Essentials begins with our unique, comprehensive diagnostic skin profiling and analysis.

Combining an in-depth examination of all contributory factors to your skin’s health, including diet, genetic history, lifestyle choices and sun exposure, with high-tech skin scanning equipment, we build a profile of your skin and any problems. From there we begin your personalised programme of restore, rebuild and protect.

All first time Skin Essentials clients must begin with this diagnostic skin profiling consultation. Only when we truly understand each individual’s skin can we precisely plan a regime to perfectly suit.

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What can you expect from your Skin Analysis?

Your skin will be analysed under a skin scanner using fluorescence spectroscopy technology. This is a close-up viewing of the skin using special light to confirm diagnosis of the current health of the skin, as well as any problems in it’s functionality. Hydration, sebum, pigmentation and vascular damage levels are checked using advanced measuring technology.

Your skin will then be examined manually under strong magnification. All these factors will be assessed as a whole to determine what problems, if any, are present. Your personalised home-care prescription and treatment protocol will then be compiled and explained to you.

The skin analysis service is of benefit to anyone interested in the health and appearance of their skin. By examining the history and current state of the skin both on and under the surface we can determine the cause of any current problems or tell what problems may be building up for the future.

We find where your skins weak spots are and them, restoring youthful energy to your skin.You will come away with a full understanding of what habits and products you are using which may be causing problems now or laying the foundations for problems later.

You will be given a recommended skincare routine to correct any problems, which will save you wasting money on the wrong products and treatments in the future, which is the single biggest cause of skin problems that we see.

For anyone who suffers from acne or rosacea they will benefit from control programmes that work long term.

The skin analysis procedure takes approximately one hour and fifteen minutes and costs €95. (€120 with Mariga).

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